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The Chapel Of The Resurrection, Indiana: Country’s Largest Collegiate Chapel You Can’t Miss

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Tourist Attraction : The Chapel Of The Resurrection, Indiana: Country’s Largest Collegiate Chapel

The Chapel of the Resurrection, the main structure on the campus of Valparaiso University is located in Valparaiso (Indiana). It is primarily used to facilitate many Lutheran campus worship service.

In 1959, the original Chapel of the Resurrection in Valparaiso was constructed. It was initially based on the Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestine. This is the place where Jesus was born.

The Chapel of the Resurrection, Valparaiso, is a stunning building worth a visit. It towers over the surrounding landscape and is an expression of the Valparaiso University community’s character. It was designed and built by Charles E. Stade in the early 1900s. 

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

It is now a National Park Service Museum. The Chapel also hosts convocations, musical performances and guest lectures for commencement ceremonies, and also serves as a museum. 

The University’s crown jewel is the Chapel of the Resurrection, which rises above the campus’ 350-acre height. It is the country’s largest collegiate chapel. It celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019.

The building can be seen from Route 30 and the surrounding communities. It is located at the highest point on the Valparaiso University campus. This landmark is an iconic.

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

It was designed to be a place of thanksgiving to God, as well as a place to gather for lectures, concerts, recitals and other similar events. When classes are in session, the chapel hosts eight worship services each week. 

The chapel is open to the public on weekdays, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can find more information at valpo.edu/chapel.

Architecture & Design:

In 1956, ground-breaking took place for the construction of the Chapel. Although certain elements and features were designed by the architectural firm, Charles Stade and Associates from Park Ridge in Illinois, such as the stone baptism and the stained-glass windows, are not included in the building’s design (e.g. the stained window windows, the stone altar , etc. Other artists designed the building.

Peter Dohmen Studios in St. Paul, Minnesota, designed the stained glass windows measuring 95 feet (29 m) in height and the marble interzia alter.

Peter Dohmen studied at Europe’s top art academies. He was a well-known German artist during the 1930s. He executed major art pieces such as stained-glass windows and frescos on large public buildings. 

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

He was blackballed by government officials in the 1940s for his opposition to the Nazi party. In 1951, he emigrated to America with his family and continued his artistic career with great success. Among his most notable works are the stained-glass windows in the library of University of Notre Dame.

The mosaic at the chapel’s entrance was also designed by Peter Dohmen Studios of St. Adalbert Raphael Cretzmann was a pastor and brother to Valparaiso University president O. Charles Stade joined P. Kretzmann in designing the building.

The interior is decorated using floating globe lamps. Door handles are mounted in a grid of thin wood elements. This gives the space an intimate feel.

The chancel of the chapel is 98 feet (30m) tall and circular in shape. The roof is shaped as a nine-pointed star. The nave measures 58 feet (18m) in height and 193ft (59m) in length. 

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

Although the building’s capacity is approximately 2000, it can be adjusted depending on the configuration of the chairs. These were recently replaced by the pews. The Brandt Campanile is located to the southwest of Chapel. It is a 12-bell tower that rises 143 feet (44m) high.

The Chapel of the Resurrection also has a chapel/organ loft with a cantilevered choir and a five-story organ. The sanctuary can accommodate up to 500 people.

The cantilevered organ loft and stained glass windows that reach 30 feet high are some other notable features. There is also a sweeping staircase. Three walls are covered in floor-to-ceiling stained windows.

The chapel cost approximately $7.5 million to construct. Most of this was funded by individual donations.

Music Performances Held:

The chapel offers a wide range of musical events in addition to its historic architecture.

The Kantorei Choral Group, a religious choir with thirty voices, is located on the Valparaiso University campus. They play a wide range of music from all over the globe. They also participate in music events outside campus. They also participate in the annual Institute of Liturgical Studies.

The university also hosts the Carol Festival with over 200 musicians. Among them is the Chorale and the Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Chamber Concert Band and the Men’s & Women’s Choir.

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

The chapel hosts concerts as well as a variety of events including guest lectures, commencement ceremonies, and worship services. The Candlelight sermon, Morning Prayer, or Agnus Day are just a few of the notable events.

You can find more information about the chapel on its YouTube channel. The chapel’s website also contains a variety of sermons. There are many topics covered such as worship, technology, and the Holy Spirit.


Reddel Memorial’s pipe organ, which has 5,500 pipes, is the largest in the country. The console controls it via a four-manual control in the balcony.

The Reddel Organ was installed in the chapel by organ designer Herman Schlicker from Buffalo. In September 1957, a contract was signed for $68,000. The entire specification would have cost $98,000 if these funds had been available. 

As consultant, Paul Bunjes, Concordia College and River Forest, Illinois was retained. E. dedicated the instrument at the morning Eucharist on Sept 27, 1959. He also performed a recital that evening. 

Restoration / Renovation:

A comprehensive preservation project was undertaken on the Chapel of the Resurrection. It included the replacement of the 24 tall windows that surround the chapel’s nave. 

The original, 58-foot-tall windows that covered a total surface of 16,700 feet were taken out and replaced by fixed and operable Hope’s(r) solid hot rolled steel windows.

The Chapel Of The Resurrection

Valparaiso University requested Hope’s(r), based on Architexas, Dallas, TX as the preservation consultant.

In July and august 2005, the university constructed a medieval-style prayer hall on the east end of the chapel. In 2014, the Helge Centre, which is expanding 11,000 square feet (1,002 m 2).

Recent restorations have added modern conveniences such as a large courtyard, offices and meeting rooms. These additions were created to blend in with the surrounding landscape, while still keeping the historic design of original building.

FAQs About The Chapel Of The Resurrection, Indiana

When was Valpo Chapel built?

The chapel was dedicated in 1959, towering above the surrounding landscape, the Chapel of the Resurrection is a manifestation of the character embodied by the Valparaiso University community.

What is the purpose of a chapel?

The term has several meanings. Firstly, smaller spaces inside a church that have their own altar are often called chapels.
A chapel is a Christian place of prayer and worship that is usually relatively small.

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