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5 Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to the United Arab Emirates

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If you’ve never heard of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you’re probably wondering where it is. The UAE is a group of seven countries located along the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Abu Dhabi is the largest of these countries, and the other countries include Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Over the past few years, thousands of Brits have traveled to this part of the world on holiday, but why is the UAE such a good destination for UK tourists? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should make the UAE your next vacation destination:

They Don’t Do Things by Half #1

The UAE, in particular the country of Dubai, are well known for their excessiveness. They not only have the tallest tower and the largest shopping mall in the world, but they also have the world’s tallest football stadiums and the most expansive highways. So, if you love football or shopping or want to see things you’ve never seen before, plan a trip to the UAE.

However, before booking your trip, iVisa.com suggests you check whether you need a visa before traveling. While not all countries require a visa to travel to this part of the world, many do.

The UAE is a Home from Home #2

If, like me, you prefer to feel at home when you travel to new places, then the UAE might be the destination for you. Although the UAE has more than 2.5 million inhabitants, over 90% are foreigners. Of this percentage, most of the people living here are British or speak English.

The Exquisite Beaches #3

The UAE is the preferred holiday destination of many UK celebrities. While there are several reasons for this, perhaps the main reason is the exquisite beaches. With the clear turquoise waters, and clean fine sand, there’s no better destination for relaxation and to top up your tan. And, if you prefer a more fun and adventurous holiday, you’re in luck. You can participate in various water sports here, including scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, and kite surfing.

The Preserved Desert #4

In 1999, Dubai created its very own desert to protect flora and fauna in the face of intensive urban development. This desert reserve covers a whopping 225 km² and is another reason tourists should visit this country.

It’s a Great Place for Kids #5

Planning a trip with kids can be difficult. Not only do you need to think about what to pack for the journey, but you also need to choose a place they will enjoy. If you plan a trip to the UAE, you need not worry about this. There’s so much to do in this part of the world that your kids will never get bored, including zoos, aquaparks, and Olympic ice rinks.

If you’ve never been to the United Arab Emirates, you’re missing out. The UAE has a lot to offer tourists, from beautiful weather and stunning beaches to many great attractions to keep you and the kids busy. Make sure you check it out when booking your next holiday.

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