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Florence: 7 Best Places To Visit In Florence, Arizona

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Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Florence Arizona

Florence is the county seat of Pinal County, located 61 miles from Phoenix. It is the oldest city in the county, and has a rich history. The city is home to over 25 historic buildings.

The city’s museums are often run by historical societies, and many have free or inexpensive exhibits. One such museum is the Pinal County Historical Society Museum, which was founded in 1959. Here, you can see artifacts dating back to the 1930.

The Florence community library is another great place to spend an afternoon. Public libraries are free to use, and have comfortable seating throughout. There are also books and newspapers available for visitors to read.

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Tom Mix Memorial #1

A small monument commemorating the life of Tom Mix has been installed on State Route 79, just south of Florence, Arizona. The monument, a 9-foot-tall sculpture, stands as a tribute to the cowboy hero and silent movie star.

In 1940, an auto accident took the life of Mix. He was a talented jinete player and a rifleman. The pinal County Historical Society erected a monument in his memory. The monument is made of cobblestones and is topped with a two-foot-tall black iron silhouette of a saddled horse with a bowed head.

Places To Visit In Florence
 Florence, AZ 85132, United States

While his movie career ended in 1935, his name has remained in the public’s consciousness. His photo was featured on a Beatles album, and his pocket knife was mentioned on an episode of the popular TV show “M*A*S*H”.

Poston Butte Golf Course #2

Poston Butte Golf Club is one of Florence Arizona’s premier golf courses. The course has extraordinary playing grounds, a driving range, and other facilities for golfers of any skill level. Poston Butte is owned and managed by Troon Golf, LLC, and the staff includes PGA member Steve Leon.

In addition to golf courses, the Poston Butte Golf Club features golf lessons, golf products, and special events. These events may include corporate luncheons, wedding ceremonies, and golf tournaments. The club also has several facilities for hosting corporate functions.

 Florence, AZ 85132, United States

Off-road vehicles are a great way to explore the area. There are a variety of off-road vehicles available for rent in Florence. Arizona ATV Adventures offers guided tours in modern ATVs. Riders are provided with helmets, gloves, and goggles to ensure safety.

Windmill Winery #3

The Windmill Winery is a Phoenix, Arizona, wedding venue that boasts a 100-year-old barn, a Hamptons-style lake house, a picturesque dock, and mountain views. If you want to get married in the midst of nature, Windmill is the ideal choice.

Windmill offers four different signature wines as well as beer and nonalcoholic beverages. In addition, they host special events throughout the week, such as paint and pour events and food trucks.

1140 W Butte Ave, Florence, AZ 85132, United States

The Windmill is also known for its live music and entertainment. The Windmill is located near Poston Butte Golf Club and St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery. The Wine Tasting Room offers free tastings and no reservations. The Wine Tasting Room has a full schedule for July.

St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery #4

Whether you are planning a trip to Arizona for the first time or want to spend some time in the Greek community, you must visit St. Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery. Located in Florence, Arizona, this unique monastery has over 50 monks living in a beautiful monastery on its grounds.

Despite being a small town, Florence manages to keep the traditions of the Old West alive and relevant. Whether you’re planning a day trip or a weekend getaway, Florence can serve as your base for exploring the entire region. Here are some ideas for things to do in Florence, Arizona.

4784 N St Joseph’s Way, Florence, AZ 85132, United States

While you’re there, you can shop for souvenirs at the monastery’s store. You can purchase books, religious memorabilia, and fresh baked goods. The monastery also sells the deep artesian water from St. Anthony’s spring.

McFarland State Historic Park #5

If you love Arizona’s history, you’ll be glad to learn about McFarland State Historic Park in Florence. This small park is home to a restored courthouse and several other historic structures dating back to the Arizona Territory’s founding.

The state’s courthouse, jail, and office are among the buildings in the park. They were constructed during the Arizona Territorial period and date back to 1878. The building is a fine example of transitional style between Sonoran and Anglo-American architecture.

24 W Ruggles St, Florence, AZ 85132, United States

Visitors can learn more about history and the area at the Visitors Center. The exhibits in the visitor center are bursting with photos and stories that will help them understand the area’s past. The park also has a knowledgeable staff that can answer any questions you have about the area.

Pinal County Historical Museum #6

Florence Arizona, a town 60 miles south of Phoenix, is one of Arizona’s oldest communities. It grew up in a time of mining and cattle ranching. Today, most mining is carried out by large national companies. The days of independent desert prospectors are fast disappearing.

The Pinal County Historical Museum is located in Arizona and features many exhibits that describe the town’s history. It includes exhibits and information about the Arizona Prison at Florence, the Wild West past of the town, and the rodeo and ranching industries.

715 S Main St, Florence, AZ 85132, United States

The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday and contains exhibits ranging from Native American culture to day-to-day life in Florence. There are also artifacts from the Second Territorial Prison, antique clothing, cactus furniture, and vintage fire engines.

A&M Pizza #7

If you enjoy Italian food, you’ll love A&M Pizza. Their Pepperoni is cooked to perfection, and they offer a variety of pizza sandwiches and burgers. They also offer great coffee and wine, and you can even order food to go.

445 W Highway 287, Florence, AZ 85132, United States

The staff is friendly and creative, and they have great prices. The decor is beautiful, and the atmosphere is relaxing.

FAQs: Florence, Arizona

How many prisons are in Florence AZ?

The Arizona State Prison Complex – Florence is one of 13 prison facilities in the state. It’s also known as the Florence State Prison or FSP. The FSP is the main prison in Florence, Arizona.

What is Florence Arizona known for?

Florence is a city situated 60 miles southeast of Phoenix and is the county seat of Pinal County. This historic town was established in 1866 and is one of the oldest communities in Arizona. It has many historic buildings and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The town’s current population is slightly over 30,000.

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