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Altoona: 7 Best Places To Visit In Altoona, Pennsylvania

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Tourist Attractions- Places To Visit In Altoona Pennsylvania

If you want to discover a small, historic town in Pennsylvania, Altoona is the perfect destination. This quaint city is home to several amusement parks, museums, and other exciting attractions.

One of the most exciting things to do in Altoona is to visit the Railroaders Memorial Museum. It features three floors of exhibits that explore the history of the railroad industry and its people. There are also orientation films that show you how a railroad community works.

The Museum of History is open year round. Visitors can learn about the history of Altoona, the region’s railroad history, and local neighborhoods. In addition, the museum has a lecture series that is free.

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World Famous Horseshoe Curve #1

If you’re looking for something different to do in Pennsylvania, you might want to consider visiting World Famous Horseshoe Curve in Altoona. This popular landmark offers visitors a scenic view of trains whizzing through the Allegheny Mountains.

The Horseshoe Curve was built in the mid-1850s by a group of Irish immigrants. It opened to traffic on February 15, 1854. In 1966, it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

2400 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Altoona, PA 16601, United States

Horseshoe Curve was constructed using hand tools and horses. Construction was a long process, taking about three years. By the time it was finished, 400 Irish immigrants had been employed.

Today, Horseshoe Curve remains a popular tourist attraction. Thousands of people pass through it daily, including passengers aboard Amtrak’s Pennsylvanian line.

Railroaders Memorial Museum #2

The Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona, Pennsylvania, is a unique interactive railroad museum. It honors the men and women who built and ran the railways in central Pennsylvania. Located in the former Master Mechanics Building of the Pennsylvania Railroad, it was opened in 1980.

One of the attractions at the Railroaders Memorial Museum is the K-4 #1361 steam locomotive. This restored, full-size locomotive is the state’s official locomotive. You can also find a working model of the PRR locomotive test plant.

1200 9th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602, USA

The Railroaders Memorial Museum also offers special events. The Railroaders Callboard is an exhibit that covers the history of the four railroads that operated in Altoona. There are talking animatronic figures to explain the golden age of railroading.

Peoples Natural Gas Field #3

Altoona, Pennsylvania’s Peoples Natural Gas Field is one of the finest minor league baseball facilities in the nation. Located off Interstate 99, the stadium seats 7,210 fans at a time and is home to the Altoona Curve, an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The ballpark opened in 1999 and is considered to be the best facility in the Minor Leagues. It features a double-deck layout and an impressive scoreboard. Featuring HD video boards and a variety of graphics packages, the scoreboard is a must-see.

1000 Park Ave, Altoona, PA 16602, USA

One of the most popular aspects of the park is the view of the outfield wall and the roller coaster. This is because the ballpark was designed to mimic a railroad roundhouse.

There are several food options at People’s Natural Gas Field. There are 6 general concession stands throughout the ballpark, which include a variety of quality items at reasonably priced prices.

Lakemont Park #4

Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania is an amusement park. It has two roller coasters, including the world’s oldest figure-eight roller coaster, Leap-the-Dips. Other attractions include the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art.

This museum features over 4,000 works of art from artists from around the world. The museum also holds events and professional development workshops for artists. Located within the park are the Horseshoe Curve, Leap-the-Dips, and the Skyliner rollercoaster.

700 Park Ave, Altoona, PA 16602, USA

Altoona is located in Blair County, Pennsylvania. It is popularly known as the “Mountain City” due to its elevation. There are many famous landmarks in the city, including the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, the Knickerbocker Historic District, and the Penn Alto Building.

Baker Mansion History Museum #5

The Baker Mansion History Museum is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is a historical landmark that is now home to the Blair County Historical Society. Visitors can learn about the history of the iron industry, the Civil War and other aspects of the region’s history.

Construction began in 1845. The exterior of the Baker Mansion is dressed in stone and features six fluted Ionic order columns. The lower part of each column is cast iron, while the upper portion is hand-fluted.

Places To Visit In Altoona
3419 Oak Ln, Altoona, PA 16602, USA

Baker Mansion has undergone renovations and restoration over the years. These changes have improved the quality of displays. Several of the exhibits are updated frequently.

Quaint Corner Children’s Museum and Discovery Center #6

If you’re looking for a fun day out in Pennsylvania, don’t miss the Quaint Corner Children’s Museum and Discovery Center. A great place to visit with kids, this museum offers a variety of activities and attractions, including interactive play and science exploration.

The museum is open Wednesdays to Fridays, and admission is $4 per person. Visitors can also schedule a private party. This includes use of the museum, and rental of the party room for up to 18 children.

2000 Union Ave, Altoona, PA 16601, USA

The museum has plenty of educational exhibits that teach about history and family values. You can also play games and engage in hands-on activities such as physics discovery and animal hospital. There’s also an art room, climbing wall, and a pirate ship to keep the kids entertained.

Finelli’s Italian Villa #7

Finelli’s Italian Villa is a fine dining establishment located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The restaurant aims to provide diners with an exciting experience through their unique menu and excellent service. They offer both lunch and dinner options.

In terms of food, they have a solid variety of fresh seafood, steaks and chicken options. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is laid back. On top of their great food, Finelli’s also offers an impressive selection of wine and cocktails.

1808 4th Ave, Altoona, PA 16602, USA

For the foodies in the group, you can choose from an extensive menu of appetizers and entrees, and take advantage of their take out or delivery options. This eatery has been ranked as one of the best places to get a meal in the area.

Although they aren’t the biggest or the brightest, Finelli’s Italian Villa is a worthy contender. As mentioned earlier, this establishment is owned and operated by a small team of female professionals.

FAQs: Altoona, Pennsylvania

What is Altoona PA known for?

Altoona, PA is a city located in Blair County, Pennsylvania. It is located on the eastern slopes of the Allegheny Front, which separates the Atlantic and Mississippi valley watersheds. The city is 45 miles northeast of Johnstown.
Altoona’s downtown is a cultural center, and it has many historical landmarks. These include the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, the Mishler Theatre, and City Hall. In addition, there are several parks to explore.

Is Altoona a nice place to live?

If you are looking for a new place to live, you should consider Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is a city that offers a lot of things to do. You can find historical sites, parks, and natural conservations. The city is also home to numerous community organizations. In addition, you can find plenty of business opportunities.

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