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Now the Indians can acquire a UK work visa without Sponsorship or a Job offer

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UK work visa

Now the Indians can acquire a UK work visa without Sponsorship or a Job offer


Are you planning to work in the UK but don’t have any job offer or sponsorship, No worries. Here’s how you can apply

All of Britain is ready to open its new immigration system to eligible Indians. The best part – you don’t need a sponsor or job ad to apply.

The UK Young Professionals scheme allows Indian citizens with qualifications in the age group of 18-30 years to live and work in the UK for up to two years.


2,400 visas to work and live in the UK are up for grabs! Under the India Young Professionals Visa scheme, which was introduced last month, the UK government is inviting people between the ages of 18 and 30 to live in the country without a sponsorship letter or job offer.

How does it function?

The UK-India Young Professionals Program will offer 3,000 places per year.

Eligible applicants must submit their interest in the Young Professionals Scheme by submitting a ballot between February 28 and March 2, the British High Commission in India said in a tweet.

The voting will randomly select successful applicants and invite you to apply for a visa. The program will be reciprocal and will also allow UK professionals in the same position to participate in professional exchange by living and working in India.

For Eligibility the applicants must have

an invitation to submit an application was issued in accordance with the invitation to apply the arrangement

submitted their application within the deadline specified in this call for applications

provide a unique application number for this call for applications

submit a local police certificate or police clearance certificate issued no later than 6 months prior to the application date

have a qualification equal to or higher than RQF level 6 (Bachelor’s degree or higher)

As proof of education, applicants must submit

a copy of the qualification

written confirmation from the college or university that the applicant has completed their studies and graduated with the required qualification

It is part of a larger youth mobility program that operates through a two-tier system where applicants from Australia (30,000 places), Canada (6,000), Monaco (1,000), New Zealand (13,000), San Marino (1,000) can apply ) and Iceland (1,000) can directly apply for a visa, while applications from Japan (1,500), South Korea (1,000), Hong Kong (1,000), Taiwan (1,000) and India (3,000) go through a ballot .

Apart from Japan, India is the only visa-requiring country that has this system.

The MEA statement said India and the UK share a comprehensive strategic partnership with the adoption of a 2030 roadmap for future relations.

How to apply

  • If you meet the eligibility criteria for the India Young Professionals visa scheme, enter the voting scheme.
  • Putting your name on the ballot paper will require you to provide details such as your name, phone number, passport details etc.
  • 2,400 applicants (selected at random from the ballot) will receive an invitation by email for the next visa application. So be careful.
  • If you are selected, prepare your documents (such as bank statements, tuberculosis test results, police clearance, etc.) and apply for a visa.

Total Cost for applying

  • Entry to voting is free. Once selected, you will need to:
  • Pay an application fee of £259 (Rs 25,958)
  • Pay a healthcare surcharge of £940 (Rs 94,213)
  • Prove you have personal savings of £2,530 (Rs 2,53,557).

Contributed by Ankit Raj Sharma

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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