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Newnan: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Newnan, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Newnan, Georgia

Newnan, Georgia, is located about 30 miles southwest from the state capital. Newnan, despite being close to the state’s largest city has its own atmosphere and history. It was founded during the first wave European-American settlement in America’s southeast.

Newnan relied heavily on slave labour in order to fuel the cotton industry that brought it prosperity. The American Civil War left Newnan largely unaffected. This is why the city can display outstanding examples of antebellum (prewar) architecture. Newnan is home to many interesting cultural and natural attractions. Atlanta is also close by.

Dunaway Gardens

Dunaway Gardens, located about 5 miles north of Newnan along the road to Roscoe cover less than half as much land as Oak Hill Cemetery. It’s not easy to overlook the botanic gardens in Newnan.

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After being abandoned for many decades, the gardens were reestablished and tumble down a hillside in five terraces. This terrace is dotted with sightlines to sculptures and viewpoints. It also contains hanging gardens, waterfalls, and goldfish-ponds. Little Stone Mountain, a granite outcrop, is also located here.

More Details About Dunaway Gardens

Address:3218 Roscoe Rd, Newnan, GA 30263, United States
Contact:+1 678-423-4050

Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site

Although Newnan’s buildings survived the American Civil War mostly intact, it does not mean that the city was unaffected. Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site (a relatively new public open area with an area of just over 80 hectares). It was the location of a battle that saw the Unionist cavalry of Abraham Lincoln defeated by the soldiers from the Confederate south.

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It remains largely intact in its original form, and includes walking and biking paths that go around the site and small lake. For anyone who is interested in more information about the Battle of 1864, interpretative signs can provide additional information.

More Details About Brown’s Mill Battlefield Site

Address:155 Millard Farmer Rd, Newnan, GA 30263, United States
Contact:+1 678-571-7718

Barbie Beach

The perfect place for those who love the unusual and quirky, Barbie Beach is located 7 miles from Newnan along the road to Senoia. The roadside attraction, which features an entirely nude beach of Barbie dolls, was so popular with the producers of The Walking Dead that they donated some zombie dolls.

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The beach’s activities change on a daily basis. You’ll never know what surprises you might encounter if your visit to the beach isn’t long enough. But, the scenes are often influenced by current events like major sporting competitions.

More Details About Barbie Beach

Address:4397-4679 GA-16, Senoia, GA 30276, United States.

Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center

The African American Heritage Museum & Research Center serves as a repository for African-American records and artifacts. It also acts as a genealogy center for African-American research. The Museum is situated in a restored shotgun house. It houses the Farmer Street Cemetery, possibly the largest slave cemetery in South. The extensive research of a commission, appointed by the mayor/city council of Newnan, has revealed that this cemetery was a burial ground for African-Americans in Coweta County in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Caswell House is another name for its African-American history artifacts. Caswell House has a reputation for being haunted. People have seen Ruby, who used to own the structure and who seems to enjoy playing with any children that might visit.

More Details About Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center

Address:92 Farmer St, Newnan, GA 30263, United States
Contact:(470) 414-2212.

Ashley Park

Ashley Park is a Newnan-based regional lifestyle center. Georgian Cinemas and DSW are the anchor stores. A strip mall is located across the street.

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This unique mall is great for walking around. It’s safe to walk around and enjoy the sights. There are many shops to shop or hang out with friends. Great food and excellent customer service. This shopping complex has well-known retailers and a variety restaurant options.

More Details About Ashley Park

Address:354 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan, GA 30263, United States
Contact:+1 470-414-2300

McRitchie-Hollis Museum

McRitchieHollis Museum, which occupies another fine red-brick Greek Revival-style building, was built in 1937. It has been restored to its former glory and serves as an introduction to the American south during World War II and the Great Depression.

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The building’s original furniture is on display in the exhibition spaces. You can also see the simple bathroom and kitchen facilities that were available around one hundred years ago. Upstairs, a beautiful spiral staircase leads to the garden. From here, visitors can enjoy the mature planting and lawns.

More Details About McRitchie-Hollis Museum

Address:74 Jackson St, Newnan, GA 30263, United States
Contact:+1 770-251-0207

Abide Brewing Company

Newnan’s first brewery is the Abide Brewing Company. They produce some of the most unique beers in the country. Abide, a tiny micro-brewery that is called a nano-brewery by Newnan residents, was founded in the hope of realizing a dream.

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You can try the beer at many Newnan bars but nothing beats going to the brewery. Regular tours are offered by the staff to see the behind the scenes of the brewery.

More Details About Abide Brewing Company

Address:130 Werz Industrial Blvd, Newnan, GA 30263, United States

FAQs about Newnan, Georgia

What is Newnan GA famous for?

Newnan is the hometown of Alan Jackson and is called The City of Homes. Six National Register Historic Districts contain some of Georgia’s most stunning homes and commercial buildings.

Why is Newnan called the city of homes?

The name “The city of homes ” was given to Newnan in the late 19th Century when the region’s industries made it one of the most wealthy cities in the country. All of this wealth enabled residents to build beautiful new antebellum houses in the late 1800s. This small town was named “The City of Homes”.

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