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New traffic rules can set you back 1 lac INR in fines and challan

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The traffic police may issue you a 1 lakh rupee challan if you drive carelessly. New traffic rules can set you back 1 lac INR in fines and challan

New traffic rules


The Motor Vehicles Act underwent some extremely significant modifications as a result of the revision that took effect in 2019. The fines were increased tenfold, and the driving regulations were made stricter. Let’s look at some of the traffic law infringement challans, and it goes without saying that you shouldn’t break any of these ever, especially now that the traffic police in certain regions are starting to penalize individuals for not wearing rear seat belts after the Cyrus Mistry incident (not just because of the penalties involved but the sole reason behind their existence at the first place).

The traffic police may issue you a one lakh rupee challan if you drive carelessly. Therefore, use caution when driving. Your challan of more than Rs 1.41 lakh might be taken away for breaking traffic laws under the new Motor Vehicle Act. After the New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 went into effect, this has already occurred (Amendment).

1 lac INR in fines and challan

New Traffic Rules 

The traffic police have the authority to issue you a challan for one lakh rupees if you drive carelessly. Consequently, use caution when driving. Your challan worth more than Rs 1.41 lakh may be taken away under the new Motor Vehicle Act if you violate traffic laws. Following the New Motor Vehicles Act-2019’s implementation, this has already occurred (Amendment). According to the new regulations, if you drive a truck and break the law, you might be charged Rs 1,41,700. A truck from Rajasthan was fined Rs 1,41,700 in Delhi in September 2019 for overloading. The owner of the truck afterwards took the challan to the Rohini court and lodged it there. Avoid letting such a thing happen to you by paying close attention to the traffic laws when driving. 

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The Indian government has updated the Motor Vehicle Act to reflect the growing number of cars on the road and to modernize the traffic laws. To varying degrees, the new traffic laws have already begun to take effect over the whole nation. Drivers should be aware of these guidelines and follow them to the letter. The following are the new traffic laws:

  • In Uttarakhand, the police have the authority to seize the driver’s phone for a period of 24 hours in addition to issuing a fine for using a phone while driving. The Nainital High Court gave this directive.
  • In Rajasthan, the same RTO that issued the license has the authority to suspend or revoke it if a motorist breaks any traffic regulations in addition to imposing a fine. The High Court’s Jodhpur bench issued this directive.
  • The use of loud motorbike silencers has been outlawed in Bengaluru and Pune because they increase noise pollution and compromise a vehicle’s ability to manage emissions. They also cause a safety hazard by disturbing others.
  • Anyone caught watching a video while operating a motor vehicle will face penalties under the updated Motor Vehicle Act. To prevent accidents brought on by distracted driving, this has been done.
  • Parking in front of a rescue vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire engine, or police car, is prohibited. The driver faces a fine of at least Rs 2,000 if they are found guilty of the aforementioned offense.
  • Unless it’s over-speeding, a person cannot receive a fine for the same offense twice. However, the offender will need to pay the fee again if he misplaced the receipt for the prior charge and is using the car in another state.

Fine for Violation: A Case Study

If you operate a truck, overloading is punishable by a Rs 5,000 punishment. Rs. 10,000 for each of the following infractions: failing to possess a registration certificate, a fitness certificate, or a permission. In addition, a punishment of Rs 4,000 for driving without insurance, Rs 10,000 for driving without a pollution certificate, and Rs 20,000 for driving with construction materials exposed may be imposed. The traffic police can use this to issue a Rs 20,000 challan for overloading. After that, the fine would be calculated by increasing the tonnage of the items by Rs 2,000.

The Delhi Police handed Ram Kishan a challan for Rs. 2 lakh 500 following the introduction of the new regulation. Overloading was included in this for Rs 56,000. The following fines were assessed: Rs 5,000 for driving without a license, Rs 10,000 for the registration certificate, Rs 10,000 for violating the permit, Rs 4,000 for insurance, and Rs 10,000 for the pollution certificate. In addition, a challan for Rs 20,000 was issued for transporting construction materials unprotected and another for Rs 1,000 for failing to buckle your seatbelt. As a result, the traffic police issued him a Rs 2,00,500 challan. After paying the fee at the Rohini court, the driver was able to release the truck.


As is general knowledge, violating traffic laws puts other road users’ safety at peril in addition to being against the law. Thus, it is not strange to see the government penalizing those who break traffic laws, with the severity of the punishment ranging according to the type of the offense. The penalties for breaching a traffic regulation might range from a few hundred rupee fine to losing your driver’s license and, in extreme situations, even going to jail. Every few years, the penalties for breaking traffic laws are updated, and a recent revision to the fines took place just a few months ago. Here are all the specifics of India’s new traffic laws and fines that you need to be aware of.

Contributed by Sanal Pillai 

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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