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Goddard Chapel : A Beautiful Church Well Known For Its Stained Glass Windows

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Tourist Attractions : Goddard Chapel – A Beautiful Church Well Known For Its Stained Glass Windows

The main religious building at Tufts University is Goddard Chapel. It was constructed in 1883 using the Lombard Romanesque design. This beautiful spot to pray is well-known for its stained glass windows.

Goddard Chapel


The College Chapel was the Coolidge Room, located on the second floor at Ballou Hall in the early days. Mary Goddard, who is also well-known for founding Goddard College in 1882, donated $25,000 towards the chapel’s construction to honor her late husband, Thomas Goddard, a Tufts trustee. 

She also donated money to the construction of the Goddard Gymnasium. Tufts alumni also donated money with the hope that the chapel would be a memorial chapel. 

Construction costs totaled more than $40,000. Until 1907, student attendance at Protestant chapel services was compulsory.

Goddard Chapel

The chapel then held three services per week led by faculty and deans from Tufts’ Crane Theological School. A wing of the chapel was remodeled to house the Office of the University Chaplain after the closure of Crane Theological School in 1969. The chapel has been used for Protestant services as well as Buddhist meditation, Hindu pujas and weddings. 


J. Phillip Rinn designed the building, which also includes the Barnum Museum of Natural History as well as part of Metcalf Hall. The Lombardic Romanesque Style was used to design the edifice. It features a chapel’s 100-foot bell tower, its cloister, and a porch on its east side. 

Blue-gray slate was locally quarried from Somerville. Rinn originally planned to cover the chapel with ivy in order to soften the harshness of the stonework. Interior design follows Romanesque motifs, including ribbed ceilings and arched woodwork. Cherry is used for the pulpit, pews and ceiling ribs. 

The paneling and floors are made from spruce while the panels are made from oak. The original woodwork is almost intact today. The chapel was subject to a major restoration in 2002. The chapel underwent a major restoration in 2002. The Andover Organ Company was hired to rebuild the organ and restore its front.


The Goddard Chapel is an outstanding example of sacred architecture from the late nineteenth century. The Romanesque interior can be found inside. The chapel was built in 1883 and serves as the center of religious life at Tufts. 

The Chapel has seen many renovations in recent years. The most notable is the addition of a 100-foot bell tower. The interior sanctuary has a distinctive ribbed ceiling and is in medieval Romanesque style.

Goddard Chapel

The Chapel’s main attraction is not only its bell tower but also its cloister. The cloister used to be almost at ground level. The chapel was built with two sanctuaries.

For veneration, there are several relics on display. A large blessing cross, for example, contains a small piece of the True Cross. A non-denominational chapel also exists, with Tiffany windows.


The Goddard Chapel at Tufts University, a 98-year old building with distinctive architecture, is located in Tufts University. It was built in the middle of the 19th century and features a narthex as well as an apse, bell tower, and a peepse.

Its exterior is an amazing work of art. It boasts a red tile roof. Its stone was locally quarried in Somerville. The front door features a large stained-glass window.

The covered porch, two sanctuaries and a cloister are just a few of the other features. On the east side, you will find a narthex or apse.

In recent years, the Chapel has undergone several modifications. A new organ was installed. The pipes were revealed after the screen was removed from the chancel area. The slates were thoroughly cleaned. The ceiling was painted sky-blue during the renovation.

Renovations :

Goddard Chapel, Massachusetts is an exceptional example of sacred architecture dating back to the late nineteenth century. It is the University’s main religious building. In recent years, the chapel has seen some modifications.

Goddard Chapel had originally two sanctuaries. The chapel was used for both daily Catholic services and also for Protestant services. The building has cherry pews and oak floors. It also features spruce paneling.

Goddard Chapel

Reconfiguring the pews was part of a recent chapel renovation. The stained glass windows were also re-led. The National Register of Historic Places was also added to the Chapel during the renovation.

A new HVAC system was installed with central air. The Chapel is still open to the public.

The Chapel’s exterior was altered with a steel- and glass-enclosed pavilion. In 2002, renovations were completed.

Stained glass windows :

J. Phillip Rinn designed Goddard Chapel. Two stained glass windows of opalescent type are located on the east side of the sanctuary.

The stained glass at Goddard Chapel is a reflection two stages of stained-glass renewal. The chapel windows depict images of early Christian women in the first stage. These include St. Helena (a Roman martyr); Saint Cecilia (a nun); and St. Catherine from Alexandria.

Goddard Chapel

In the middle of the 19th century, began the second phase in stained glass revival. Arts and Crafts encouraged personal involvement in every phase of the project through small workshops.

Inter Room Faith :

There are many options for campus spaces for students. These spaces might not be religiously themed, but they can help promote inclusion and foster spirituality on campus.

Interfaith spaces that provide a holistic experience are the best. This is more than providing a place for your chaplains. This is about helping diverse student bodies find common ground and foster the values of human dignity, nonviolence and peace.

Goddard Chapel

It is not easy to create a multifaith space on campus. With the right planning, it is possible to create a space that serves your students and gives your staff the opportunity to learn more about the different faiths on campus.

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