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How to Convert an E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card

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How to Convert an E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card: With an E2 Visa, entrepreneurs and investors can live and work in the USA. There are many benefits that an E2 Visa holder gets.

It allows the holder to conduct business in and out of the country freely, stay for unlimited two-year periods, and include their family in the application such as a spouse, minors, and children below 21 years of age. 

Yet, it doesn’t directly lead to permanent residence in the U.S.

There are certain ways whereby you can convert an E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card: – 

E2 Visa to Green Card 

If you’re a foreign national with an E2 Visa and wish to get a green card, you must apply for an immigrant visa first. 

There are two ways to do it: 

  • You can apply for an immigrant visa at a US Consulate abroad: In case you’re not in the States, you can apply for an E2 Visa in your home country at a US Consulate. This procedure is called “Consular Processing”, or “Visa Processing”. 
  • Or, adjust your status to an immigrant status within the US: If you’re in the States lawfully, you can apply for Adjust status wherein you can get your status converted from Non-immigrant Visa Status to Immigrant Visa Status. The process is carried out in the US and you won’t have to leave the country. 

Following are the ways through which you can convert your E2 Immigrant Visa to Green Card: – 

Get an EB5 Visa 

This immigrant Visa allows the holders to live and work in the States with permanent residence possible if they invest in a U.S. business first.

The required investment amount is $1,800,000 or $900,000 if the business is in a TEA (Targeted Employment Area). 

This route is considered beneficial since the additional investment you make in your E2 business can be counted as your EB5 investment.

E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card
E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card

Take note that you have to redirect your money out of your business and invest it again in the E2 in order for it to be considered as your EB5 investment. 

Aim for a Company-Sponsored Green Card 

Having a company sponsor your green card is another route to convert your E2 Immigrant Visa into permanent residence status.

It also allows your spouse to live and work in the U.S. and eventually get a green card as well. 

If you wish to take this route, the employer who’s willing to sponsor your green card is required to get a Labor Certification through the Department of Labor.

After that, you have to get approved for either an EB-2 or EB-3 Visa. The status of your visa then shall be adjusted in accordance with it. 

Acquire an EB1A Visa if you have extraordinary abilities 

If you hold exceptional abilities in arts, science, education, athletics, or business field, you may qualify for an EB1A Visa. To acquire it, you must establish that: – 

  • You possess an extraordinary ability 
  • You’ll work in your field in the USA
  • Your coming to the USA will significantly benefit the country 

One of the benefits of an EB1A Visa is that you don’t require an employer to sponsor you or get a job offer. 

Get a Marriage-Based Green Card

If you marry a citizen or a lawful permanent resident of the United States, you can apply for a green card.

However, the marriage must be genuine and not a sham since a fraudulent marriage is considered a criminal offense. 

Obtain a National Interest Waiver 

National Interest Waiver is a subcategory of the E-2 Visa. Individuals who possess advanced degrees or possess extraordinary abilities may get a National Interest Waiver.

E2 Immigrant Visa into a US Green Card

Basically, it doesn’t require you to go through the Labor Certification process and get the certificate from a US employer. 

You’re eligible for National Interest Waiver if you fulfil the following conditions: – 

  • The area of work that you plan to work in must hold significant merit and be of national importance. 
  • You have to qualify for an EB-2 Visa (without the labor certification)
  • You must be in a position to move forward in your endeavour 
  • You must establish that it’s in the national interest of the US to waive the requirement for you to get a US job offer from a company with approved labor certification.  

There are many ways to convert an E2 Immigrant Visa into a U.S. green card.

So, pick the one that you can potentially qualify for and that caters to your requirements, and get ready to call this incredible country home.

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Q. Can you convert E2 visa to green card?

Yes, E2 Visa can be converted to a green card through various ways such as employer sponsorship, the National Interest Waiver, or the EB5 program to name a few. 

Q. Can I change status from E2 visa?

If you have a valid E2 visa, you can apply for a change of status. You can file the change in the USA or do it from a US consulate in your home country.

Q. Can you switch from E2 to H1B?

There is no official process to change the status from E2 to H1B. 

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