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Cathedral Of St. Helena: Ensure You Don’t Miss While In Montana, USA

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Tourist Attractions – Cathedral of St. Helena, you must visit when in Montana

The Cathedral of St. Helena‘s Roman Catholic Cathedral is stunning with 59 stained-glass windows. These windows depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments and beautiful carved woodwork.

The magnificent Cathedral of St. Helena in Montana is a Roman Catholic church that was built in the middle Montana’s capital, Helena. It is a beautiful Neo-Gothic church built in 1882.

The beautiful stained-glass windows and gilded cross are only a part of the exquisite, meticulously constructed building. The church is active in the local community and welcomes all parishioners and visitors.


Helena was an affluent and culturally diverse city by the early 1900s. The residents were successful in mining, ranching and banking. The Cathedral was an important element of the city’s architectural landscape by end of century.

The magnificent structure was built during the Bishop John Carroll’s episcopate in 1908 in the stunning Geometric Gothic architecture style.

Cathedral of St.Helena

Columbia Construction Company, New York City, began construction and laid the cornerstone for the building on October 4, 1908.

In 1914, the first service took place in the cathedral. The entire time Bishop Carroll was involved in fundraising for the building as well as serving an administrative function during the construction of the cathedral.

Unfortunately, significant damage was done to the cathedral by the earthquakes in Helena that occurred in 1935. After the earthquake, extensive restorations were required to bring the cathedral back to its former glory.


The cathedral’s most striking feature are the twin spires measuring 230 feet. They were inspired directly by the Votivkirche in Vienna. The spires have gold-leafed crosses that measure 12 feet tall and 6 feet long.

Thomas Cruse, in 1905, donated $25,000 to buy the site for the cathedral. A.O. Von Herbulis was chosen as the architect. Von Herbulis received his training abroad and was chosen because of his knowledge of the cathedrals Europe. 

Rough sketches were created in Romanesque, and Gothic. After the drawings were presented, the Building Committee voted for the Gothic design.

Cathedral of St.Helena

The interior of the carved oak sanctuary is adorned with beautiful stained-glass windows and Carrara marble statues. The lighting fixtures have a special lacquer finish and are hand-forged from bronze.

15 hand-cast bells representing the mysteries and miracles of the Rosary are found in the cathedral’s North Tower. The cathedral’s limestone exterior houses 29 statues depicting saints and other figures of religious significance.


The cathedral’s interior was unchanged from its original decor and design up to the installation of the bronze altar in the mid-1950s.

This restoration was finished in 1959 just in time to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

Cathedral of St.Helena

In 1982, the cathedral went through another renovation. It was also renovated extensively with stained-glass windows.


The beauty of the architecture has not changed much since its beginnings, but modernizations have been made to ensure safety and comfort.

Cathedral Of St. Helena:  Ensure You Don’t Miss While In Montana, USA

Pre-arranged tours of the cathedral can be arranged and take approximately one hour. Take a tour of the building, explore it on your own or join the congregation for an evening or morning mass. 

Visitors can visit the building every day from Monday to Saturday, from 7 AM to 6 PM, and Sundays from 7 AM to 12:30 PM.

FAQs About Cathedral of St. Helena, Montana

How old is the Cathedral in Helena?

The Cathedral in Helena is 114 years old.

How tall is the Cathedral in Helena Montana?

Its 230 ft tall. The Cathedral of St. Helena was inspired by the Vienna Votive Church of the Sacred Heart, Austria. Residents love its beauty. You can see the spires from every point in town.

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