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Tirthan: A Bewitching hill station in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

The Tirthan Valley Tirthan Valley is a quintessential hill-station - 40 Kms ahead of Aut and perched at an altitude of approximately 1,600 metres above...

Shocking: Covid Makes Shimla A Deserted Town

Life of people in Shimla like most of the places in India has come to a standstill and  the tourism sector has been crippled...

The Forgotten Himachali Dham Food In Kangra

Himachali Dham Himachal Pradesh is well known for snow-clad mountains, lush green valleys, tranquility in the environment and that’s not all, the traditional food delicacies...

Salli Valley: The Unexplored Valley In Himachal Pradesh

Explore the Natural Beauty of Salli Valley Salli valley situated in the heart of the nature. It is covered by high hills and deep valleys....

Here Are Finest Guest Houses For Your Next Himalayan Adventure

Guest Houses Travelling is an integral part of my life. It acts as an elixir. Travelling has helped me evolve as a person. For me...

Overtourism In Manali – Reality or Myth?

What is overtourism? Overtourism In Manali: Overtourism occurs when there is an exponential burst of visitors at a particular destination. Now “Exponential” is a...

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