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Burbank:- Interesting Things to Do in Burbank, CA

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Burbank has many attractions and activities related to the entertainment business. Universal and Warner Brothers Studios are great places to visit if you love glitzy and glam.

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Enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding lakes and nature centers if you enjoy being outdoors. For entertainment, visit the performing arts center.

K1 Speed Burbank

K1 Speed Burbank

The adrenaline-seeking will have a blast going karting at K1Speed Burbank. Indoor racing centers offer go-kart tracks to suit all skill levels. You can race expertly or just a beginner to go-karting. K1 Speed’s Burbank location features a challenging racetrack that offers both adults and junior electric go-karts. Paddock Lounge is a nightclub that serves delicious desserts and hand-crafted eats.

Phone:+1 818-659-6033

Pickwick Bowl

You don’t know where to go in Burbank with your friends or family? Pickwick Bowl is a great place to put your bowling skills to the test! The premier bowling alley has 24 lanes, snack bar, vending machines and an 18+ lounge with recreational facilities such as darts and billiards. This entertainment center hosts Cosmic Bowling on Fridays and Saturdays. Here you can play under bright lights and listen to club music.

Phone:+1 818-845-5300

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Are you looking for Burbank fun activities? Warner Brothers Studio Tour allows guests to visit outdoor sound stages and sets used for productions like “Gilmore Girls”, The Big Bang Theory, and “Argo”. You will have access to the sets that were used in shows such as “Friends”, Batman, and many others. There are two options for guests: the Studio Tour which allows them to visit Stage 48: Script to Screen on their own, or the five-hour Deluxe Tour which offers a complimentary breakfast at Starbucks and three-course lunch.

Website Warner Brothers
Phone:+1 818-977-8687

Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine of Aviation

Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine of Aviation

Portal of the Folded Wings Shriner to Aviation is one of the most visited places in Burbank. The structure is 75 feet tall (22.86m) and has sculpted figures, mosaic, and marble. It is the burial place of 15 aviation pioneers, including Winfield Bertrum Kinner (the creator of the Kinner airplane), Elizabeth Lippincott McQueen (the first female pilot in Los Angeles), and John Franklin Bruce Carruthers, an air historian and Portal of the Folded Wings Chaplain. This site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1998.

Website Portal of the Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation
Address:3898 Valhalla Dr, Burbank, CA 91505, United States

Martial Arts History Museum

Martial Arts History Museum

Martial Arts History Museum is a fun way to get to know Asian culture. Burbank’s attraction helps its visitors learn about countries such as Japan, Korea and the Philippines through an artistic and cultural experience. This museum also examines the impact of martial arts on these traditions. The museum also has a section dedicated to American history that includes exhibits about anime history, martial art in the US, Hollywood films, TV and magazines, as well as American movies, television, TV and magazines.

WebsiteMartial Arts History Museum
Hours of Operation:Thu-Sun: 11am-6pm (closed Mon-Wed)
Phone:+1 818-478-1722


Burbank has some of the best hidden treasures and most surprising finds that will delight our hearts. Hyaena Gallery is the place to go if you are looking for something different. Hyaena Gallery specializes in underground and otherworldly art as well as dark and lowbrow art you won’t find in traditional galleries.

There is currently a true crime exhibit at the museum called Don’t Do Any Illegal that sells mementos related to crime or criminality. Vintage clown art, dog prints and pandemic edition doodles are just a few of the non-mainstream exhibits.

Website: Hyaena
Phone:+1 818-972-2448

Museum of the Mystic Bearded Lady

Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum, West Magnolia Boulevard has more oddities. This museum is a strong advocate for occultism, mysticism and paranormal. It is not recommended for those with weak stomachs. Their permanent store Camp Horror sells vintage memorabilia as well as other novelty items to add to your collection. They have the Slashback Video exhibit, as well as past events such the immersive Evil Dead and Mystic Museum Family Goals. This was an homage to the gothic TV families.

Website:Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum
Phone:+1 818-433-7530

Pacific Ballet Dance Theater

The Pacific Ballet Dance Theater was established in 2001. It is one of the most prestigious dance companies in Los Angeles. They are home to many talented dancers who have been part of other ballet companies around the globe. It provides educational programs and ballet performances to the greater Los Angeles area. It was formerly known as Media City Ballet. Their contemporary dance group draws its inspiration from a wide range of music styles. They also host a wine tasting and silent auction.

Website:Pacific Ballet Dance Theater
Phone:+1 818-972-9692

Colony Theater Community

Colony Theater Community

In 1975, the Colony Theater Community was founded by Hollywood actors who wanted a return to their theatre roots. By the 1990s, all performances had been sold out. They moved to their current home in 2000, the Burbank Center Stage. They have a variety of shows that appeal to all ages, including comedy and drama. They are aiming to have more plays for the community, and a shorter season with only two to three plays per year.

Contact +1 818 558 77000
WebsiteColony Theater Community

Stough Canyon Nature Center

Stough Canyon Nature Center

The Stough Canyon Nature Center, located in the Verdugo Mountains, is an educational location. The center offers opportunities for the public learn about wildlife and other things in this region of Los Angeles County. The center offers guided nature hikes, a library, and a small theater. The Verdugo mountain-way trail is the natural trail. There are several guided hikes available, including a fitness hike and little explorers hike.

Contact:+1 818 238 5440
WebsiteStough Canyon Nature Center

Wildwood Canyon Trail

Wildwood Canyon Trail

Wildwood Canyon Trail is a 2.5-mile (4 km) hike that welcomes mountain biking and hiking. The trail is dog and kid-friendly and all can enjoy its beauty and view. It offers stunning views of Los Angeles, Burbank, and the Santa Monica Mountains. The trail also looks towards downtown Los Angeles. The Verdugo Mountains north and the San Gabriels are visible from the summit of the trail.

WebsiteWildwood Canyon Trail
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