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Bhutan cuts daily tourist fee by Half. Best time to visit Bhutan

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Best time to visit Bhutan:- Bhutan, a tiny nation in the Himalayas also known as the "Land of Thunder Dragon," is renowned for its pure natural beauty, historic forts, and charming Buddhist monasteries.

The nation recently made news by halving its daily tourism fee.

More people are now able to travel to this wonderful country and experience its distinct culture thanks to this.

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India’s Relation With Bhutan Pertaining To Tourism

India and Bhutan share a unique and special relationship, which extends to the tourism sector as well. Bhutan is a popular tourist destination for Indians, and India is one of the largest sources of tourists for Bhutan.

The two countries have a bilateral agreement on tourism, which facilitates the movement of tourists between the two countries.

India and Bhutan have a shared cultural heritage, and this is reflected in the tourism sector as well.

Many Indian tourists visit Bhutan to explore its rich cultural heritage, which includes ancient monasteries, traditional festivals, and handicrafts.

Bhutan, on the other hand, attracts Indian tourists with its scenic beauty, adventure sports, and spiritual retreats.

The tourism industry is a significant contributor to Bhutan’s economy, and India plays a crucial role in this regard.

Indian tourists account for a significant portion of Bhutan’s tourist arrivals, and this has helped to boost the country’s tourism industry.

The two countries have also collaborated on various tourism-related initiatives, such as the development of tourism infrastructure and the promotion of sustainable tourism practices.

Overall, India’s tourism relations with Bhutan are strong and continue to grow.

The two countries share a deep cultural connection, and this is reflected in the tourism sector as well.

With the increasing popularity of Bhutan as a tourist destination, it is likely that the tourism relations between India and Bhutan will continue to strengthen in the coming years.

The Reason of reducing the fees

In order to further revitalize its tourism industry, the Royal Government of Bhutan has introduced a wider array of incentives and policy initiatives, most notably by lowering the daily Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) by 50%.

This tactical step is being made as Bhutan realizes the critical contribution that tourism makes to economic growth, job creation, foreign exchange revenues, the establishment of auxiliary sectors, and the funding of important infrastructure, social, and environmental projects.

The primary components of the new regulations include the following

  • The current SDF rate of US$200 would be cut by a significant 50%. The SDF as a result is $100 USD per person each night.
  • Additionally, visitors who were between the ages of 6 and 12 were subject to a 50% decrease in the SDF charges. For minors, the adjusted SDF cost is $50 per person per night. The SDF is not required to be paid for children under the age of six.
  • Tourists staying in border towns will continue to be exempt from the SDF for 24 hours as before.
  • These regulations came into effect from September 1, 2023, and will remain in effect for four years, until August 31, 2027.

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Are you Entitled for refund if you have paid already before 1st September?

In accordance with the former SDF pricing, guests who have already made payments for forthcoming trips to Bhutan that involve the SDF can anticipate receiving refunds for any excess amounts.

In his comments on these incentives, Dorji Dhradhul, director general of the Department of tourist Bhutan, emphasized how Bhutan’s approach to tourist policy is particularly in line with its unique nature.

“We have temporarily lowered our Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) to revitalize our tourism industry, acknowledging the need to adapt to change and periodically refine our policies and strategies to align with evolving market conditions.”

Bhutan’s “High Value, Low Volume” tourism has required SDF payment since 1974. Conservation, healthcare, culture, and other things are funded by the SDF.

Bhutan received about 60,000 visitors in 2023, largely thanks to important markets like China, India, and the US.

Some of the Best places to visit in Bhutan (Best time to visit Bhutan)

Phobjikha Valley #1

Every year from November to March, a small group of uncommon Black-Necked Cranes travel through this valley.

Best time to visit Bhutan
image source:- Facebook

Numerous monasteries may be found in the valley, which also provides fantastic trekking opportunities and local cultural experiences like touring a traditional Bhutanese farmhouse and learning about the people’s customs and way of life.

Punakha Dzong #2

The main body of Bhutan’s monks now spends the winter at this castle from the 17th century, which was once the country’s capital until 1955.

image source:- Facebook

Its two-story wooden bridge, which guests must traverse before entering the dzong proper, is its main draw. 

Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) #3

It is a magnificent monastery perched 3,120 metres above sea level on a sheer cliff wall.

Best time to visit Bhutan
image source:- Facebook

The trek up to the site gives breathtaking views of the Paro Valley and is a revered Buddhist pilgrimage site. 

Buddha Dordenma #4

Commonly referred to as Kuenray, is a 169-foot-tall bronze statue of Buddha Shakyamuni that is situated in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Best time to visit Bhutan
image source:- Facebook

It is regarded as one of the biggest Buddha statues in the entire globe.

It plays a crucial role in the locals’ culture and heritage since they see it as an expression of their spiritual principles.

Contributed by:- Ankit Raj

Edited by:- Imtiaz Ullah

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