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Brno: Top 7 Best Places You Must Visit In Brno, Czech Republic

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Attractions And Places You Must Visit In Brno, Czech Republic

Places You Must Visit In Brno, Czech Republic is a great base from which to explore the Moravia region, a stunning area of the Czech Republic. This area boasts many historical towns, wine regions, and real wonders of nature.

Some of the most interesting sights include the Trebic Castle, Lednice-Valtice palaces, Punkva Caves, and Macocha Abyss. Other sights and attractions include Mikulov, Zno, and more.

Brno’s old town hall was constructed in the mid-13th century and is now the Brno City History Museum. The building features five intricately carved wooden columns, which are decorated with exquisite statues.

The museum’s interior also features a baroque parliamentary hall that was built to house the Moravian parliament. The ancient frescoes that decorate the hall have high artistic value.

Places You Must Visit In Brno

The Brno skyline is dominated by the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, which originally dates to the 12th century. Inside, you will find a mixture of styles, including Baroque and Gothic.

There is also a crypt, and the building offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Another landmark in Brno is the Villa Tugendhat, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

This impressive building, which stands on a hill in the city center, is an iconic symbol of the city. The building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was also the first theatre in continental Europe to have electric lighting.

The building is now the main stage for the National Theater Brno, and is known for producing top-notch plays featuring famous actors.

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno #1

The cathedral’s interior has been restored several times, but is largely unchanged from its original appearance. One notable change is the addition of a pulpit to the left column of the Royal Doors.

Historically, the presence of a pulpit was unusual in Orthodox churches. However, the new pulpit is a welcome addition to the cathedral.

The cathedral was originally constructed in the 12th century but was rebuilt in the early 19th century. It is one of the most important religious structures in the city.

The building’s interior is a mixture of baroque and Neo-Gothic styles. The spire is 123 meters tall and has a statue of an angel holding a cross. The spire is one of the city’s symbols.

Peter I’s desire to create a cathedral that would reflect the traditions of the West inspired the construction of the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.

Places You Must Visit In Brno
Petrov 9, 602 00 Brno 2

The architect, Domenico Trezzini, implemented Peter’s vision by borrowing heavily from Dutch and protestant churches in Europe. Over forty architects in Moscow worked on the basic execution of Peter’s ideas from 1722 to 1727.

In the process, he incorporated Lutheran architectural elements and icons painted in Western styles. The new Rector at the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul is a Benedictine monk, originally from the Diocese of Belleville.

He has served as Rector of Cathedral of St. Benedict in the Diocese of Evansville for nine years. He holds a doctorate in liturgical studies from the Catholic University of America.

He also has a wealth of experience in many ministries. Father Godfrey Mullen will take over the duties of Rector on August 1, 2016. Msgr. Myler will serve as Associate Rector until the end of July.

Brno Castle and the Brno City Museum #2

The Brno Castle has played many roles in the city’s history. It was originally built as a fortress in Baroque style by the Bohemian King Ottokar.

It was later taken over by the townspeople and became an important defence against the Swedes during the 30 Years War. It was also used as a prison and held a number of political figures through the years.

It was also used by the Germans during the Second World War and transformed into barracks. If you’re planning a visit to Brno, don’t miss the museum and the castle itself.

Located in the same building, the museum is one of the city’s cultural centers. Its history dates back over seven centuries, and it houses some of the city’s most important collections.

It also serves as a starting point for a self-guided tour of the city. Visitors can enjoy guided tours in four languages. You can tour the interiors of the castle and get an inside look at the city’s history.

Places You Must Visit In Brno
Špilberk 210/1, 662 24 Brno

The oldest part of the castle is still standing, and it features gothic bolts and a cross vault. You can also explore the representative wing, which includes the only partially-preserved medieval defensive tower.

You can also see the Royal Chapel, which has stained glass windows displaying the emblems of countries ruled by Premysl Otakar II, who is thought to have founded the castle. This place is home to the largest wine-producing company in the Czech Republic.

Another interesting place to visit is the Znojmo Underground, an underground labyrinth that is several levels deep. It is one of the largest in Central Europe.

You can learn more about the city’s history in an alternative way by taking the underground tour and end your tour with a degustation session of quality wine, a local specialty.

Moravian Karst and Caves in Brno #3

Visit the Moravian Karst and Caves, a series of 1,000 caves. Tourists can travel to these caves from the city of Brno. Visitors can explore stalagmites and other natural attractions, as well as enjoy the cool air in the caves on hot days.

Visiting the caves is a unique experience, and you should book your tickets in advance. Located in the north of Brno, the Moravian Karst and Caves are one of the most popular Czech attractions.

They cover an area of 100 square kilometers and contain over one thousand caves. Visitors can explore these caves on foot or by boat. There are trails for different skill levels, and many of them are accessible via footbridges and platforms.

Punkva Cave is located near the village of Blansko and is famous for its beautiful stalactites and an underground river. You can take a boat tour to this attraction, where you can get close to the stalactites.

Skalní mlýn 65, 678 25 Blansko

Another unique experience in the area is the Macocha Abyss, a deep sinkhole formed when a cave’s roof collapsed. You can also view this sinkhole from the viewing platforms and footbridges built around it.

Several guided tours are offered to give you a closer look at the underground caves. There are many other places worth visiting when visiting Moravia.

The city of Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic after Prague. It has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times.

The city has several historical sites including the 13th century Spilberk Castle and the Dietrichstein Palace. It also has a flourishing cultural life with numerous festivals and events throughout the year.

The Tugendhat Villa in Brno #4

The Tugendhat Villa is an architecturally significant building located in Brno, Czech Republic. Designed by Lilly Reich and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, it is a beautiful example of modernist architecture.

The building is notable for its distinctive form and layered facade. Visitors can tour the building and learn about its history and significance.

The Villa was closed for years before being renovated. The restoration project involved studying historical photographs, archives, and old plans to determine the building’s condition.

This helped eliminate massive damage and improper restoration. Some parts of the original interior of the building were even resurrected and recreated in a faithful replica.

Cernopolní 45, 613 00 Brno

The Tugendhat Villa was built in the 1920s on land given by the Tugendhat family. It is a magnificent example of modernist architecture and was the first of its kind in Europe. However, it was only used for eight years by the Tugendhat family.

After the Germans and Soviets occupied Czechoslovakia, the family had to flee the country. The Nazis and Soviets also used the Tugendhat Villa and it was damaged in the process.

This unique villa was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and was built between 1929 and 1930. It was the first of its kind in Czechoslovakia and used a cruciform floor plan with columns in a steel load-bearing structure.

Mies used exotic woods for the interior, including rosewood and Macassar ebony. The villa also featured electrically operated windows and hot-air heating.

A Veverí Castle #5

The ancient ducal and royal castle of Veve lies about 12 km northwest of Brno on the Svratka River. It is a must-see place for history buffs. It was originally built in the 13th century and has been extensively renovated and modernized.

It is open to the public and is an impressive sight. The keep is the highest tower of the castle and was built in the early 13th century. The castle was originally a hunting castle for Moravian margraves.

In the 20th century, systematic restoration work began. The project will continue for many years. This article provides a brief history of the castle.

The castle was first mentioned in 1213 and is one of the oldest and largest in Moravia. The name Vever is Czech for “squirrel” and it was built on a rocky promontory on the Svratka River.

Hrad Veverí 1, 66471 Veverská Bítýška

The castle was first mentioned in writing in 1213. In the 14th century, the fortified castle was significantly expanded. The Moravian margrave Jan Jindrich made it his main residence.

A short trip from Brno, Vever Castle is a great place to visit when visiting the region. It’s accessible by car or public transportation and is one of the largest Moravian castle complexes.

The castle is situated on a rock promontory that overlooks the Svratka River. Visitors can best enjoy the view of the castle from one of the many boats that ply the river below.

The Moravian Gallery in Brno #6

The Moravian Gallery in Brno is the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic. It opened in 1961 after merging with two older institutions.

The museum is located in five different buildings, including the Praák Palace, the Governor’s Palace, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Jurkovi House, and the Josef Hoffmann Museum.

The Moravian Gallery in Brno covers an impressive array of artistic disciplines. In addition to paintings and sculpture, the gallery also collects graphic design and photography.

It was opened in 1961, but previously it was housed in the Frantishkov Museum. In recent years, it has expanded its collections to include a wide range of modern and contemporary works of art.

Husova 18, 662 26 Brno

The Moravian Gallery in Brno offers a range of exhibitions and events. Some are free of charge, but you may need to pay a small fee to see short-term shows.

The exhibitions take place in four beautiful buildings: the Prazak Palace, the Governor’s Palace, and the Jurkovic House.

The Moravian Gallery in Brno is a fine arts museum with a wide range of exhibits and collections. You can view ancient works of art and contemporary works of art, including Czech Cubism.

The museum also has a modern art collection and hosts short-term and permanent exhibitions. Dusan Jurkovic is an important Czech artist whose work is displayed in the gallery.

Brno Zoo in Brno #7

The Brno Zoo is an amazing zoological garden located in Brno, Czech Republic. It features more than 400 animals and is a must see attraction for animal lovers.

It is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm, and is free to visit! It has an exciting and informative program and is a great place to take your kids.

Visitors to Brno Zoo will find plenty of activities and interactive exhibits to keep the entire family happy. There’s a petting zoo, trampolines and adventure playground for kids to play on.

While you’re there, make sure you visit Brno’s Old Town Hall, which dates to the early 13th century and served as the city’s administrative offices until 1935. It has an elaborate Gothic gate.

U Zoologické zahrady 46, 635 00 Brno-Bystrc

The Brno Zoo is located on 65 hectares of land near Brno’s reservoir. Here you’ll find animals from every continent, except Antarctica, including tigers and leopards.

You’ll also find polar bears, kangaroos and rare breeds of horses. There are new expositions, like the Beringie zoo, and children’s events throughout the year.

Visitors can also visit the Mint Master’s Cellar. Located under the New Town Hall and Dominican Square, this building once housed the Mint. This free museum is among the top attractions in Brno. It also has a cafe and a history museum.

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FAQs about Brno, Czech Republic

What is Brno Czech Republic known for?

Brno is home to many of the country’s most important government institutions. It is also a university town with many educational establishments. Brno is also a major convention, entertainment and cultural center. There are many fine concert venues, sports halls, and racetracks including the Masaryk Circuit.

Why is Brno famous?

Brno is well-known for its cuisine, modern architecture, and cultural scene. The city is known for its outstanding buildings and reputation as the Mecca for modern architecture.

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