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Andaman and Nicobar Islands to launch Premium Caravan Tourism Service to Travelers at Exotic Locations

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands to launch Premium Caravan Tourism Service

Introduction to Premium Caravan Tourism Service in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Traveling to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is always fascinating. This is a lovely location to have a trip of a lifetime since it is surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty and never-ending stunning vistas. And right now, your trip here might soon become much more exciting and unforgettable. On the official website of Andaman Tourism, a draft of the Andaman Caravan Tourism Policy has been made available.

An official announced that soon visitors to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands would be able to rent luxurious caravans in remote areas of the archipelago. The ‘caravan’ will be air-conditioned and have plush bunk beds, a living space with mood lighting, recliners and fold-away tables and chairs, a chic kitchenette, a bathroom, and power backup. According to the official, it would incorporate GPS navigation and a 360-degree security camera for the tourists’ protection. In accordance with the original idea, the Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism (IP&T) will map out a number of unique spots near beaches, in the hills, and in the jungles where tourists who rent these caravans may park their cars for an exciting and cozy stay.

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What Is Caravan Tourism?

The tourist sector has never seen anything like caravan tourism, which has gained a lot of praise and popularity in recent years. This idea is becoming well-known all over the world, and now a particular kind of trip in automobiles with unique designs is about to arrive in this union area. According to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ strategy for the development and promotion of caravan tourism, this policy supports not only the idea of caravan tourism but also the advancement and development of caravans and caravan parks. There must be enough cars and spaces set out for parking them to accommodate the rising demand for caravans among travelers.

Premium Caravan Tourism 

These exotic locations will have basic facilities like water connections, electric power supply, outdoor barbeque, beautiful lawns, and a caretaker cum guide to assist the tourists. In these locations travelers can stay for a couple of days (depending on the package), they can cook, and enjoy their vacation. The administration is mulling the idea of allowing tourists to travel from one location to another depending on the occupancy status of the chalked-out exotic locations so that they can roam around in the caravan to witness other parts of this beautiful island.

“Caravans are a distinctive tourist product that encourages family-friendly travel even in routes and locations without sufficient hotel accommodations. At chosen, acceptable areas, caravan parks will be built, offering either basic or sophisticated services and facilities for overnight parking of caravans. While maintaining adherence to quality, standards, and safety norms, it is believed that caravan tourism will satisfy growing demand for eco, adventure, rural, and beach tourism. “Caravan Tourism would attract a wide range of market segments including young people, families, senior citizens, and international tourists,” Dr. Jatinder Sohal, Director of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ Tourism Department, said. The major goal of “caravan” is to encourage tourism while exercising the utmost caution when it comes to the comfort of the visitor’s stay and maintaining the natural integrity of the area.


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are launching a brand-new travel service: opulent caravans for hire in outlying areas of the archipelago. Bunk beds, mood lighting, a living area with recliners and tables, a chic kitchenette, a bathroom, and power backup are just a few of the cozy comforts that will be included in these air-conditioned caravans. For safety, the caravans will be outfitted with GPS and security cameras. The Directorate of Information, Publicity and Tourism (IP&T) intends to locate special locations close to beaches, hills, and jungles where visitors may park these caravans for a comfortable stay. Essential amenities including water connections, power, outside grills, grass, and caretakers will be available at these locations. Travelers may take advantage of long stays, prepare their own meals, and explore the neighborhood. The management is also thinking about enabling caravan travelers to switch between destinations according to space. The project seeks to serve a variety of market sectors, including families, young people, seniors, and foreign visitors, while promoting ecotourism, adventure tourism, rural tourism, and beach tourism while conserving the area’s natural beauty and guest comfort.

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