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A Guide To Malaysia eVisa for Indians 2023

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Malaysia eVisa for Indians 2023

Introduction To Malaysia eVisa for Indians 2023

An eVisa system was put in place by the Malaysian government to simplify visa requests and tourism there. If they meet the requirements for a visa, Indian nationals may apply for both an electronic visa (eVisa) and the electronic travel registration and information (eNTRI).

What is eVisa?

Foreign nationals can apply for an electronic visa to enter Malaysia through the eVISA online application platform at their convenience.

Indians with the eNTRI visa waiver are permitted to visit Malaysia again, but they must wait three months before applying for another eNTRI authorization. It has a three-month validity period and a fifteen-day stay limit in Malaysia. Only one entry is permitted with the eNTRI visa waiver.

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Does Malaysia require a visa for Indians?

Yes, you will need a travel authorization if you’re a tourist. The kind you choose depends on how long you’ll be there. You can use the eNTRI system to apply for a visa-free entry if your trip will last 15 days or less. You can apply for an eVisa and stay for up to 30 days if you want to stay for a longer amount of time. With regard to both of these documents, we can help.

Which countries are eligible for Malaysian eVisa?

  • Nepal                Afghanistan (VDR)
  • Nigeria              Cameroon
  • Niger                 Bangladesh
  • Bhutan              Burundi
  • Burkina Faso   Angola
  • Pakistan          Ethiopia  
  • Rwanda           Eritrea
  • Serbia             Equatorial Guinea
  • Sri Lanka         Djibouti
  • Ivory Coast     Congo Republic
  • Kosovo             Congo Democratic Republic
  • Liberia              Colombia
  • Mali                   China
  • Montenegro     India
  • Mozambique    Central African Republic
  • Myanmar           Hong Kong (C.I/D.I)

How long is the validity of my eVISA for Tourists (Social Visit)?

eVISAs are valid for three months, and holders are permitted to visit Malaysia as many times as they like for the number of days allowed by their nationality. In India the eVisa holder can stay upto 30 days per entry.

Malaysia eVisa for Indian

It is the easiest way to get a visa for Indians. You can apply online, and you can do it from the convenience of your home. The application process is simple. However, the official government website occasionally has glitches, and you can experience difficulties getting a visa or making a payment.

Where to begin with the application process?

You must select “I’m New” to begin the application process if you are a first-time applicant. You must select “Returning User” to access your account if you are an existing applicant.

What papers do I need to submit an eVISA application?

The documents that must be scanned and uploaded with your application are listed below.

  • Studio photograph in passport size.
  • Page of the passport containing the biodata, showing that the passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel to Malaysia.
  • Confirmed booking for a return flight.
  • Birth certificate for candidates who are minors.
  • Evidence of accommodations.
  • Various additional proof.

How does the eVisa get approved?

Your application is subject to approval by the High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate General of Malaysia abroad. Please be aware that in the event of suspicion, applicants may be asked to submit additional documentation or be scheduled for an interview or online video conference with the High Commission, Embassy, or Consulate General of Malaysia.

What Is The Processing Time For A Malaysian eVisa?

An eVisa typically requires 2 working days for processing. However, because each application is carefully considered, processing times may vary based on the nature of your visa application and your intended purpose of stay.

Once you have submitted your online application and paid the eVisa fees, your visa application will be processed.

What documentation is required at Malaysian entrance checkpoints upon arrival?

When entering Malaysia, the following documents must be submitted at entry check-points:

  • Valid travel document or passport.
  • eVISA Note: A valid eVISA printout.
  • Board ticket.
  • Adequate monies (cash, traveler’s checks, debit or credit cards, or e-Wallets approved by the Malaysian government) to pay your costs while you are visiting Malaysia.
  • Confirmed flight ticket returned.
  • Evidence of accommodations.
  • Various additional proof.

Visa costs for citizens of India for Malaysia

Any of the three entry methods into Malaysia for Indian citizens is subject to costs. A tourist eVisa is 45 USD, the eNTRI system is 21.50 USD, and a visa on arrival is 47 USD (200 ringgit). Additional processing costs are incurred while using the Byevisa service. I advise you to check the visa fees before applying as these prices are liable to change and Indian citizens might be charged for the processing of their visas.

How Do I Check the Status of My Visa?

You might also be curious about “how to check your visa status” after submitting your visa application. Once more, doing this online is simple and straightforward.

  • Log in at the official eVisa website.
  • Enter the reference or sticker number for your passport that you received through email when you submitted your application.
  • Choose between checking for an eVisa and an eNTRI.
  • If you have your eVisa, tick the box. If not, uncheck it. After you submit, you’ll be able to see your Malaysia eVisa

Contributed by Ankit Raj Sharma

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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