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Vantaa: 9 Best Places To Visit In Vantaa, Finland

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Attractions And Places To Visit In Vantaa, Finland

Vantaa, located in the Helsinki region, is one of the largest cities in Finland. Most visitors will pass through this area of the country during their stay, and it boasts the country’s biggest airport.

For visitors who love exploring the Finnish nature, the area offers plenty of outdoor activities.

Visitors can also explore local museums and take advantage of guided hiking tours and guided bike rides. The town is situated on the Ventaanjoke River and is divided into six districts.

Its total area is 243 square kilometers, and its population is around two hundred thousand people. Vantaa enjoys a temperate continental climate with snowy winters and mild summers.

Places To Visit In Vantaa

Its earliest settlements date back to 7,000 years ago, and its modern history is still visible today. If you have the time, you can visit one of the many churches in Vantaa.

One of the most beautiful churches in the area is the Church of St. Lawrence, which has a high altar and gold trimmings.

It is home to the Parish faith, but visitors of other faiths are welcome to visit as well. Another attraction in Vantaa is the Finnish Aviation Museum.

The museum explores the history of aviation in the region and boasts an ever-growing fleet of aircraft. In addition, the museum is devoted to Finland’s military and civil aviation history.

Vantaa City Museum #1

The Vantaa City Museum is a wonderful educational space for the entire family. The museum also features a collection of local artifacts.

Located in the former train station, it offers a glimpse into the city’s history and culture, as well as a diverse and interesting permanent exhibition.

The museum is housed in a beautiful red brick building designed by Carl Albert Edelfelt in 1922.

Though the museum has been overshadowed by the city’s sweeping open spaces, new facade lighting brings the museum back to life, highlighting its elegant details and maintaining the contrasts of the architecture.

The Aviation Museum is another place to learn about the history of aviation in the city.

It is situated near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and houses over 9,000 exhibits, including aviation magazines and 16,000 aviation books.

Places To Visit In Vantaa
Hertaksentie 1, 01300 Vantaa, Finland

The museum also has a gift shop that sells model airplanes and postcards. Visitors can also view large-scale aircraft models.

The museum is also a great place to enjoy a meal. You can try traditional Finnish dishes at the restaurant. Its surroundings are also impressive.

Nearby, you can admire the beautiful countryside of the Vantaakoski rapids, and village barns. In addition, the museum offers changing exhibitions.

Those interested in history can also visit the Sotunki village, seven kilometers from Vantaa.

This small river valley is home to a variety of attractions and activities that focus on old crafts and agriculture.

The Museum of Agriculture and Tractors, for example, showcases ancient Finnish farming machinery and tractors.

The Orkola Museum is another great place to visit, which shows how life was on a farm during the 16th century. The museum also features a stone mill and a 14th century church.

Vantaa Art Museum #2

If you want to see art in a new way, you can visit the Vantaa Art Museum in Finland. The Vantaa Art Museum has a wide range of exhibitions that cover a range of subjects.

The gallery displays work by more than thirty international artists. It also features an exhibition featuring a 50-metre-long wall fence erected by artists from Fira and Hartela.

Vantaa is home to the Vantaa Adult Education Centre, which offers a wide range of activities related to the arts, cooking, dance, and languages.

Places To Visit In Vantaa
Paalutori 3, 01600 Vantaa, Finland

The city also has two cultural facilities – the Martinus Concert Hall and the Multipurpose Centre LUMO.

The multipurpose centre is a cultural hub and organises numerous events. It is also home to the Vernissa cultural centre and the Pessi and Toteemi children’s art centres.

Tikkurila Railway Station #3

The Tikkurila Railway Station is situated in the city of Tikkurila, Vantaa, Finland. It is located 16 kilometres from the Helsinki Central railway station, and 5 kilometres from the Helsinki Airport.

It serves the surrounding area and Helsinki Metropolitan area. This station is well-connected to other cities in Finland, and offers many direct services to and from Helsinki.

Tikkurila Railway Station is a modern, new station located in the city of Vantaa, Finland. It is considered one of the main railway stations in the region, and offers 24 hour service.

In addition to that, it offers frequent bus connections to Helsinki-Vantaa airport, 5 km west of Tikkurila.

Tikkurila Railway Station is the third busiest station on the main rail line connecting Helsinki to Vantaa.

01300 Vantaa, Finland

The new ring railway will connect Tikkurila with the city’s airport, and will add additional rail service to the area.

The new buildings around the station, called Dixi, will include the railway station and other buildings, including a bus terminal and a large shopping mall.

Peikko has been contracted to supply the composite frame for the building, a design that was more demanding than most.

The Tikkurila Railway Station has a large number of shops and cafes. The first phase is expected to be finished in the fall of 2014.

The building will have a total gross floor area of 33,200 m2. It will also include a bus terminal, car park, and hotel.

Kauppakeskus Jumbo #4

If you are planning a trip to Kauppakeskus Jumbo in Vantaa, Finland, you will want to use a public transportation app like Moovit.

This app is free and provides real-time directions for your selected bus or train route. In addition, it can also help you find the best bus or train times for your journey.

Vantaanportinkatu 3, 01510 Vantaa, Finland

The Jumbo is a famous Finnish amusement park located in Vantaalla, Keha III-tien varrella, Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemaa.

The theme park has 1800 henkiloa and was built in 1999 and 2005. In 2017, the Jumbo had a yearly revenue of 419,6 million euros. Compared to 2016, this value has increased by 12%.

Flamingo Entertainment Centre #5

The Flamingo Entertainment Centre is the biggest entertainment centre in the Nordic countries. Located in the city of Vantaa, next to the Jumbo Shopping Centre, it opened its doors in 2008.

The centre features 40 stores and more than 40 entertainment activities, including a hotel.

If you’re looking for something to do with the family on your holiday, the Flamingo is the perfect place to do so.

The Flamingo Entertainment Centre has four floors of shops, restaurants, and other entertainment facilities. It also features a laser tag arena, bowling alley, and mini-golf.

Tasetie 8, 01510 Vantaa, Finland

You can also enjoy a movie at a 6-screen cinema. The centre is also home to a hair salon, spa, and indoor water park.

In addition to the casino, there are several other features to explore. The family restaurant and conference centre are great options for entertaining large groups.

There are also several bars and restaurants. The Flamingo Casino features designer decor that highlights the Flamingo itself.

The casino has 200 slots and is available to players in both non-smoking and smoking areas.

Jumbo Shopping Center #6

Jumbo Shopping Center is a sprawling complex in Atlanta, Georgia, that is home to brand-name department stores, a supermarket, and a variety of informal dining options.

It’s a great place for families to spend an afternoon or evening. Located on the west side of town, the center is easily accessible from the airport.

The shopping center has five floors, and offers everything from household appliances to food. It also has several famous boutiques.

The prices are reasonable, and you won’t have to worry about getting ripped off. You can also find a wide variety of restaurants and cafes.

All are open Monday through Saturday. Jumbo Shopping Center was originally constructed in 1999.

It is now the largest shopping centre in Europe and employs more than 1,500 people. The center has two hypermarket chains, Prisma and K-Citymarket, and more than 120 shops and restaurants.

Vantaanportinkatu 3, 01510 Vantaa, Finland

Jumbo also has a movie theatre and an entertainment center connected to it. Together, these two malls form the largest shopping and entertainment complex in Finland.

Jumbo Shopping Center is located in Vantaa, close to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. The groundwork for the project began before the 1990s’ economic recession.

HAKA and POLAR purchased the land for the development of Jumbo Shopping Center and named their new development company VantaanPortti Oy.

The company also bought nearby residential properties and business park plots. The construction of the center was completed in October 1999.

The Finnish Aviation Museum #7

If you’re interested in aircraft, the Finnish Aviation Museum is the place for you. It is located near the Helsinki Airport in Veromies, Vantaa, Finland.

Here, you can learn about various types of aircraft and their history. The museum is home to more than 100 different aircraft, including a wide range of warplanes.

You can see military, civilian, and glider planes from a variety of periods in Finnish history. There are also many exhibits about aviation engines, propellers, instruments, radios, and other equipment.

The museum also has many scale models. The museum is located near the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, so getting there is easy.

The museum has a great collection of experimental aircraft from Finland. The Blomqvist & Nybers Monoplane, which made its first flight in 1926, is among the aircraft on display.

 Karhumäentie 12, 01530 Vantaa, Finland

The museum has also preserved several aircraft that were used by Finnish aircrews.

It is worth checking out the museum’s collection of airplanes and engines if you’re interested in learning more about Finnish aviation history.

If you’re interested in seeing what Finland’s military air force was like during World War II, a visit to the Finnish Aviation Museum is a must.

The museum is home to the only remaining surviving Brewster Buffalo fighter in the world. It was shot down over Soviet territory during the Second World War, and the wreckage was recovered in 1998.

The Pyhan Laurin Kirkko #8

The Pyhan Laurin kirkko is a church located in the city of Vantaa, Finland. It is near the sankarihautausmaa and sankaripatsas.

This church is part of the old municipality of Pernio, which merged with Salo on January 1, 2009. Pyhan Laurin kirkko was first made in the 1700s.

It is one of the oldest kirkko buildings in Finland. It is decorated with carvings and motifs made of wood. It has two entrances and a steep slope.

The main hall is carved with an icon of the Virgin Mary, and has an imposing altar. Laurentius was born in 1440.

 Kirkkotie 45, 01510 Vantaa, Finland

He is also known for his halsterilla kuolia and poltettiin Cyriacan katakombi. His kirkko is considered one of the oldest in the world.

It is also considered a majatalonpitajien kirkko. The Pyhan Laurin kirkko is one of Finland’s oldest and most beautiful kirkkos.

It was originally built in the 1700s, but was restored in the 1860s during World War II. It has been used since then for many religious services and is a place of worship for many in the city.

Fazer Experience Visitor Centre #9

The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre is a new attraction that opened in 2016. It is the largest visitor centre in Scotland and has an educational focus on the history of the company.

It is located in the city of Edinburgh. It features many interactive and hands-on experiences that will help you learn more about this unique company.

In addition, the centre offers a range of unique opportunities to learn about the history of the region. The Fazer Experience Visitor Centre is an exciting place for families and children.

There are special exhibitions, family brunches, tours and unique experiences to be had here.

You can even learn more about the company and what it means to make the world’s most famous sweet. The museum also features a bakery where you can find freshly baked pastries every day.

Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa, Finland

Fazer has been organizing activities for visitors for over 60 years. The new centre was opened for the company’s 125th anniversary in autumn 2016.

The centre has over 180,000 visitors per year, and has hosted over 100,000 guided tours. It has also received a Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

The centre also offers space for meetings and conferences. Fazer’s Visitor Centre also features interactive installations and a chocolate factory.

There are also two interactive rooms to experience the company’s production process. Visitors can view a miniature version of the Fazer factory, which is filled with handmade chocolates and sweets.

FAQs about Vantaa, Finland

Which region is Vantaa in?

Southern Finland
Vantaa can be found in southern Finland in the Uusimaa region and the Helsinki subregion. It is separated by Helsinki from the Gulf of Finland. Vantaa used to be part of the Southern Finland Province before the 2009 abolishment of Finnish provinces.

Which part of Europe is Finland?

Northern Europe
Finland is part Scandinavia, a geographic region in northern Europe. It shares land borders with Norway and Sweden as well as Russia. To the southwest and south, the country is bordered by the Baltic Sea. This area is home to nearly 180,000 small islands.

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