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Szczecin: 8 Best Places To Visit In Szczecin, Poland

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Attractions And Places To Visit In Szczecin, Poland

Szczecin is a city in northwest Poland. It is known for its 19th-century Chobry Embankment and the renovated Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, which is now a cultural centre.

Other notable attractions include the Gothic Old Town Hall, which hosts the National Museum’s exhibitions. The local area around Szczecin is beautiful and green.

There are three large forests in the area, including the Emerald Lake and Wkrzanska Forest. It is also home to Lake Dabie, which is the largest lake in Poland. Visitors can walk along the riverbanks, take pictures, and observe the city’s industrial past.

The Old Town of Szczecin is small compared to other major Polish cities, but it is charming. The medieval Market Square features classical Polish tenement houses and a unique town hall.

Places To Visit In Szczecin

There are also many other old buildings, including the Seven Coat Tower and the Loitz Residence. Szczecin is the capital of the West Pomerania Voivodeship. It is located on the Oder River, about 40 miles from the Baltic Sea.

The city is home to a large port complex, which handles one-third of the country’s maritime commercial traffic. Other major industries are coal mining, food processing, and metalworking.

There is also a major power plant, Dolna Odra, which supplies much of northwest Poland. One of the most iconic structures in Szczecin is the Hansa tower, a tall skyscraper with 28 floors, three of which are underground.

There are also plenty of parks and green spaces. Leafy squares blend into the countryside, and locals enjoy walking and spending time in the parks.

The Bazylika Archikatedralna pw. sw. Jakuba Apostoła #1

The Bazylika Archikatedralne pw. sw. Jakuba Apostoa is situated in the center of Szczecina, in the vicinity of the Bulwarow Szczecinskich. It was built in the XIII century. Its exterior is adorned with a magnificent Gothic-style altarpiece.

The cathedral of Szczecin is one of the oldest buildings in the city. It is also the largest church in Pomerania and the tallest in Poland.

It was part of the Evangelical Church of Pomerania for many years after the Reformation, but was reconstructed as a Roman Catholic church after the Second World War.

Places To Visit In Szczecin
Świętego Jakuba Apostoła 1, 70-543 Szczecin, Poland

In the kaplicy, there is a drewniany krzyz. It is located on the port morskie territory and Lasztowni port terrain. It is located on the wystroj 1693, with two masywne wieze – Dzieciatkiem and Rybami.

The bazylika archikatedralna swietego Jakuba apostoa dates back to 1187, when it was built. It was founded by Beringera of Bamberg who saw it as a new opportunity for evangelization of Pomorza.

The Bazylika Archikatedralne’s exterior is also adorned with paintings. The sczecinie archikatedra is 110,18 metres high.

The Museum of Technology and Transport in Szczecin #2

The Museum of technology and transport has been displaying old Polish war vehicles, motor cars, and bikes since 1919. Since then, it has also added old Polish bicycles.

Visitors can also get to know about the Polish military and the history of Polish technology. Today, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Krakow.

The museum has a small collection of Police vehicles. There are 40-plus vehicles, including former New Zealand Transport Department patrol cars.

As the New Zealand Police combined its road policing duties in the early 1990s, this collection was stored at MOTAT for several years. The museum also opened the Sir Keith Park Memorial Aviation Collection in the MOTAT 2 pavilion in 2011.

Niemierzyńska 18A, 71-441 Szczecin, Poland

The Museum of technology and transport is one of the largest technical museums in Poland. The exhibits range from old motorcycles and cars to electric trams, buses, and commercial vehicles.

There are also collections of household appliances, electronic devices, and telecommunications equipment. The museum also offers a detailed history of transportation in Szczecin.

The Museum’s collections are a testament to the city’s past, and the history of the city’s tram and bus transportation.

Located on 40 acres, the Museum of Transport and Technology is an ideal day out for the whole family. The museum is home to many different exhibits and programs for all ages. From interactive displays to stories, the museum is sure to be a hit.

The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle in Szczecin #3

The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle is a Renaissance style castle located on the Castle Hill in Szczecin, Poland.

This castle is an important site in the history of Pomerania, as it was the seat of the Griffins, rulers of the province from the thirteenth century to the mid-17th century.

Today, the castle is home to a number of cultural and educational events. These events include theatre and music performances, conferences, meetings, and lectures. The castle also hosts various outdoor events such as concerts.

While touring the Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, be sure to stop by the Castle Museum, which is located in the castle. The museum features six impressive sarcophagi of the Pomeranian dukes.

Korsarzy 34, 70-540 Szczecin, Poland

These sarcophagi were created by Konigsberg artists between 1606 and 1637. The crypt was sealed off after the death of Boguslaw XIV, but it was reopened during the castle’s restoration work in 1946.

The sarcophagi were then restored and placed on display. The castle was originally constructed in the 13th century and was rebuilt in 1530.

During this reconstruction, the castle acquired Renaissance-style elements, including a gable roof and a clock tower. It also gained an east wing. The castle also houses various cultural institutions, including a museum and a concert hall.

The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle is located in the oldest part of Szczecin. It lies on the left bank of the Odra River.

The castle is located on a hill that rises about 20 meters above the river and is surrounded by ravines with streams in their bottom. This location is an ideal location for a castle as it provides a natural river crossing.

Stare Miasto #4

There are many reasons to visit Stare Miasto, Poland. The city’s beautiful, medieval Old Town is home to the baroque Szczecin Cathedral and the recently renovated Ducal Castle.

The city is also home to many souvenir shops around Rynek Sienny, the city’s main square. The ibis Styles Szczecin Stare Miasto is a contemporary design hotel featuring a circus theme.

The hotel is designed by the architectural firm Federacyjne Biuro Architektoniczne and was awarded BREEAM certification. It also has a wine bar and patio. The hotel has four modern conference rooms.

Krakow’s Old Town is filled with beautiful, historic buildings. Nearly one-third of its streets have the same names since 500 years ago.

Sienny Rynek, Szczecin 70-542 Poland

You can visit the Szczecin Philharmonic, an impressive concert hall that is home to some of the city’s best-known musical performances. You can explore the city’s medieval heart on a free Krakow City Card.

After your guided tour, check out the bars and clubs in Stare Miasto. Public buses run frequently from the airport to the city center. During peak hours, buses run every 20 minutes. Night buses are also available.

The bus 902 will take you to Stare Miasto in thirty to forty minutes. Ticket prices start at 4 zl. Taxis are another good option, but are a bit more expensive.

Galeria Kaskada in Szczecin #5

Galeria Kaskada is a modern and vibrant shopping centre. It is home to various fashion shops, cafes and restaurants, and a supermarket. The centre is designed to cater for all needs.

It is open seven days a week and is a convenient destination for the entire family. The shopping centre is located in the heart of Szczecin, and is easily accessible by public transport. Nine tram and bus lines pass through the area.

The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes is also within walking distance of Galeria Kaskada. The mall features 140 shops, including renowned names such as Van Graaf and Zara.

aleja Niepodległości 36, 70-404 Szczecin, Poland

It also has many amenities, including a baby changing room and cash machine service. If you are planning a trip to Galeria Kaskada, Moovit can help you navigate the city with ease.

Its free maps and live directions will assist you in getting to your destination. Moovit provides real-time updates, so you will know exactly how long it will take you to reach the venue.

The centre also boasts an interactive map that allows you to browse the offers of different skleps. Using this map, you will also be able to see the hours of operation of various skleps in the centre.

Park Kasprowicza #6

Park Kasprowicza, or Quistorp Park until 1945, is a public park in Szczecin, Poland. It covers an area of 27.03 ha and is located in the kno municipal neighbourhood, near the boundaries of Niebuszewo-Bolinko and ródmiecie–Pónoc.

The park is home to the Arena Sports and Entertainment Hall, one of the symbols of Poznan. It has a roof made of gold colored aluminum sheet, and 4,200 seats in the stands. Another 3,000 seats are on the dance floor.

The hall is modern and has a sauna and sanitary facilities. The park contains many interesting and picturesque features. The Wojciech Hasior monument is one of the most prominent elements.

Józefa Pankiewicza 71, 71-899 Szczecin, Poland

It was built in 1975 and was constructed out of pret, lancuchow, and ksztaltownikow. It is located centrally and contains a statue of the renowned Polish writer.

You can easily reach the Park Kasprowicza by bus lines 53 and 60. The bus stop is right near the Park. This green park is part of a larger park complex in Szczecin that connects with the Wkrzanska Primeval Forest.

It is located between Slowackiego Street and Skargi Street. The park also contains a rose garden and waterways, so you can relax in a peaceful and scenic environment.

There are also many activities, including a pool and children’s playgrounds. The park is an excellent place for sightseeing and learning more about the city’s history.

Waly Chrobrego Promenade in Szczecin #7

Szczecin’s Waly Chrobrego Promenades are one of the most popular attractions in the city. Featuring great views and plenty of cafes and restaurants, they’re a great spot to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Whether you want to see some art or enjoy the sunset, you’ll find plenty to do here. The promenade is lined with beautiful statues and is an excellent place to eat and relax.

The National Museum building is another landmark, and it hides some special art inside its amazing architecture. You can also admire the regular but charming tenements and summer beaches.

Another highlight is Grodzka Island, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Szczecin. It is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. You can also see a bronze monument that commemorates the town’s turbulent history.

Wały Chrobrego, 71-899 Szczecin, Poland

Located 500 metres from the Waly Chrobrego Promenad and 1.9 km from the University of Szczecin, Apartament przy Walach Chrobrego offers free Wi-Fi. The property features 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Bed linen and towels are provided.

Another popular attraction in Szczecin is the Waly Chrobrego promenade. This 500-meter long promenade is situated along the Oder River.

It’s home to historic buildings, local authority buildings, and a large park. It’s a great place to walk, and it’s often the site of open-air events and concerts.

Be Happy Museum Szczecin #8

Be Happy Museum Szczecin is one of the most fun museums in Poland. The museum is located in a beautiful old building with a wonderful view over the city. The museum is open daily and admission is free.

The museum is a great place for families and children of all ages. The museum’s name hints at its theme. It is dedicated to joy and happiness. The theme is reflected in the exhibitions and events.

The museum’s staff are cheerful and enthusiastic about educating their guests. They will make sure to make every visitor feel special and provide them with quality experiences.

Visiting the Be Happy Museum Szczecin is a great way to spend a day with your kids. This museum is located at Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II 3/4, Szczecin.

Aleja Papieża Jana Pawła II 3-4, 70-413 Szczecin, Poland

You can call them to ask about their opening hours, or check out the website for more information. You can also view their location on Google maps.

You can also visit the Szczecin Underground Museum, which is a branch of the Szczecin National Museum. This museum is located near the Filharmonia building.

The museum was awarded the World Building of the Year prize at the World Architecture Festival in 2016.

The museum is a multimedia experience that starts with the Second World War in Szczecin and moves through the years that followed. There are interactive screens, artifacts and stories that will transport you back to each decade.

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FAQs about Szczecin, Poland

What is Szczecin known for?

It is known for its 19th century Chobry Embankment, St. James Cathedral, a 14th-century triptych, stained glass windows, and a tower offering breathtaking city views. The renovated Pomeranian Dukes Castle is also a cultural center.

Why is Szczecin part of Poland?

As the war ended, the German population returned home. The location of the city was not clear. However, Szczecin was eventually handed over to Polish authorities on July 5, 1945. This was in accordance with the Soviet-imposed Treaty of Schwerin of September 1945.

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