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7 Things That You Should Not Do on an airplane

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What Not to Do on a Plane
7 Things That You Should Not Do on an airplane

7 Things That You Should Not Do on an airplane – What Not to Do on a Plane


We can travel to some incredible places that are thousands of kilometers distant by air. It makes possibilities available to you that you otherwise would not have. However, there are drawbacks to flying: some people are afraid, and most people find the entire terminal experience to be worrisome. Even though you might not give it much thought, it is important to know the correct etiquette for appropriate flight conduct. On crowded long-haul planes, there are some people who are simply intolerable because of the way they behave (trust us, they are impossible to ignore!). Oh no, that’s not me, you may be telling yourself, but there are instances when you may be an unwitting offender. We sympathize; sometimes it is just difficult to believe that our insignificant actions actually have an impact on our fellow travelers, but this is where we can intervene to dispel any lingering doubts

Check out our carefully compiled list of things that qualify as major no-no’s on our “good traveler” playbook to make sure you’re aware of what you SHOULDN’T do on a trip, whether you’re traveling low cost in economy or flying high in business class. I have compiled a list of seven things you should never do on an aircraft to make traveling more hassle-free.

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What Not to Do on a Plane: 7 Things

  1. Extended Periods of Inactivity

According to CN Traveler, your body has a difficult time pumping blood from your extremities back to your heart to keep it circulating when you are immobile on an aircraft. Your chance of developing deep venous thrombosis, or a blood clot, increases when stagnant blood pools in your legs. (DVT). As a result, it’s critical to move around and engage in some healthy exercises because doing so will help your leg muscles circulate blood back up to your heart.

  1. Drinking Excessively

Like this, you don’t want to offend the flight employees. The Secret Traveler lets you in on a little secret: if you start to get intoxicated, they can simply claim that they are out of whatever it is that you’re requesting, be it wine, alcohol, packages of nuts, or whatever else your heart wants.

  1. Put your Hands or Boots in the Path.

Having someone’s feet materialize next to you or having someone take the armrest with their full arm is a surefire way to ruin your trip. Don’t do it to someone else because you wouldn’t want it to happen to you.

  1. Omitting to pay attention to the safety presentation

Even though it may be monotonous to listen to, what else are you going to do? You should probably give heed to the safety presentation. It includes data that one day might help save your life. The Independent Traveler advises that you at the very least spend a few seconds determining the location of the closest emergency escape and the number of rows it is from your position.

  1. Recline without Thinking

Everyone is aware that airplanes aren’t the most pleasant places to travel, so it can be enticing to recline your seat. However, doing so only serves to increase the discomfort of the individual in front of you. Most of the time, this will only cause a few groans, but if you lower your chair into the lap of someone who is upset, things could spiral out of control. Even one aircraft had to make a return trip to the terminal to settle an issue.

  1. DO Remember to Restrain your Inner Savage

Everyone’s journey may become more unpleasant due to noise pollution. Who wants to overhear folks asking their buddy on the other side of the aisle, “Was the chicken good, or should I have the tofu?” after all? No, we are not interested in finding out. You should be aware that some people may just want to read a book or doze off instead of listening to your loud discussion across the hallways or your blaring headset. Everyone will benefit from a little bit of caution on your part, and you can be confident that the favor will be repaid when it’s time for you to get some rest.

  1. DON’T Attempt to Embark like an Elephant Rush

There is a purpose behind the organized process planes use to load passengers. (like for example, families with kids, and those in wheelchairs, etc.). It’s there to keep some semblance of order while allowing passengers to enter the plane in a timely manner. You certainly don’t want to be the line jumper who pushes people aside and repeatedly asks the gate staff, “Can I board already?” even though you won’t be jailed for it. It will be a seamless, stress-free boarding procedure for everyone if you just remember to go in line and wait calmly until your row number is announced.


Even more of a reason to abstain from these annoying habits and be the kind of traveler everyone wants to seat next to if you believe in the concept of positive travel karma. When you next discover inexpensive flights to travel the globe, make sure to adopt appropriate flight behavior by remembering these pointers as you prepare your bags and get ready to board.

Contributed by Sanal Pillai 

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah 

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