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7 Best Religious And Sacred Places You Must Visit In Boston

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Tourist Attractions : Best Religious And Sacred Places In Boston

Boston has a wide range of religious institutions. These sites are a reflection of Boston’s long-standing tradition of religious liberty. Many date back before the Revolution.

Boston’s history of religious tolerance dates back hundreds years to the early European settlers who came to New England in search of religious freedom.


There are many religious sites in the city. Many of these sites are accessible to the public, and they are notable for their unique architecture. 

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Here are some of the most significant and best religious sites in Boston.

First Baptist Church of Boston #1

First Baptist Church, which dates back to 1665, is one of Boston’s oldest churches. The First Baptist Church is a fine example of the work of Henry Hobson Richardson.

The church is decorated with a Tiffany window that depicts Jesus’ baptism.

The church also features a Hook and Hastings Organ that is used in worship services. The church offers Bible study on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.

First Baptist Church of Boston

It is also interesting to know that the church was originally a theatre. The church was used as a venue for free performances by performers without having to pay for advertising space.

The place was where people from all backgrounds and socio-economic statuses could gather for religious activities. Abraham Lincoln and Charles Dickens gave speeches there.

Tremont temple # 2

The building, originally called Tremont Theatre, opened in 1827. In 1843, it was purchased by a Baptist church, renamed The Tremont Temple and used to hold religious services. 

Over its history, the building was used for public events, such as speeches, plays, movies and exhibits.

This is the site where Charles Dickens read “A Christmas Carol” for the first time in public in America.

The author did just that in Europe and America. On December 2, 1867 he first read it out loud in America at the Tremont temple in Boston.

Tremont temple

The Tremont Temple was destroyed in 1852, just a few years after Dickens read his book, and again in 1879. 

The original Tremont Temple, located on the Freedom Trail today, was built in 1896. The massive golden stone building is still in use as a church. It can seat a few thousand people, just like its predecessors.

Community Church of Boston # 3

The Community Church of Boston, an affirming and open faith community, offers members the opportunity to engage in music, art, social justice and healing as well as political activism. 

The Justice School is its signature event, where members learn how to apply democratic and cooperative values and ethical principles to their lives and communities.

Community Church of Boston

The Community Church of Boston has a unique feature: it is not for profit, and its board of directors are volunteers who take decisions in their own interests. 

It is a great example of community leadership in the religious sector, and is often emulated by congregations across the country.

First Church of Christ, Scientist # 4

The Christian Science Plaza is a site of 14 acres that houses the headquarters of Mary Baker Eddy’s Church of Christian Science.

The Plaza is home to many buildings. The oldest of these is the original Mother Church of Christian Science, which was constructed in 1894.

The 1904 addition to the Original Mother Church is considered “The Mother Church” and together the two buildings form the First Church Of Christ, Scientist.

First Church of Christ, Scientist

The American Mecca for Christian Scientists is this impressive Boston holy house.

The church’s extension has one of the largest pipe organs in the world and there are often free concerts. If you can’t get in, you can still enjoy the stained glass windows on the outside of the Original Mother Church.

The Christian Science Monitor, and other branches of the Christian Science Publishing Society used to have their headquarters in these buildings. However, some of them are now being used by businesses other than the Christian Science Publishing Society.

The church offers free tours every day or organ concerts every two months, beginning in February. 

Old North Church # 5

The Old North Church is a national historical landmark. It is the oldest church in Boston, built in 1723. It’s an active Episcopal Church that is officially known as Christ Church, City of Boston.

From 1723 to 1912, wealthy owners decorated and sold High-Walled Boxes.

Old North is a great place to visit. Visitors can see the box pews and admire the 17th century angels flanking its 1759 organ.

Old North Church

Old North’s educators are available to answer any questions. A self-guided church tour costs $5. Children under five are free. 

They can also view a bust that was praised by the Marquis de Lafayette for being accurate. For an extra $5, guests can take a tour of the crypt where more than 1,100 bodies have been interred. 

ISKCON Boston # 6

ISKCON was founded by Srila Prabhupada and is now one of the largest temples in the Hari Krishna Movement. 

ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is now called New Gundica. Boston is a key player in the Krishna consciousness movement of the west.


Srila Prabhupada established many milestones in Boston, which marked the beginning of Lord Krishna’s teachings and philosophies for deliverance in western countries. 

ISCKON is a worldwide organization that aims to inspire and provide spiritual strength to congregation members. The New Gundica devotees also seek to spread Krishna Consciousness in Boston.

First Spiritualist Temple # 7

At the corner of Newbury Street and Exeter, you’ll find the First Spiritual Temple. It is a fascinating artifact of one of the most interesting religious movements of American history.

This is America’s first house of worship for Spiritualism. The religious movement that is based on communicating with the dead.

The ghostly faces on the corners of this building give a hint to its religious past: It was the first house of worship for Spiritualism in the United States. 

First Spiritualist Temple

In the middle of 19th century, the term was used to describe a vibrant religion. The Fox sisters from Rochester in New York popularized the idea of living people being able to commune with the deceased through seances.

This movement was especially popular after the Civil War, when families used mediums to try and communicate with their sons, fathers, and brothers who died in the war.

The movement, despite its popularity, was primarily a household and camp revival, with few places of worship. 

The First Spiritual Temple stands out as a magnificent exception. The 1885 building is constructed in the Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style.

The building was used for religious purposes only for two decades. Later, it was a theatre and now houses Kingsley Montessori School as well as a restaurant.

FAQs About Boston

What is special about Boston?

The metropolis is a thriving travel destination and an economic center. Boston is known for its flourishing educational sector, historical sites and vibrant neighborhoods with a variety of attractions.

What religion are most people in Boston?

Irish and Italian immigrants brought Roman Catholicism with them. Catholics are Boston’s biggest religious group, and Irish immigrants have been a significant force in Boston politics ever since the early 20th Century.

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