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Washington DC: 7 Amazing Adventure Activities You Must Explore

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Tourist Attractions : Amazing Adventure Activities In Washington DC

Washington DC, the nation’s capitol, is the gateway to an array of Outdoor Adventure. It has a wide range of adventure activities, from climbing the Appalachian Mountains peaks to kayaking in the Chesapeake Bay. 

Washington, DC is a great place for a romantic or adventurous getaway. The city offers a variety of activities, from outdoor adventures and national parks to culinary experiences and more. Here are some date ideas that will add an extra element to your trip.

Washington DC

Washington, DC, with its wide sidewalks, many national parks, and miles of panoramic hiking trails, is a destination that encourages exercise. 

We’ve compiled a list with 10 amazing adventures in the D.C. Start exploring today!

Explore DC On Wheels # 1

The city is beautiful to walk around, but going faster will give you more excitement. Unlimited Bike offers a Segway or bicycle tour through the city, with a guide who will provide information about DC landmarks. 

Explore DC On Wheels

DC Cycling Tours, Adventure DC Tricycle tours are other bike tour options. The Capital Bikeshare offers a 24-hour membership.

Washington Harbour – A Winter Wonderland # 2

Washington Harbour, Georgetown welcomes its visitors most of the time with a fountain that dances. When the temperatures drop, the dancing fountain becomes prime real estate for ice skating. 

Washington Harbour - a winter wonderland

The rink is most magical after dark, when dozens of twinkling snowflakes light up the ice. Reserved tickets are only $10 per adult.

Shenandoah Valley Region # 3

Shenandoah National Park, and the Appalachian Mountains are located west of Washington D.C. The area is home to a wide range of activities, and it’s only a 1.5-2 hour drive from Washington D.C.

  • Hawksbill Summit, the highest peak in Shenandoah National Park, is a short loop with a decent elevation gain. The summit offers spectacular 360-degree panoramic views.
Shenandoah Valley Region
  • Old Rag Mountain : Probably the most famous hike in the area. This 10-mile hike has a lot elevation gain, and includes some rock scrambles. This hike is crowded, so plan on a day-long trip.
  • Whiteoak Canyon and Cedar Run – The perfect Shenandoah Summer Hike. This 8-mile loop follows the two streams that run down two parallel valleys. This trail features some of the highest waterfalls, plenty of swimming opportunities and natural slickrock slides.
  • Luray Caverns : Explore Virginia’s Underground. Luray Caverns offer daily tours, seven days a weeks. It’s a great way to cool down on a hot day in the summer!

The National Mall: A Walking Tour # 4

The best part about DC is outdoors! It is just under 2 miles long and extends from Capitol Building to Lincoln Memorial. 

This is a large expanse of grassy fields that can be used for picnics, recreational activities, or to visit our monuments and memorials.

The National Mall: A Walking Tour

You can also climb up to the Washington Monument on the National Mall and enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

The guides will tell you about the history of the monuments and the stories behind them.

Mount Vernon Trail Biking # 5

DC has many trails for exploring. The Mount Vernon Trail is a scenic 18-mile route that connects DC with George Washington’s Mount Vernon house.

The Mount Vernon Trail starts at Theodore Roosevelt Island. The easiest way to get there is to take the Metro to Rosslyn, and then rent a bicycle near there.

Mount Vernon Trail Biking

Rent a bicycle from Capital BikeShare, good for 24 hours. The trail is free to bike! The trail is open every day from 6am to 10pm.

C & O Canal National Historic Park # 6

The C & O Canal National Historic Park, with its 184,5-mile route that follows the Potomac River offers a wide range of adventure activities. There’s something to suit everyone, from biking and hiking to boating or history exploration.

The C & O Canal National Historic Area contains ten canal villages that provide a variety of cultural and economical attractions. The communities include museums, breweries and wineries as well as other businesses. They also have parks, historic sites and shopping.

C & O Canal National Historic Park

The beauty of the waterway can be experienced by taking a 19th century canal boat pulled by mules. The canal boat is pulled by mules for a distance of about one mile through the locks.

Visit a working lock in Great Falls Tavern, and walk through the 3,118 foot Paw Paw Tunnel. This historic engineering feat took 14 years. The towpath can be walked on your own.

Boating at Key Bridge Boathouse # 7

You can rent a boat from Key Bridge Boathouse to explore the Potomac Riverfront in the summer. You can rent a kayak, SUP (stand-up paddleboard), or an aquatic bike to row along the shoreline (prices vary per hour). 

You can see the Kennedy Center from the river. Also, the historic Key Bridge, Washington Monument and Teddy Roosevelt Island are visible.

Boating at Key Bridge Boathouse

You can also challenge yourself by taking one of the SUP Fitness Classes. This 75-minute class combines SUP, weight training, and paddle sprints. There are also SUP Yoga classes that will test your balance.

FAQs About Washington DC

What DC is famous for?

Washington DC is a history lover’s paradise with its monuments and memorials. It also has impressive museums that display artifacts and collectibles from all over the world. 
The White House is the USA’s capital.

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