Brush Stroke

Columbia Falls Montana 

Your Travel Guide to Columbia Falls Montana  


Want to see remnants of the ice age?  Head to Glacier National Park


Montana Vortex and House of Mystery 


An international attraction, this is a gravitational anomaly, first discovered by native Americans.  

Spend the night in Mountain View RV Park. With 45 full-service RV sites 


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Mountain View RV Park, Columbia Falls, Montana 

Got a whole group? Hold barbeques or play beach volleyball for a memorable day out.  

Big Sky Water Park           


Depot Park        

With a real antique train engine that kids can play around with, this park provides a glimpse into the past. 

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Wonderstone at Glacier 

It offers free Wi-Fi, parking, and a neat, welcoming ambience.  


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