Best Things to Do in Vero Beach with Family 



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McKee Botanical Garden 

Sprawled over 18 acres, this picturesque place offers a relaxing learning experience. 



Jaycee Beach 

One of the most popular family-friendly beaches here is Jaycee Beach which features a playground, a boardwalk 

McLarty Treasure Museum 

Even today, many enthusiastic salvagers try to find the Queen’s jewels near the shore.  



One of the most beautiful oceanfront parks in the city, the place is perfect for an enjoyable family picnic.  

Humiston Beach Park 


 Vero Beach Theatre Guild


Hosting shows since 1958, the Vero Beach Theatre Guild features spectacular performances to delight adults, teens 


Watching nesting sea turtles is a special experience to have as a family. Go for a Sea Turtle Night Walk 

Sea Turtles Nesting