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UAE 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

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UAE 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

UAE 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa


The 5-years Dubai visa has been a very recent introduction. Prior to this, tourist visas only had a validity of 30 to 90 days from the date of arrival to Dubai, be it single entry or multiple entry tourist visas. 

This announcement was made in the first week of January 2020 by the UAE Cabinet. On January 6 this year, the Dubai government said on Twitter that the amendment was approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The reason this introduction was made is because Dubai experiences over 20 million tourists every year. It has easily become one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Benefits Of A UAE Five-Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa For Indians:- 

The good thing about the UAE 5-year visa (5-year multiple entry visa) is the benefits you get by getting this visa. Especially if you are a frequent traveler or have friends and family in the UAE. Advantages of UAE Visa (Dubai Visa for Indians) are:

Several cheap flights to other countries are available from the UAE, meaning you don’t need to get a transit visa every time

Many international flights in the UAE connect many other countries

You can transit through any international airport with this UAE visa.

 It is much cheaper than getting a single entry visa for each visit

You sponsor this UAE visa yourself

One can enter any emirate with this UAE visa

Valid for 5 years and multiple entries throughout the validity period

Once you have obtained your visa, you do not need to take out new travel insurance for    each visit to Dubai, unless the airlines require it.

Eligibility Criteria For UAE Five-Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa For Indian:-

 • Passport with six months validity at the time of presentation

• Passport size photo

• Medical insurance valid for UAE

• Bank statement for the last six months with a minimum balance of $4000 or equivalent in INR currencies

• You must also provide your local UAE address, local landline number and mobile phone number      

 • The application process takes no more than 10 minutes

Indian applications undergo inspection and extensive review because it is a five-year multiple entry visa. This is why you should make sure you have all the required documents.

Documents Required For A UAE Five-Year Multi-Entry Tourist Visa For Indians:-

You can apply for a Dubai visa directly on the ICA or GDRFA websites (I will discuss the application process later in the post). You must ensure that the information you provide in your visa application is correct when completing all mandatory fields. For example, for visas of this category UAE (Dubai Visa for Indians) you do not need proof of air tickets or hotel reservation. However, you must submit certain travel documents when applying for a visa. These travel documents are crucial to your application.

Here are the four primary requirements set by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship to Dubai visa apply for a 5-year multiple entry visit visa for UAE:

  • Bank statement of the last six months to show that your account have a balance of USD 4,000 or equal to it in INR currency.
  • Proof of UAE health insurance.
  • Photocopies of the front and last page of your passport.
  • Recent coloured passport-sized photographs which must have been taken against a white background. 

Getting Local Contact For The UAE Five-Year Multi-Entry Tourist Visa:-

A very frequently asked question about getting a 5 year UAE visa for Indians (5 year multiple entry visa) is how to get a local contact in the UAE. While filling out the visa application form, you will come across a field where you have to provide the contact details of a local in the UAE.

The best way to provide contact details is to ask your friends, family or relatives in the UAE. If you don’t have any acquaintances in the UAE, you can ask for a hotel if they can help you with the details. However, many big hotels don’t list a cell phone number, which could be problematic because you would need it.

The last option would be to book accommodation at a small hotel or Airbnb that would be willing to provide you with these details. Or you can even ask friends in India if they know someone in the UAE who would be willing to help.

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Reasons For Rejection Of A UAE Tourist Visa:

The most common reasons for visa rejections are:

  • Female visitors who are less than 25 years of age who are traveling alone.
  • Applicants with any criminal background for misconduct or fraud in the UAE or their country.
  • Visitors whose passports hold an unskilled profession (such as laborer and farmer).

Steps for UAE Visa Application Process:-

STEP 1: Access the website

 To start your application, go to the UAE Government Online Visa website, which is the ICA website. Alternatively, you can access the GDRFA website for a 5-year tourist visa to Dubai (5-year multiple entry visa). Once you enter the website, click on “Public Services”. This will give you a list of UAE visas you can apply for. The box that says “Visa-Multiple-Entry-Long-Term (for 5 years) for all nationalities” is the visa you want to apply for in Dubai. Click on “start service”.

STEP 2: Fill out the application form

 You also need to provide a lot of information. There are 4 main categories of information you must provide. These categories are applicant information (name and email), service recipient personal details (current nationality, country of birth, passport number and type), UAE address and non-UAE address.

STEP 3: Attach required documents

Next, you have to attach all the required travel documents that Is mentioned above. These documents include a copy of your valid passport, passport-size photograph, medical insurance, bank statements, and any other travel documents they might ask for.

STEP 4: Review your application

You’re almost done! Next, you need to review your application. This might seem like the easiest step, but it’s a crucial step in reality. You must ensure that all the information and documents you gave are correct. If you leave out any documents or you made a mistake in the application form, it could slow down the application process.

STEP 5: Pay the required visa fee

The last thing you have to do before submitting your application is to pay the visa fee. The online payment is secure, and you can pay with any  Q“                        CXcredit card or a debit card. Then you can submit your application! And that is the UAE visa application process for a 5-year visa.

UAE 5-Year Tourist Visa Cost For Indians

The Dubai 5-year visa (Dubai multiple entry visa) or the Dubai UAE 5 year Tourist Visa cost for Indians is AED 650 plus a service fee of AED 50. However, these visa fees can change. Therefore, I recommend checking the fees before applying.

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