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The 8 Best US Destinations for Book Lovers

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The 8 Best US Destinations for Book Lovers: People may plan their vacations around theme parks and cruise ships, but you also can create the ultimate getaway for your book-loving heart.

These cities are some of the best destinations for book lovers who want to travel the U.S. See what each place offers to pick your next favorite travel spot.

Here are the list of The 8 Best US Destinations for Book Lovers:-

1. Seattle, Washington

Vacationers who visit Seattle often spend time in the city’s 5,000 acres of public parks, endless breweries and used bookstores with unique personalities.

Best US Destinations for Book Lovers
Best US Destinations for Book Lovers, Image source:- Facebook

Stop by for budget-friendly books previously loved by other bibliophiles.

You must also add the Elliot Bay Book Co. to your itinerary. It houses hundreds of thousands of books beneath a vaulted ceiling of exposed wood, adding a homey feel to the venue.

2. New York City, New York

Many U.S. book publishing companies call New York City home. The area features their latest publications in big-brand bookstores and independently owned shops.

It’s also the site of many fictional stories like “The Great Gatsby” and “The Bell Jar.”

Stop by the New York Public Library while you’re in town. The monthly events calendar has something going on for tourists of all ages.

3. Boston, Massachusetts

If you grew up with “Make Way for Ducklings” or loved “Defending Jacob,” you’ll have a great time exploring Boston.

Best US Destinations for Book Lovers
Best US Destinations for Book Lovers, Image source:- Facebook

It’s home to the Boston Public Library, the first place Americans could get books for free.

You can also experience the city’s numerous literature events like Lit Crawl Boston or the Boston Book Festival if you’re in town at the right time.

4. Lebanon, Ohio

Carnegie libraries made books available to people throughout the country, but its most notable venue is in Lebanon.

Best US Destinations for Book Lovers
Best US Destinations for Book Lovers, Image source:- Facebook

The Lebanon Public Library is one of the 1,679 libraries Andrew Carnegie funded between 1886 and 1919.

You’ll love the gorgeous architecture and extra tall ceilings housing the rows of books.

Grab a few and hang out in the relaxation spaces between visits to the city’s Loveland Castle Museum or the Warren County Historical Society.

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the best U.S. destinations for book lovers. It hosts the Portland Book Festival every fall and Powell’s City of Books, which consumes an entire block of the downtown area.

Best US Destinations for Book Lovers
Best US Destinations for Book Lovers, Image source:- Facebook

Plus, you can buy a few books and read them in gorgeous locations. Portland is also home to The International Rose Test Garden.

You could catch up on your favorite novels while lounging amid over 10,000 rosebuds blooming throughout the year.

6. Iowa City, Iowa

If you have plans to see the Midwestern art at Iowa’s Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, take a quick 30-minute drive to Iowa City.

Writers flock to the city from around the nation to attend events at the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop or become students there.

Best US Destinations for Book Lovers
Best US Destinations for Book Lovers, Image source:- Facebook

Check out the program’s calendar before your arrival and see if you can participate in the Iowa City Book Festival.

You’ll mingle with other book lovers at free programs and even meet a few authors you might already love. 

7. Berkeley, California

The best places for book lovers include the chance to meet the authors you adore. There’s no better place to do that than Berkeley.

The city hosts the annual Bay Area Book Festival every summer, which includes hundreds of authors from various genres giving speeches or meeting fans at their booths.

Bring some cash for the local bookstores, too.

The Berkeley Public Library operates two of them and uses the revenue to fund community book programs.

8. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago isn’t just the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway. It’s also home to independent bookstores with meet-and-greet events, open mic nights and outdoor lit fests.

You’ll want to tour the American Writers Museum while you’re in town if you like to write in your free time.

Enjoy a slice of deep-dish pizza and dive into new novels awaiting you at the many bookstores and libraries around the city.

Visit These Destinations for Book Lovers

You can easily plan future trips around your passion for books. Find inspiration by considering what each city offers.

Whether you want to experience a literary festival or meet your favorite writers, you’ll experience a new way of travel that will change your definition of a great vacation.

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