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08 Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the US

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Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the US: When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses? Spending time in nature is good for your mental health, and a picnic in the park could be just the pick-me-up you need to turn a gray day around.

Something in the human eye and psyche must look at flowing natural curves instead of the straight boxy lines imposed by modern life.

For the ultimate in scent-sational dining, spread out your red-checked blanket at one of the nation’s most beautiful rose gardens. Consider it a bit of impromptu aromatherapy.

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While you’re there, snap a few pictures to bring the beauty of nature back home to your cubicle.

Here are eight of the Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the US

1. The Rose Tree Museum, Tombstone, AZ

Is your motto “go big or go home?”

In that case, you can check out the world’s largest member of the banksianae family in an unexpected place — Tombstone, Arizona.

Although this tiny western town is better known for its famous shootout at the OK Corral, it features some gorgeous B&Bs, including the Rose Tree Inn and Museum, named after the famous blossoms.

Southern Arizona isn’t normally conducive to growing roses, but Mary Gee, a Scottish immigrant during the late 18th century, made it work.

This species originated in China and features gorgeous yellow and white flowers that look surprisingly appropriate in the hot desert climate.

Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the US

The quarter-sized blossoms grow in clusters all over the tops of the trees, providing valuable food for pollinators like bees, who have hard jobs to do on area farms.

This can be the ultimate getaway for couples with diverse tastes. One half can take in a recreated gunfight while the other engages in more peaceful pursuits, like sketching a picture of the blossoms for the holiday scrapbook.

2. The Huntington Botanical Gardens, Pasadena, CA

Do you love fine art and Mother Nature equally?

If so, mark your itinerary with a visit to the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

The estate once belonged to railroad tycoon Henry Huntington and today houses artwork and cultural artifacts within 207 beautifully manicured acres.

Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the U.S.

Roses are only one part of the show — there’s a reason Pasadena is home to the Rose Bowl and parade, after all. There’s an entire garden devoted to these blossoms.

You’ll also find carefully preserved coast live oaks, camellia, an herb garden, lily ponds and even a miniature jungle.

3. The Rose Capital of America, Tyler, TX

Tyler, Texas, gained the nickname “the rose capital of America” for good reason.

It’s known for its colorful blooms, which you’ll find lining the area’s many parks. However, that’s not the only reason to visit.

Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the U.S.

Tyler is home to multiple museums, from wildlife to aviation, so there’s something for the entire family to learn and enjoy.

Tyler’s Children’s Park is a delight for the little ones, with sculpted playhouses, giant teddy bears and plenty of blooms.

4. The Dr. E.M. Mills Memorial Rose Garden, Syracuse, NY

This park lies near the campus of Syracuse University and is the proud work of the Syracuse Rose Society.

Its striking octagonal design looks fascinating when viewed from above and features more than 3,000 rose bushes, including unique species.

If you want to develop your green thumb, show up on Wednesday morning when volunteers are welcome to help with gardening tasks.

You can learn how to tend these magnificent plants before bringing some home from the nursery to adorn your yard while providing a useful community service.

5. The Longmont Memorial Rose Garden, Longmont, CO

Is there anywhere in America that roses won’t grow?

Longmont, Colorado, might be best known as a gateway to some of the best ski resorts in the Rockies, but it comes alive with color in the summertime.

Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the U.S.

The park arose as a tribute to veterans from World War II onward.

It has added plants throughout its 69-year history, including a dedication to the firefighters of 9/11.

There is a deep red rose in honor of President Abraham Lincoln and an orange version with black tips for tennis great Chris Evert.

6. The International Rose Test Garden, Portland, OR

Sometimes, you need the kind of emotional healing that only comes from 10,000 individual blooms on over 610 rose species.

Most Beautiful Rose Gardens in the U.S.

The primary purpose of this garden is as a testing ground for new species, but visitors can revel in the beauty.

Every year, the park replaces approximately 10 to 20 species with some of the hottest varieties on the market today. It began during World War I, when horticulturists worldwide sent samples to Portland for safekeeping.

7. The Park of Roses, Columbus, OH

This accredited arboretum has more than 138 species of trees and shrubs and over 12,000 rose specimens spread across 13 acres.

It also has over a mile of paved walkways, making it the perfect place for a midday or after-work stroll.

Increase your daily step count while breathing fresh air and enjoying some of the most manicured gardens anywhere.

8. Elizabeth Park, Hartford, CT

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy comes alive in spring with tulips, ceding to roses as the season continues.

This location is perfect for a picnic, with multiple areas to spread a blanket.

You’ll also find educational programs throughout the year, many of which are free — making them the perfect homeschool field trip for your little one.

Visit These Beautiful American Rose Gardens

Nature can heal.

If you need a pick-me-up, why not consider an outing to one of the nation’s most beautiful rose gardens?

These gardens offer recreation and education, often for free. Take advantage of these hidden treasures to soothe your soul and revel in the simple pleasures of gorgeous natural surroundings.

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