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The 09 Best Places to Eat in Boston

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Best Places to Eat in Boston: From succulent steaks in waterfront restaurants and bowls of ramen in a casual setting to scrumptious cannoli in an intimate ambiance, Boston offers all this and more.

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This coastal city has earned a reputation for its trendy, buzzing culinary scene with a plethora of excellent restaurants, cafes, and bars serving up gastronomic delights for a memorable meal. 

Is the foodie in you craving Boston’s best delicacies?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the best places to eat in Boston: – 

O-Ya #1 

Want to treat yourself to a special and lavish dining experience?

O-Ya is the place to be.

Exuding the vibes of a mini-Japan in Boston, this restaurant serves tempting delicacies from Japanese cuisine with a touch of Japanese hospitality that will leave you feeling truly pampered. 

From sushi to sashimi to rolls to nigiri, you’ll get everything here. One of the must-haves here includes their 20-course omakase, perfect for a memorable experience.

The stellar food and service have made it a favourite amongst many celebrities the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. 

Union Oyster House #2

How about digging into some freshly-prepared oysters at one of the oldest restaurants in the city?

Union Oyster House is known for its classic seafood.

It was the favourite of John F. Kennedy and exudes an old-world charm, being housed in a historic building from the 18th century.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

Order their clam chowder, try freshly shucked oysters, or relish butterfly shrimp, there is a variety of dishes to indulge in.

The oysters Rockefeller are a must-try here, with the same original taste as per their 19th-century recipe. 

Woods Hill Pier 4 #3

Wish to enjoy picturesque harbour views while enjoying your meal?

Head to Woods Hill Pier 4.

This farm-to-fork restaurant serves food prepared mostly from locally sourced ingredients, staying true to its commitment to sustainability.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

They have a farm that provides most of the produce, meat, and dairy. One of the most popular dishes to try here is the lobster popover.

You can also relish their delicious risotto made from sunflower seeds and sip on one of their delectable cocktails for a complete experience. 

Himalayan Kitchen  #4

Craving a flavourful Indian meal?

Himalayan Kitchen won’t disappoint. 

You can find a variety of dishes from the Indian subcontinent here such as Chicken Curry, Tandoori Tangdi Chicken, Aloo Gobhi, Chicken Madras, and more.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

You can also get some classic Indian beverages such as sweet mango lassi to compliment your meal. They also serve dishes like Chicken

Tikka Pizza and Chicken Kebab Sub if you love fusion food. What’s more?

You’ll find a variety of momos to nibble on here. 

Neptune Oysters #5

This traditional oyster house has served an excellent variety of oysters and other seafood delicacies for the past two decades.

It is located in the Little Italy area and has a casual dining ambiance, perfect for a quick, hearty meal.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

Try the famous lobster roll or dig into their smoked bluefish, a burger topped with fried oysters, or johnnycake topped with honey butter, there are various tempting delights here to satiate your taste cravings.

The food is definitely worth the long lines.

Grill 23 & Bar #6

Looking for an old-school setting? Head to Grill 23 & Bar.

Located on Berkeley Street, this steakhouse serves some of the best local seafood, steaks, wines, and birdbath-size cocktails.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

Some of the must-haves here include the 100-day-aged ribeye, two-pound steamed lobster, and the Prime Porterhouse.

Have a sweet tooth?

Relish their delectable desserts including coconut cake and caramel profiteroles.

With an experience of over four decades, the delicious food along with stellar service make it one of the best places to eat in Boston. 

Dakzen #7

Want to try some Thai street food?

Dakzen is a perfect choice.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

The restaurant features a bright ambiance with a bustling vibe. They serve a variety of Thai delicacies such as Khao Soi, Tiew-kai-toon, Tiew-pak, Khao Khao Soi, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, Ba Mee Moo Dang, and much more.

Located in Davis Square, this is a great place to enjoy authentic Thai street food in a casual setting, making it a popular spot amongst college students and young professionals alike. 

Oleana #8

Planning a romantic dinner? Oleana provides the perfect setting.

With its beautiful patio seating and a wide variety of delicacies inspired by Middle Eastern Cuisine, the place offers a memorable dining experience.

Best Places to Eat in Boston

Experience a burst of delightful flavours with dishes such as Baharat spiced local quail kebab, crispy-fried mussels starter, and Sultan’s Delight which includes tamarind-glazed beef with smoky eggplant puree along with generous portions of Turkish-spiced lamb and lemon chicken. 

 Seoul Seolleongtang #9

Feel like pampering yourself with Korean cuisine? Head to Seoul Soulongtang. Located in Allston, this restaurant is known for serving authentic Korean delicacies.

Best Places to Eat in Boston
Best Places to Eat in Boston

From relishing the savoury ox bone soup to digging into Dolsot Bibimbap, there are plenty of decadent dishes to enjoy here.

What’s more?

You can also try their signature comfort food which is a raw egg on top of spicy beef and vegetables.

This cooks right before you, thanks to a stone bowl heated to high temperatures. 

Other notable mentions include Union Square Donuts and Atlantic Fish Co.

 So, start with the one that attracts you the most and get ready to treat yourself to a delightful meal.

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Q. Why is Boston famous for food?

Boston has a vibrant culinary scene with delicious seafood, international cuisines, and classic New England fare. 

Q. What is the most famous restaurant in Boston?

Union Oyster House is one of the most famous restaurants in Boston. 

Q. What food should you not miss in Boston?

Baked Beans, Lobster Rolls, and New England Clam Chowder are must-have dishes in Boston. 

Q. Is Boston a foodie town?

Home to numerous excellent restaurants and cafes, Boston is known for its culinary delights.

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