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The 06 Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

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Looking for places to live in Los Alamos? Here are 6 great neighborhoods with a variety of homes and amenities to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly community, a vibrant downtown area, or a quiet mountain retreat, you’ll find the perfect place to call home in Los Alamos. Nestled on the Pajarito Plateau, Los Alamos is surrounded by picturesque landscapes including the Rio Grande River Valley and the peaks of the Jemez Mountains.

The town’s various deep canyons and the nearby Valles Caldera National Preserve offer a host of outdoor activities to indulge in from mountain -biking, and fishing to horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and more. 

The town’s location was deemed perfect for building the atomic bomb during the Second World War.

That along with the establishment of the National Laboratory has spurred the growth of science and technology industries here, leading to a host of high-paying job opportunities.

The town also has a vibrant entertainment scene with art shows, concerts, parades, and numerous festivals that bring the community together.

It is also home to many breweries, restaurants, and Mexican eateries.

Couple that with great schools, the reputed Los Alamos University, an impressive Aquatic Center, and a low crime rate. 

Planning to move to this scenic town?

To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve curated the perfect list of the best places to live in Los Alamos.

Dive in!

Quemazon #1

Looking for a tranquil vibe? Quemazon may be the best place for you.

Perched on a plateau, the secluded setting of the neighbourhood features mountains and mesas.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

If you love an active lifestyle, the place offers easy access to trailheads such as the Western Perimeter and Pipeline, perfect for enjoying the lush natural surroundings.

Housing options here range from custom-built homes to apartments, townhouses, and single-family houses.

It is perfect for those who wish to live close to nature and be a part of a tight-knit community. 

Barranca Mesa #2

Love the idea of waking up to spectacular Canyon Rim views? Head to Barranca Mesa.

This neighbourhood dates back to 1958 when 68 residents were given the first round of privately-owned lots in Los Alamos through a lottery.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos
Barranca Mesa

It offers a plethora of outdoor recreational opportunities with access to various trails including the Pajarito, Western Perimeter, Otowi Mesa, and Deer Trap Mesa trails.

If you’re looking for a spacious home, there are numerous ranch homes in the area. With so much to offer, it is one of the best places to live in Los Alamos. 

North Mesa #3

A neighbouring community of Barranca Mesa, North Mesa is also a great place to settle down. The neighbourhood also offers homes with picturesque Canyon Rim views.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos

There are plenty of recreational activities to enjoy here.

From catching a rodeo, playing in the ball field, picnicking in its forested picnic area, and horse riding, there is something here for everyone.

It also offers easy access to Walnut Canyon, Kwage Mesa trails, and the Bayo Canyon, making it a great place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Eastern Area #4

Love being near all the action?

Easter Area may be the place for you.

Located around the north of Downtown, this lively area offers easy access to the town’s vibrant dining, shopping, and nightlife scene.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos
Eastern Area:- It offers the perfect combination of outdoor adventure with access to a thriving entertainment scene.

From exploring the Los Alamos History Museum, exploring the Puebloan Indian Ruins, picnicking in the Manhattan Project National Historical Park to swimming in the Aquatic Center and appreciating art at the Fuller Lodge Art Center, there are endless activities to enjoy here.

What’s more?

Living here would mean a short commute for those who work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

White Rock #5

Adjoining the Los Alamos community lies this popular neighbourhood which has a unique history. It was constructed in 1949 to shelter construction workers.

Once the employers left, it became a ghost town for a few years. It was during the 1960s that the old structures were torn down and new homes began to be constructed here.

Today, the place attracts many who wish to enjoy a suburban vibe and spectacular natural beauty.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos
White Rock

It is home to Overlook Park, the largest county park, and offers easy access to numerous trails such as White Rock Canyon Rim, Red Dot, Blue Dot, and Canada del Buey trails amongst others.

The neighbourhood also features Chamisa Elementary School where students gain education till middle school and are then transferred to Los Alamos.

Whether you prefer a townhouse, an apartment, or a single-family home, you can find it here. 

La Senda & Pajarito Acres #6

Looking for a serene rural vibe?

Head to La Senda & Pajarito Acres.

Located in White Rock and only a short drive from central Los Alamos, these two neighbourhoods exude a tranquil vibe.

Best Places to Live in Los Alamos
They also boast of a scenic setting with the Sangre de Cristo and Jemez mountains forming a beautiful backdrop.

Wish to practice livestock rearing? You can have animals housed in the home here since these neighbourhoods have been designated as rural.

There are spacious homes built on 2-3 acre lots, with ample space to have a barn or stable.

The places also offer ample recreational opportunities with the nearby Pajarito Riding Club allowing members to utilize the open trails and soak in the mesmerizing views of the Rio Grande River Canyon. 

If you’re looking for a slower-paced lifestyle amidst scenic surroundings, La Senda or Pajarito Acres may be a perfect choice to put down your roots. 

So, pick the one that caters to your requirements and get ready to call this stunning place home!

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Q. Is Los Alamos a nice place to live?

With beautiful natural landscapes, a host of outdoor recreation options, thriving science and technology industries, excellent schools, and a vibrant downtown, Los Alamos is a great place to live in. 

Q. Where to live when working at Los Alamos National Laboratory?

Los Alamos and White Rock are some of the most convenient neighbourhoods to live in while working at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

Q. Do people still live in Los Alamos?

Yes, over 12,000 people call Los Alamos home. 

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