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The 05 Best Places to Stay in Tennessee For Families

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If you are thinking of moving to Tennessee with your family, then probably you have made the right decision.


Many places in this state are family-friendly.

So, whether your family comprises aged people or children or anyone else, settling down in Tennessee won’t be a regretful decision for you.

The best places to live in Tennessee for families are the ones that have a low crime rate, lots of open spaces, recreation facilities, and an excellent educational system. Tennessee has quite a few places that tick all your boxes if you are planning to move here.

When you think of Tennessee, many things come to mind. Low cost of living, dynamic cities, incredible traditions, and unbelievable natural sceneries are just some of them.

These are some of the factors many of us what to experience when we decide on a place to settle down with the family.

The best part about this US state is that there are lots of places in Tennessee that are suitable for families. So, whatever your expectations are, be ready to live the way you wanted to and without any compromise in Tennessee.

Our choice for some of the best places to Stay in Tennessee for families are:

1. Nashville

There are plenty of reasons why Nashville has made it to our list of excellent places for families to live in Tennessee.

The town was established in 1779 but has made rapid progress in the past few decades to emerge as one of the most sought-after and attractive places for all kinds of families to live and prosper.


Many people may not know it but Nashville is known for its incredible music scene. There is always a concert or an event happening at a nook and corner of this town.

The fun and music in the town remain for a long time. The nightlife of the town is also great. For families, there are plenty of high-rise apartments and small homes available at different locations in Nashville.

The quiet and scenic countryside of Nashville provides another dimension to it that many families will love exploring.

2. Brentwood

Located close to Nashville is another equally popular and stunning town of Brentwood.

Families of all sizes love settling down here as the town has a low crime rate and the school system is of high standards.

Being one of the best places to live in Tennessee for families, Brentwood real estate prices may be on the higher side, but the luxuries and calmness that the town has to offer to make up for all of it.

Brentwood has a wonderful city centre, several well-maintained parks, and open spaces for anyone wishing to get the best of outdoor experiences.

3. Chattanooga

How about a place for families near mountains and rivers?

Chattanooga, one of the largest cities in Tennessee, has some of the best natural scenic beauties that attract families from all across the country. Settling down in this town also provides easy access to the residents to other parts of the state and country.


There are a variety of eateries, educational institutes, and shops in Chattanooga to explore.

And for families who love the outdoors, there are plenty of options too, like the Appalachian Trail, the Chattanooga Zoo, the Tennessee Aquarium, etc.

4. Mount Juliet

Located close to Nashville is a popular town amongst young families, Mount Juliet. The town emerges as one of the best places to live in Tennessee for families seeking great outdoor options.

Mount Juliet

Be it swimming, fishing, picnic spots, or recreational areas, Mount Juliet has it all and more. The town is surrounded by lakes and lots of greeneries.

Families with children will love settling down here as the town has several schools of repute. Also, for those who have to travel to Nashville for work and other reasons, there are commuter rail and I-40 options available.

Mount Juliet is also a recommended place for those who wish to start a new business.

5. Franklin

Franklin is one of those cities in Tennessee that has an excellent amalgamation of modernity and history.

The city has been growing rapidly in recent years and provides all kinds of amenities to its residents.

For families wishing to move here, Franklin has so much in store. The public schools in the city are well equipped to meet the demands of students and so are the hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Places to Stay in Tennessee

The city is sprinkled with lots of art galleries, shopping centres, cafes, Victorian-style buildings, parks, and entertainment avenues.

It is common to have a luxurious home in Franklin at a fraction of the cost of a large city.


What part of Tennessee is best to live in?

Brentwood is one of the best places to live in Tennessee for families, especially if you are looking for a place with a good education system and a low crime rate. What is also great about Brentwood is that it is relatively clean and has lots of open spaces for anyone to enjoy nature at its best. Though the cost of living in Brentwood is on the higher side, it is worth settling down here for families that do not want to compromise on the basic luxuries of life.

What are the downsides of moving to Tennessee?

You should be aware of the downsides of moving to Tennessee before you decide on anything else. The geographical location of Tennessee is such that one can expect to be at the mercy of natural calamities anytime. Be it the storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, or flooding, you could be at the receiving end of weather. Also, you may feel uncomfortable at times when the humidity is on the higher side in Tennessee. This part of the US enjoys a humid climate, especially during summer. So, if you are not prepared for this kind of weather, you might be struggling. Traffic snarls across the major cities of Tennessee might be another reason for you to worry about if you are thinking of moving here. Some of the biggest cities of the state are prone to heavy traffic. So, if you do a lot of travelling, then this is something you need to think about.

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