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Top Towns: A Guide to the Best 07 Places to Live in Maine

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Best Places to Live in Maine: There’s nothing more fabled than Maine’s jagged rocky coastline, frigid whitewater rivers, thriving fisheries, low, rolling mountains, and its most famous lobster.

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 Is Maine in Canada or the USA? 

A New England state, Maine is in the Northeastern region of the country.

 Is it cheap to live in Maine?

Affordably priced housing in Maine keeps its cost of living lower than its neighbors Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont.

Wondering which are the best places to live in Maine?

Look no further! 

Here is a list of the 7 best places in Maine to live which offer a quality of life, highly credited education system and  a thriving beachfront  for people to prosper:-

#1 Cape Elizabeth 

Known for its breathtaking ocean views and pristine beauty, Cape Elizabeth is an upscale suburb of Portland, Maine.

There are a lot of shops and restaurants in the town, making it one of the more desirable places to live in Maine.

All year long, residents here enjoy scenic beachfront views and pleasant weather. Schools in Cape Elizabeth are ranked as some of the best in the state. 

Cape Elizabeth

The crime rate in Cape Elizabeth is 1.05 per 1,000 residents, making it one of the safest communities in the United States according to FBI crime statistics. Shops and restaurants are everywhere.

The town has numerous local businesses, including the popular Lobster Shack, which serves delicious seafood dishes.

At Cape Elizabeth’s farmers market, residents can get fresh produce and homemade goods.

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with a small-town vibe but with all the amenities of a big city, Cape Elizabeth is the perfect place for you!

#2 Portland 

Maine’s largest city, Portland, is located on Casco Bay at the mouth of the Fore River. Located in Portland Harbor, it’s the county seat of Cumberland County.

One of America’s greenest cities and home to microbreweries, craft breweries, parks, public gardens, and alternative culture, it’s known for its food and beer culture.

Casco Bay

A famous center for commerce, trade, entertainment, and shipping, Maine is a world-class city. Several businesses are located in the city, including financial institutions, technology companies, and medical centers. 

Skiing or snowboarding at Sugarloaf Mountain or exploring Acadia National Park are popular winter activities. In the summer, you can swim and relax on the stunning oceanfront, eat lobster rolls by the water, and swim in its waters.


The fall is full of festivals celebrating local food and music from all over New England. Every spring, flower gardens in Europe bloom with blooms from all over.  

#3 Auburn

A small town in eastern Maine in the United States, Auburn is an idyllic place with a flourishing habitat to raise a family, start a business, and retire.


Located on the western bank of the Androscoggin River, about an hour from Portland and Lewiston-Auburn in southern central Maine, it’s an ideal place for fishing and boating.

Over the years ,this town has attracted residents from all over the country who desire to live in a peaceful, natural environment surrounded by natural beauty.

Residents enjoy a high quality of life here due to low crime rates, affordable housing costs, and easy access to outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing.

Additionally, there are many places to shop, including local boutiques and art galleries offering handmade artisan crafts from New England’s artists.

Waterfront Festival

Throughout the year, residents can engage in a host of recreational activities, including festivals such as the Waterfront Festival, the Fall Festival, and concerts at the Center Stage Theater. 

#4 Cumberland

Located in Cumberland County, Maine, Cumberland is known for its magnificent landscapes, friendly people, and highly regarded educational system.

A variety of industries provide jobs and opportunities to the local population in Cumberland, making it a strong and diverse city for work and economic activity.


There are also many excellent amenities, including shopping, dining, and entertainment, making it an ideal place to live. 

As one of the wealthiest metropolises in Maine, it is also one of the largest. In no other town in Maine is nature so magnificently displayed as in this town.

Natural wonders such as its picturesque coastline, views of Casco Bay, and lush forests make Cumberland an ideal place to live and visit.

Aroostook State Park is a popular spot for outdoor recreation activities like camping and picnicking in the area. This small town makes a perfect place to live if you’re looking for an active lifestyle!

#5 Falmouth

Located on the coast of Maine, Falmouth is renowned for its pristine beaches, natural verdant terrain, and nearby Portland Head Light.


Featuring some of Maine’s most pristine beaches, the town of Falmouth also offers a variety of outdoor activities for residents, such as hiking and mountain biking in the nearby forests and parks, fishing in the many rivers and ponds, and bird-watching in the surrounding wetlands.

The area is home to many species of birds, mammals, and other wildlife, making it a great spot for nature lovers.

The town has some great restaurants and shops for residents. Falmouth has some of the finest seafood restaurants, serving up fresh seafood from the ocean, and a local farmers market that sells a lot of local produce.

Festivals and concerts are frequent all year long, with many taking place in parks. The town is known for its commitment to education, as evidenced by the wide range of classes offered at the public schools, including Advanced Placement.

Residents and visitors alike can also enjoy festivals and concerts throughout the year, with the Apple Festival being one of the most memorable.

You’ll love this place if you’re looking for fun things to do with your friends or family! 

#6 Scarborough

The seaside town of Scarborough in Maine is a desirable seaside suburb accessible to families of all sizes due to its low cost of living. This makes it an attractive destination for people of all ages.

Scarborough offers residents a mix of coastal living and city amenities. 

The town is home to many picturesque beaches and parks, and it’s close to the city of Portland, where residents can take advantage of the city’s numerous attractions.

Nightlife in the coastal town is just as lively as during the day, thanks to pubs, clubs, and live music. The town has many small businesses, including restaurants, small shops and stores run by local people who have been in business for years. 

Residents of this community can participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, music, and theater, as well as academic programs offered by Scarborough Schools.

The school district offers advanced placement courses, giving students the opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. This ensures that students get the best possible education. 

#7 Bar Harbor 

Located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, Bar Harbor is known for its dazzling coastline, buzzing nightlife and Acadia National Park.

Top Towns: A Guide to the Best 07 Places to Live in Maine
Bar Harbor

Originally named “Eden” when it was established in 1796, it has lived up to its name with its New England charm and delectable seafood.

Bar Harbor, Maine, residents appreciate a suburban lifestyle that feels less crowded than in other parts of the state.

The town is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and attractions that make it a desirable destination for tourists and locals alike.

It is also close to Acadia National Park, which offers some of the most stunning scenery in the United States. 

Acadia National PArk

With its unique combination of oceanfront beauty and small-town charm, it is truly a pleasant place to live in Maine.

Adding to its appeal, Bar Harbor offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy, including fishing, hiking, and kayaking. This makes it the perfect location for those who love the outdoors.

Summer residents are attracted to the island’s tranquil allure and laid-back lifestyle. Visiting bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks is some of the many things to do in this city.

Over the years, the small town has earned top scores for healthcare in our ranking. This demonstrates that healthy living is a priority for local residents, and the healthcare industry is a significant employer in the area.

What is the nicest place to live in Maine?

Bar Harbor

What is the safest part of Maine?

0.66 (safest Index)

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