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The 05 Best Places to Live in Massachusetts

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Best Place to Live in Massachusetts: As one of the safest US states, Massachusetts features the poshest metropolitans of Boston & Cambridge to the picturesque countryside of Sharon & Sudbury.

The sixth state of the Union is known for low crime rates, affordable cost of living, best-in-class health & education sector, and plenty of employment opportunities.

Since the early 1600s when European immigrants arrived at Plymouth, the best places to live in Massachusetts have attracted more people from all over the world and America.

The presence of globally acclaimed establishments of higher learning such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) & Harvard University has been a crucial factor in supporting education tourism.

However, more than just posh intellectuals & rich upper-class settling down in urban cityscapes, Massachusetts has more to offer to everyone. While cities like Boston, Cambridge, and Waltham offer active nightlife, those who prefer to stay away also have plenty of options in the green countryside.

The Best Places to Live in Massachusetts

Choosing a city to visit or live in, particularly when you are migrating across international borders calls for a few basic evaluation criteria.

Personal safety, cost & quality of living, health & education, employment opportunities, and recreation – the sixth state of the Union has it all.

The Bay State offers more than 190 miles of coastline. The quaint beaches of Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod are a particular attraction for people of the LGBTQ community.

It is the first state to legalize gay marriage in the United States.

The emerging IT hubs, in and away from Boston, the heart of the state, create more employment opportunities with well-paid to high-paying jobs for skilled personnel.

However, Massachusetts is known for the populous labor force of the health & education sector with plenty of opportunities there as well.

The state where America is thought to have started has plenty to offer when it comes to the best places to live in Massachusetts.

The cost of living in the most affluent metropolitan of Boston is 48% more than average compared to 129% above average in New York.

However, the farther you stray away into the countryside, the lower goes the cost of living & owning a house. Read on to explore some of the best options to consider.

Leverette #1

Leverette is a quaint countryside for those who want to avoid the hustle of the urban lifestyle.

Although you won’t find many bars or pubs in the area, the affordable cost of living and scenic beauty is something that pushes it up to the top of our list.


Owning a house in Leverette will set you back by around $350,000.

However, away from the chaos of the most populated cities of Massachusetts, Leverette is a quiet & peaceful place to live and explore nature making it one of the best places to live in Massachusetts.

Lexington #2

Lexington is a place of rich historical heritage in Massachusetts that fanned the first flames of the American Revolution.

There is an almost non-existent crime rate in this decent town and a well-organized education system.


It is known for being the most sought-after school in the entire United States.

The only downside of Lexington is the high cost of living although anyone can do quite well with good schooling & plenty of employment opportunities in and around.

The median household income in Lexington is around $150,000. However, owning a house in this town can cost as much as $750,000.

Waltham #3

Waltham is a humble abode located just 10 miles away from Boston.

Therefore, most Waltham residents can find employment at affluent firms in the city of Boston, which is within a commutable distance.

Place to Live in Massachusetts

The history associated with Waltham is attributed to the Waltham Watch Co. which featured an assembly line production of nearly 40 million watches in the 19th century.

Even with the quaint essence of the town, Waltham has more than 250 bars & restaurants to grab a beer after a day’s work.

The city also houses two important institutes of higher learning namely Brandeis University & Bentley College.

Even with local employment opportunities, the average household income in Waltham is as high as $75,000.

Cambridge #4

The home to the Massachusetts University of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University, the economy of Cambridge flourishes on both education & education tourism.

These institutes of higher learning attract a lot of visitors every year, with some of them finding employment opportunities and settling down in Massachusetts for the rest of their life.


However, you won’t be always hanging out with the intellectual crowd in case you are in Cambridge thanks to an active nightlife.

There is so much to do with affluent art galleries, bars & restaurants in this Middlesex County town making it one of the best places to live in Massachusetts.

Provincetown #5

If you are a beach person and would like to wake up to a golden sunrise every day for the rest of your life, then look no further than Provincetown in the state of Massachusetts.


Owing to the alluring beaches at the tip of Cape Cod, P-Town as it is also known attracts a lot of recreational tourists.

The beach receives a fair share of tourists from the LGBTQ community, particularly in the summers also creates business opportunities apart from plenty of job opportunities.

Owning ahouse in P-Town, Massachusetts can set you back by around $450,000 although the strong connection with art & culture is always worth settling down in this beach town.

Restarting, Where America Started

Massachusetts is emerging progressively as a cultural & financial hub in the United States.

It is the most populated New England state in the US and is a strong choice for those wishing to buy a house and live in the best places in America.

The choices are plenty with an increasing number of urban, semi-urban, and countryside towns such as Newton, Winchester, Sharon,

Marblehead, Sudbury Concord, Newburyport, Beverly & many more.

For Gen Y or millennials above 30 years of age who have already earned a fair level of education & doing well financially, Massachusetts offers an affordable quality of life & income opportunities to be considered as the best place to live in America.

However, even for Gen Z, the organized education system & globally acclaimed educational institutes also pose a tremendous opportunity to build a life of their choice and settle down in the best places to live in Massachusetts.

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