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07 Best Things to do in Orlando, Florida

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Best Things to do in Orlando: Thinking of going to Orlando, Florida, as it is one of the most beautiful and refreshing cities in all ways, this full goodness place like this is always what you are looking for, and now when you get a chance, you are pretty much confuse where to go and where not.

I understand entirely, Orlando is a beautiful city that primarily famous for its theme park, roller coaster thrills, foods, and it’s art and culture.

But Orlando is more than this, getting great theme parks but also great wildlife places to see, best foods but also great outdoor activities and more places to check on.

Having so many dishes on the plate confuses anyone what to eat first when everything looks deciduous enough, Orlando is jusy like that delicious plate only.

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So what to do?

Don’t worry, we are here to have you. In this article, we will discuss all the things to do in Orlando, Florida.


Walt Disney World Resort #1

If you came to Orlando and don’t see this, then you see no Orlando.

Walt Disney is the first thing people think to see in Orlando, here inside you will get six theme parks including two water parks, and a great area for dining and shopping.

Walt Disney World Resort

This resort is special on its own, and why not, It’s Disney. You will get many new things that you never saw in your whole life.

In the resort area, you will get to see some Disney films that you will  enjoy with your family.

Universal Orlando Resort #2

The next best thing to do in Orlando, Florida is go to these beautiful and crazy Harry Potter and Jurassic theme park areas.

Even if you are an adult, you will love to go there and enjoy life, I am more than sure that you always remember this day in your head.

Universal Orlando Resort

Going to Orlando Resort means re-living your dreams that we all saw in our childhood.

Harry P.Leu Gardens #3

If you are someone who loves nature and wants to enjoy your day doing some outdoor activities then this is a perfect spot for you.

Harry P.Leu Gardens

Harry P.Leu Gardens, are a few minutes downtown to Orlondo.

Here you will view beautiful flora and fauna that are all around your 50 acres, and you will be amazed to see this beauty.

Also, the best place if you are looking to click the best photo with a perfect background, and if your timing is right, then you get to see some famous movies and different seminars, and lots of people who come and enjoy their evening.

Orlando Magic Basketball #4

How can we miss this when we are in Orlando, if you are a Basketball lover then do come here, the loud crazy sounds of fans, make you love the game more.

Orlando Magic Basketball

Other games are also happening, so do check the timings before coming up.

But if you are going with someone who doesn’t like basketball then also you get some time between breaks to check other best stuff too.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market #5

The next fun thing to do in Orlando is of course great shopping and loving the local area more.

Orlando winter park farmer’s market is situated every Saturday where local vendors and artisans of the city set up their shops, with some handmade and traditional things of the city.

Winter Park Farmer’s Market

It started in the morning at 8 am and goes on till 1 pm in the afternoon, coming here means getting some best things, trying some local food at cheap rates that you never do in expensive Orlando restaurants, or you also going to meet so many wonderful localists, you can talk, share stories and draft a journal about them, and many interesting thng that you only get by going there.

Dr. Phillips Center – for Performing Arts #6

It’s a space where you enjoy live music, broadcast shows, family entertainment acts, and maybe kids movies too.

Best Things to do in Orlando
Dr. Phillips Center – for Performing Arts

It’s a place to sit and get mixed with the feelings of other emotions while seeing them, while listening them and while enacting them.

Orlando Science Center #7

The last thing you should not miss if you are in Orlando is the Science Center, I know many of you feel like it’s a boring place to go on, but you will change your mind after coming out of this.

Orlando Science Center

The Science centres are made for people of all ages who want to  see some labs, theatres, and different workshops about everything from dinosaurs to sustainability to global changes.

They made personalised experienced that you all love to see and get to know about these wonderful facts.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Does Orlando have a good nightlife?

The city is mostly known for the theme parks and day things, but it also has amazing stuff to do at night. Some of the places are;
RED coconut club
Hard Rock cafe
Pointe Orlando
Howl at the moon

Q2. What is the famous street in Orlando?

Church Street, International Drive, and North Orange Avenue are some of the famous streets in Orlando

Q3. What is the closest beach to Orlando?

On the east coast area, a maximum of an hour away from the city you will get the closest beast to Orlando.

Q4. Can I see 2 parks in a day?

Yess absolutely, you can see Universal studio Florida and universal Islands Od adventure in a single day.

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