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05 Best Places to Live in Chicago for Every Budget and Lifestyle

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The best place to live in Chicago:Chicagois a dream place, full of events, festivals, and clubs. But here is the secret, Chicago is more than this.

Best Affordable Places to live in Chicago: It is a city where you have several unique styles of pizza, and to be the quite interesting fact this is the only one who saw those styles of pizza, along with that it is a city of bull fans and skyscrapers.

But besides the fun and food, Chicago also gives peace and love through its history, culture and art, as the people of Chicago love to enjoy and celebrate very well every year.

Having such beauty and fun around the city but too cold to get into everyone.

So if you are looking for the best places to live in Chicago, then I might think you want a place where you get a better atmosphere where you enjoy and feel safe, get the basic necessities like school, college, transport facility, cafes, and restaurants.

So don’t worry, in this article we will let you know the 5 best affordable places to live in Chicago.

So let’s know every place one by one;

Here are list of 05 Best Affordable places to live in Chicago:-


One of the safest yet most expensive places to live in Chicago, West loop is in a centralized location that gets updated daily, as new cafes, restaurants, and businesses open every day.

west Loop

It is good for young people, who like to work or further continue their studies. As to settle in the main location you got some best schools and college faculty, with the great transport and nightlife.

You can easily get rented apartments with great neighbors as it is a society of upper-middle-class people.

The look of the west loop is a kind of vintage that gives a perfect definition of aesthetic, so if you are an artistic person, then also this is a great place for you.

Some downfalls of this place is, as the area is growing, trees are cutting down and traffic is increasing and also it is a bit expensive and might be not in everyone’s budget.


If you are someone who loves art and culture, then this place is surely for you, as it is covered with so many beautiful art galleries, music halls, and a large chain of restaurants that provide so many deciduous and local dishes of Chicago.


If you like being surrounded by cultured and happy place, then river north is waiting for you.

It is also famous for its different hairstyles and higher fashion standard than the other places, and also has a grand greenspace in the Ward Park area.

Along with beauty and people, you will also be fulfilled your basic requirements like the proper big colleges and schools, the best nightlife to enjoy, the best food to try at every corner of the street, and the transport facility is also very good.

Perfect for young people or new families, as they will get the love, culture, and art of Chicago there.


Best nightlife in the city full of sound, light, and people. If you are an active young one, looking for the best place to live in Chicago, then you got it.


As located on the north side of the city, gives you all from Boystown, to baseball courts, to country bars and clubs.

And the most active community is LGBTQI+, you can enjoy and have fun out loud. It’s a great destination for an extrovert, and party lover persons.

But the best part of the lake view is that it is very affordable and also a safe area around you, yes having a party life and loud culture, still it is safe and secure than the other many areas of Chicago.

The community of Lake view is welcoming and lovely to cheer everyone, mostly young people resident there, so you got easily rented apartments and on every street, there are tons of local bars and restaurants.

You also got many shopping areas, and the transport facility is also too good to get into, and safe too.

Along with that, as so many small and middle shops, restaurants and bars are opening there, you got tons of working opportunities too, and many young ones work there part-time.


Best place for you if you are looking for business opportunities, the loop is located over the Chicago river and might be expensive for many of you. Because It’s a 5 star place.


Best for families and business person who wanted to grow more, the loop gives you space to meet more like-minded people like you.

And it is also one of the safest places and gets the highest ranking in walkability and public transport.

Besides good people, and opportunities, the loop also provide unique parks, some best restaurant in Chicago, seasonal festivals, and some free events that happen in Daley plaza.

Basically, the loop gives all the necessary convenience that makes you love this place more.

It’s energetic yet calm to look and live into and attracts lots of business persons, so if you are into one, hella go – lots of opportunity waiting for you.


One of the historic places you get if you live here, one of the richest neighborhoods and places of playboy mansion and Who’s who of chicago finest.

Not all have the luck to live here because not many houses are there for rent and buying your house cost a lot, but still, it is on the list because of its facilities and surroundings.

Gold coast

The gold coast is surrounded by culture and so many historic landmarks with mansions to look for, it is so good that it is also registered as a national historic place in 1979.

Northside is known for its luxurious lifestyle, many shopping areas, restaurants, schools and colleges, big parks, Oak street beach all just made you feel like living in a magical world.

If all these excite you, but your budget denies then don’t worry some areas of Gold coast let you live in an affordable amount to get that lavies lifestyle.

Also not to miss out, it also has great nightlife and has good public transport to choose from.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.  what are the best places to live in chicago if you are single?

Mostly all the places that I explained above are good for single ones, but might be they are bit expensive. So to look into affordable apartments for single people, some of the affordable locations are;
Ukrainian Village
Lincoln park

Q2. what are the best places to live in chicago?

From Wicker Park to Streeterville, to pointers row, to old town, everything is best to live in Chicago.

Q3. Where do the Elite live in Chicago?

The loop, area for wealthy business people.

Q4. Where does the middle class live in Chicago?

South and west side of chicago.

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