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The 05 Safest Places to Live in Chicago

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Safest Places to Live in Chicago: With its famous deep-dish pizzas, towering skyscrapers, art galleries, an impressive park system, and intriguing museums, Chicago is a thriving city that offers the perfect blend of natural surroundings with modern amenities to its residents.

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Unfortunately, the city has earned a bad reputation for its high crime rate. But just like any other large metropolitan city, there are certain neighbourhoods that are safer than others. 

Planning to move to this bustling city?

Pick a neighbourhood where you can safely enjoy all the unique offerings of this beautiful city. 

Here are list of safe places to live in Chicago:-

Edison Park #1

Considered one of the safest neighbourhoods in Chicago, this place is home to many young professionals. It exudes a suburban vibe while providing easy access to the city.

Edison Park

Since plenty of police officers, firefighters & city workers reside here, Edison Park lends a sense of safety. The neighbourhood is also famous for its delicious food.

With many residents here having Irish or northern European ancestry, ethnic food options abound in this area.

Go for a morning coffee at Grazie’s Coffee Cafe or make your own pizzas at Moretti’s, there is no dearth of delectable treats here.

During your leisure time, you can go for a picnic at Edison Park where you’ll find families enjoying recreational activities. The Park also hosts Edison Park Fest every summer, a festival with live music, amazing food, and carnival rides.

With such kid-friendly activities and decent schools, it is one of the topmost choices for families.  

Norwood Park #2 

Located on the north-western end of Chicago, Norwood Park has significantly lesser crime rates than the rest of the city. It features lush greenery and a suburban feel and is one of the popular choices for retirees.

Norwood Park

Home to a 14-acre Norwood Park, the Whealon Aquatic Center & Edgebrook Golf Course, there is a plethora of options for entertainment.

If you want a tranquil place away from the bustling skyscrapers, you’ll love the green surroundings & calm vibe of this safe neighbourhood.

The place also has a vibrant social scene with great restaurants, theatres & bars. 

Lake View  #3

Lake View is one of the most desirable places for living in Chicago. With its low crime rate, vibrant arts scene & welcoming community, this is one of the most preferred choices, especially among young professionals looking to begin their family life.

Lake View 

The place provides spectacular views of Lake Michigan and is home to several top attractions such as the Music Box Theatre, Belmont Harbor, and Wrigley Field.

There are many local festivals, musical performances, and club activities held here. The world-renowned comedian Charlie Chaplin has also lived here.

Although the cost of living here is slightly higher than in other places, the amenities & picturesque surroundings make it worth every penny. 

Forest Glen #4

If you’d love to be a part of a laid-back community, this is the place to move to. It is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the north side of Chicago with a significantly lower crime rate than the city and a family-friendly atmosphere.  

Forest Glen: Safest Places to Live in Chicago

Forest Glen provides easy access to forest preserves and the Chicago river, exuding a suburban vibe. You’ll find kids playing at the Forest Glen Playlot, nestled amongst charming cottages & bungalows.

There are several restaurants serving delectable pizzas amongst other delicacies.

You can find live entertainment and an array of games at Forest Glen’s local watering hole for a fun weekend. 

Mount Greenwood #5

Exuding small-town vibes in a big city, Mount Greenwood is one of the safest places to live in Chicago. It started as Mount Greenwood Cemetery with more than 300 graves of those who died in the civil war.

Mount Greenwood #5 Safest Places to Live in Chicago

It gradually developed & became a part of Chicago in 1927.  

It is home to a tight-knit community where you’ll find residents meeting each other in grills & taverns.

It also features the largest working farm in the city at the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences.

A large population of the community consists of police officers, paramedics & firefighters. With so many amenities, this charming place is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods to live in Chicago. 

Pick the place that ticks off the boxes in your checklist and get ready to begin a new chapter of your life in your brand-new home.

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Q. What is the safest suburb in Chicago?

Edison Park is one of the safest suburbs in Chicago. 

Q. What areas to avoid in Chicago?

West Garfield Park, Washington Park, Englewood & North Lawndale are considered to be unsafe areas in Chicago. 

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