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Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India 2023

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Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India: Clear rules and regulations regarding drone use are becoming more and more necessary as their popularity continues to grow. To protect safety, security, and privacy when using drones in India, the civil aviation authority has created particular laws and regulations.

To guarantee compliance and a hassle-free trip, travelers who want to bring their drones to India should get aware of these regulations.

Drone enthusiasts and tourists who wish to record magnificent aerial footage or take part in drone sports while visiting India must be aware of these regulations.

Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India

Travelers can safeguard their own safety, preserve others’ privacy rights, and stay out of trouble by abiding by the rules.

Let’s examine the regulations that control drone use in India so that we may have a clear idea of what is needed to fly a drone there.

Guidelines to Travel with Drones 

India allows drones to be transported on domestic flights, although there are certain limitations.

Under drone laws, drones are divided into five sizes:

  • Drones that are nanoscale and weigh under 250 grams 
  • Micro: Small drones weighing between 250 and 2 kilograms
  • Drones that weigh between 2 and 25 kg are small. 
  • Medium-sized drones that weigh between 25 and 150 kilograms
  • Large drones are those that weigh more than 150 kg.

According to the civil aviation ministry, travelers can now use small to medium-sized drones on private tours to domestic locations without encountering significant restrictions.

They can be brought as hand luggage or checked baggage depending on size. However, drone baggage must be registered in advance to the aircraft carrier. Most significant airlines permit the check-in of drones.

A drone that weighs under 250 grams may be checked or transported as carry-on luggage. On the other side, the batteries would need to be taken out and put in the cabin bags.

Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India

Any quantity of backup batteries with a watt-hour (WH) rating under 100 may be brought in the cabin luggage. 

Only two batteries with a combined output of greater than 100 watts and less than 160 watts are permitted.

No backup batteries with a wattage more than 160 are allowed. These must be shipped as cargo.

Due to handling and transit, there is always a danger that lithium in passenger luggage can catch fire.

Because the entire staff has been educated to manage any fire or smoke in the cabin caused by lithium, the majority of airlines now allow them to fly as in-cabin baggage.


India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has established precise norms and regulations that must be followed when traveling with drones.

These regulations seek to facilitate the use of drones for a variety of applications while ensuring safety, security, and privacy.

Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India

Travelers may take advantage of the advantages of recording breath-taking aerial footage and participating in drone activities while respecting the legal framework by becoming aware with these regulations and completing the relevant procedures.

It is imperative to abide with drone rules in order to preserve people’s privacy, maintain the integrity of the airspace, and maybe avoid legal repercussions.

To operate drones safely and ethically, travellers should be aware of registration procedures, get relevant permissions, and adhere to flying limitations.

Keeping up with the changing laws is crucial as technology develops and drone usage increases.

The rules for flying drones in India establish a framework for balancing the potential that drones present with the requirement for privacy and safety.

Rules for Flying a Drone while Traveling in India

Travelers may see India’s breath-taking scenery while upholding the law and encouraging ethical drone use by following these rules.


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