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Awesome Road Trip To Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

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Road Trip To Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh


A divine place in Himachal Pradesh associated with the “kinner Kailash ” incarnation of Lord Shiva. Situated in Kinnaur, Sangla Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in India. The belt remains unexplored till date. The tourists can have the best experiences of their lives while crossing the Sangla valley and reaching the last village of that road- Chitkul. The way passes through one of the best sceneries of nature and through the village Rakchham which is world famous for the quality apples. Kinnaur apples are the best quality apples that are found in abundance in Sangla valley , Rakcham and Chitkul.

Road Trip To Kinnaur Himachal Pradesh

Places of Interest In Kinnaur

Kalpa: Kalpa is often regarded as a gateway town for those heading to Spiti, but it’s worth staying a few days to enjoy the beauty of the majestic Kinner Kailash range and also breathe in the relaxed vibe of this historic Himalayan village. If you’re a photographer you can’t wait to get the picture perfect sunset at the Kinner Kailash range. Under the current work from anywhere concept, Kalpa can be the ideal base. I stayed here for a week and also the internet connectivity is excellent.

Reckong Peo (2670M) : Located 240 km from Shimla, 7 km from Powari and 13 km from Kalpa. Reckong Peo is the headquarters of district Kinnaur. 

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Kothi: Just 3 km from Reckong Peo. Kothi has a temple dedicated to the goddess Chanadika Devi. Set against a backdrop of mountains and graves of the deodar, the temple has an unusual architectural style and fine sculpture. An exquisite gold image of goddess is enshrined in the sanctum. 

Sangla Valley: If a landscape had the powers of casting spells, then the Sangla valley would be a magician extraordinary. Once seen, it is a place that can never be forgotten. Even the rushing waters of the Baspa river, that flows through its 95 km length, seem to absorb some of the magic and slow down to savor its snow-frame beauty. 2 km from Sangla is the fort of Kamru (300 m) its  architecture resembles that of the Bhima Kali complex and this was the origin of rulers of Bushehar. 


Rakcham is sandwiched between Sangla and Chitkul and is also the second-last village before the Tibet border. Pronounced as “Rakshyam” by the locals, the Rakcham village is blessed with many beautiful gardens, snow-clad mountain ranges, and lush green trees. The natural sights of this place are so amazing that tourists can’t resist visiting here. Many people prefer to trek through this village till Chitkul to enjoy the natural beauty that this place is blessed with. This small village has several lodges and hotels and many apple gardens that add to the beauty of the place. It is nestled between the mighty snow covered peaks and a lush green landscape and looks like an absolute heaven on earth. Rakcham lies at an altitude of 2900 meters and is relatively unknown for many people. Still a good number of people visit this scenic spot, which has a population of approximately 800 people.

Chitkul (3450 m) is the last village of the valley and beyond lies Tibet. 

Roghi Village

The beautiful Roghi village is situated 8 km away from the town of Kalpa and is surrounded by lovely gardens and village houses. This place is popular for its apple orchards and ethnic village life, which includes temples, monasteries, Kinnauri style buildings, etc.

The road to Roghi from Kalpa is challenging but really worth driving.  The drive to this village is really spectacular and a clear view of the Kinnaur Kailash range will make you drive to this place again and again. Roghi village is built on the slope of a mountain and is covered with apple, apricot, and chilgoza trees.


Road trips are the best way to explore the unexplored. It gives you the flexibility of itinerary but at the same time one needs to be very organized and meticulous in planning. Thought of a road trip is bound to give a kick in the pants.

Our Ride- Renault Duster 4wd.

DAY 1:  Delhi –  Shimla

We started early in the morning and after a quick breakfast at Murthal we continued our drive. We reached Shimla in 8 hours. Anilji had booked our stay at Circuit House, Shimla. The stunning views of the foothills of the Himalayas rejuvenated us and we were excited and gearing up for our next day drive.

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Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Shimla.

DAY 2: Shimla– Narkanda – Sarahan

Next day after breakfast we resumed our drive to Sarahan at an altitude of 2165 meter in Himachal Pradesh approx 170 KM from Shimla. From this town the snow peak of Shrikhand Mahadev is visible. Bhima Kali temple is the main attraction of Sarahan. 

Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel in Sarahan.

Please note- one can drive directly to Kinnaur from Shimla but we decided to stay for a day in Sarahan to enjoy the beauty of this place.

DAY 3: Sarahan – Kalpa 

We invested some time in exploring Sarahan  and after breakfast, we commenced our drive to Kalpa. Once we reached Kalpa we checked check-in-to Apple Pie hotel. 

In the evening, we explored Roghi Village and got a first hand experience to witness the local culture and interact with local people. Evening free to explore the way of life and local culture at Roghi village. 

DAY 4: Kalpa- Sangla  – Chitkul

Next morning after breakfast, we drove to Chitkul village, the last inhabited village on the Indo-Tibetan border on the bank of Baspa River. The village remains almost covered with snow during the winter season. The main attractions of Chitkul are its houses which have either slate or wooden plank roofs. It also houses a small Buddhist Temple. There is a monastery called Kagyupa Temple where an age old image of Shakyamuni Buddha is worshipped. The valley offers an unsurpassed view of the river Baspa with the vistas of snow-clad mountains, apple orchards and wooden houses.

Day 5: Stay At Rakcham

Day 6: Back To Kalpa, stay at Kalpa for two days

Back to Delhi

CLIMATE : In winter, the temperature can drop to below freezing point (at Kalpa / Rakcham both) when heavy woolens are required and for summers light woolens are recommended.

Hospitality partner

Hotel Apple Pie, Kalpa and Rakcham

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Stonewood Homestay, Shimla

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Circuit House, Shimla


Thanks BRO for maintaining roads and safety of travellers in some of the remotest part of India

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