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Malta Digital Nomad Visa: An Unrivaled Best Guide

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Malta Digital Nomad Visa
Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Malta is a stunning island in the Mediterranean. The location makes it perfect for a mild climate. With its educational system, it accepts foreign students. Several foreign nationals reside in the nation.

For digital nomads, the island is more welcome due to its expat-friendly environment. This blog will go into great detail on the Malta Nomad Residence Permit. 

Let’s first discuss Malta for a little bit.

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Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Malta an Island Nation

Malta has always been renowned for its welcoming atmosphere for foreigners. Due to the island’s advantageous tax policies, it is home to numerous foreign corporations.

Despite being a small nation, it possesses a cosmopolitan spirit. You can pass time at a lot of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. For digital nomads, coworking and co-living spaces also simplify life. It is currently one of the few nations in the world with statewide 5G connectivity.

It also has everything a perfect island would have, in addition to its environment being friendly to digital nomads: Beaches, bright days, a laid-back lifestyle, the greatest seafood, and excitement!

Malta is the ideal base for remote business because it provides everything.

Is a digital nomad visa available in Malta? 

Malta has a long history of embracing foreign residents. The island is home to several multinational companies thanks to its advantageous tax policies. It is a small country with cosmopolitan characteristics.

You can visit a number of cafes, bars, and restaurants. Coworking and co-living spaces are advantageous for digital nomads as well. It is currently one of the few nations in the world with a nationwide 5G connection.

It has beaches, sunny days, a laid-back lifestyle, the best seafood, and fun—everything a perfect island should have! Malta is the perfect place for remote work because it has everything.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Malta Nomad Visa Permit 

The Malta Nomad Residence Permit is a residency permit that enables digital nomads to continue working remotely while living in Malta. The Malta Digital Nomad Visa can be the best option for you if your employment agreement permits remote work.

If you qualify, a Maltese Nomad Residence Permit with a one-year expiration date will be given to you. You will be awarded a National Visa if you want to stay in Malta for fewer than a year.

Malta’s conditions for obtaining a visa for a digital nomad

You can be qualified for a nomad residency visa in Malta if you meet the requirements listed below: 

  • A third country national {People who are in transit through or applying for visas in nations other than their own (i.e., a transit country), in order to travel to another nation that is not also their home country.}
  • You bring in (earning) €2,700 each month (gross of tax)
  • possess a contract of employment with a company headquartered outside of Malta, or
  • You are a shareholder or partner in a company with a foreign registration, or
  • Offer your freelance services to clients who have contracts with you and who have permanent locations in other countries.
  • A legitimate travel document is required.
  • Make sure you are covered by health insurance in Malta.
  • Should be able to present a rental or purchase agreement. 

How one can apply for a digital nomad visa in Malta?

Filling out an application and sending it in with the required documentation to Residency Malta Agency is the first step if you’re interested in the program.

Mention your stay duration as well as if you intend to remain in the country for 91–180 days or 18–365 days.

You will be granted a national visa if you intend to stay in Malta for up to 180 days. You will get a residence permit if you want to stay in the country for more than 365 days.

A Malta Nomad Residence Permit can be applied for easily and quickly. Usually, the permissions are given within 30 days.

Benefits of the Malta Digital Nomad Visa

Nomad Residence Permit (Malta Digital Nomad Visa) holders may request to have their permits renewed for an additional year for a charge of EUR 300 per applicant no later than one month before their current permits expire.

Holders of Nomad Residence Permits are permitted to stay in Malta for a maximum of three years on this basis.

Moreover, it is a Schengen Visa. With the same visa, you can travel freely for a period of 90 to 180 days throughout other Schengen-adjacent European nations.

You may bring your family or your partner with you. The decision on your visa application will be made within 30 days of receipt if you submit it online.

Due to the temporary nature of the Nomad Residence Permit and the fact that their employment is already taxed at the point of origin, holders will not be liable to personal income tax in Malta.

Living in Malta and experiencing island life in Europe is obviously advantageous. Nearly 80 kilometers south of Sicily and 284 kilometers east of Tunisia separate the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta.

There are somewhat more than 500,000 people living on the archipelago’s three major islands, Malta, Gozo, and Comino. The smallest capital in all of Europe is Valletta.

Greek, Roman, Arab, British, Italian, and French influences can be seen in the cuisine, architecture, and language of this region, which has a long and varied past.

Malta is a sovereign state, yet the island culture is still prevalent there, therefore the atmosphere is very laid-back. It offers breathtaking cliffs, wonderful beaches, and rock pools.

Malta Digital Nomad Visa Tax

As a holder of a nomad residency visa, you will not be subject to personal income tax because you are already subject to tax in your home country. You will yet be subject to consumption tax, just as any Maltese citizen.


This Nomad Residence Permit Malta is absolutely worth applying for if you’re a non-EU citizen who wants to spend more time in Europe and can work remotely from any place.

Last but not least, you have the option to extend the validity of this residence permit for up to three years, so it may not only be a temporary fix. Overall, this is a fantastic solution for both remote workers and digital nomads. 

The information on this page should assist you in finding what you were seeking. Malta is a fantastic location with a reasonable cost of living. Therefore, staying there is unquestionably advised.

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