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MakamakaOle Falls: A Maui Hawaii Hidden Gem in 2023

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MakamakaOle Falls: With lush rainforests and pristine beaches to volcanic mountains, Hawaii is a treasure trove of stunning natural landscapes. While many of them draw hordes of tourists, there are a few less-explored places that exude tranquillity.

One such attraction is the stunning Makamakaole Falls.

Located within the West Maui Forest Reserve in Wailuku, this impressive waterfall is a hidden gem that’s worth exploring. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it is perfect for a serene escape into nature.

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Planning to be awed by its sublime beauty?

We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to Makamakaole Falls for an unforgettable adventure: – 

What’s the Waterfall like? 

Set in the West Maui mountains, the Makamakaole Falls is over 270 feet long and consists of numerous cascading tiers.

MakamakaOle Falls
They are visible from the Kahekili Highway along Maui’s northwest coast.

The portion of the waterfalls above the highway is considered “Upper Makamakaole Falls” while the portion you see below constitutes “Lower Makamakaole Falls”.

A part of the waterfall is covered by dense vegetation, barring a complete view of it as a whole. But the cascading tiers are equally impressive to witness.

How to Reach?

If you’d like to witness the lower tier of the waterfall, take the Makamakaole Falls Trail which is only 0.5 miles long. Though short, it is quite steep and can get slippery during rain. 

MakamakaOle Falls
You’ll find the trail at the intersection point of the stream and the highway.

A safer and better option is to go to the impressive upper tier of the spectacular waterfall. For this, you’ll have to hike the short (2 miles out & back) Makamakaole Stream Trail.

This scenic route will take you through a majestic bamboo forest along with 13 river crossings.

To reach this trail, go up the Kahekili highway near mile marker number 8. Drive carefully since the road is quite narrow in this part.

Park your car nearby and get ready to begin your adventure to this Hawaiian gem. 

Things to Do for a Memorable Experience

Enjoy walking through the bamboo forest #1

In the beginning, the trail will take you through a beautiful forest with many guava trees.

Feeling hungry already?

Grab a ripe one and energise yourself. Since it’s one of the off-the-beaten-path trails in the state, you won’t find many hikers here.

MakamakaOle Falls

As you move further, you’ll find yourself in a lush bamboo forest.

Walking amidst these towering bamboo trees will make you feel like you’ve entered another world altogether, away from the hustle and bustle of cities. 

Click pictures with a Banyan Tree #2

After some time, you’ll come across a beautiful banyan tree. Get your camera out for some great clicks at this impressive landmark.

MakamakaOle Falls

If you get confused at any point during your journey, just follow along the river. 

You’ll also have to cross it around 13 times to keep moving further.

Lounge by the Waterfall  #3

As you proceed a little more along the way, you’ll find a fork in the trail.

MakamakaOle Falls

If you go left, you’ll come across a ravine which will lead you to a stunning 50-foot-long waterfall that drops into a shallow pool. 

Enjoy some moments admiring its beauty and relax for a while.

Swim in the pool  #4

Make your way back to the fork and go right. You’ll reach a smaller waterfall but the pool at its end is deep enough to swim.

There’s also a rope on the waterfall which can be used to climb up. But it’s not entirely safe to climb up since the rope is not professionally installed and it’s quite slippery.

The best way to make the most of your experience here is to enjoy a rejuvenating swim in this natural pool. You can also dive.

Just make sure there are no submerged rocks before jumping in.  

What to bring for the journey?

Hiking shoes: It’s important to wear proper shoes so that you don’t slip. Make sure they’re comfortable and give you good traction. 

Drinking water: Make sure you stay hydrated. Carry a hydration bag so that you can energise yourself during the journey. 

Mosquito Spray: Don’t let mosquitos steal your fun. Have a bug spray handy. 

Plastic Bags: These are for your wet clothes and shoes when you return. 

Swimwear & Towel: These will come in handy if you choose to swim in the pool. 

MakamakaOle Falls

When to plan your visit to Makamakaole Falls?

Avoid visiting the Falls during the rainy season since there can be flash floods that can be dangerous.

The best time to undertake your Makamakaole Falls adventure is during summer, from the months of May to August. 

So, get your travel bags out and get ready to go on this thrilling journey to witness one of the best hidden gems of Hawaii. 

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Q. How do I get to Makamakaole Falls?

The Falls can be reached through the Makamakaole Stream trailhead. You can reach the trailhead from the Kahekili Highway. 

Q. Can you swim at Makamakaole Falls?

The pool at the end of the left waterfall is shallow where you can’t swim. The right waterfall on the other hand has a deep pool where you can. 

Q. How tall is the Makamakaole Falls?

The Makamakaole Falls is around 270 feet tall. 

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