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MakamakaOle Falls 

 A Maui Hawaii Hidden Gem in 2023


If you’d like to witness the lower tier of the waterfall, take the Makamakaole Falls Trail which is only 0.5 miles long.  

How to Reach

bamboo fores 


In the beginning, the trail will take you through a beautiful forest with many guava trees.  

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Banyan Tree  

After some time, you’ll come across a beautiful banyan tree. Get your camera out for some great clicks at this impressive landmark.  

If you go left, you’ll come across a ravine which will lead you to a stunning 50-foot-long waterfall that drops into a shallow pool.  


Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Make your way back to the fork and go right. You’ll reach a smaller waterfall but the pool at its end is deep enough to swim.

Go Diving  Swim in the pool 

Avoid visiting the Falls during the rainy season since there can be flash floods that can be dangerous.  

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