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Pandit ji Chaiwala- Selling Lemon Tea With A Dash Of Magic In Udaipur

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Magic of Pandit ji Lemon Tea from Udaipur

When I travel I always say “Eat like a local, drink Chai with the local, dance with the local and promote the local places”.

Lemon and pudina chai is a type of tea that is popular in India. It is made by adding fresh mint leaves (pudina) and lemon juice to a pot of black tea, along with sugar or honey to taste. The mint leaves and lemon juice give the tea a refreshing and tangy flavor, making it a popular choice during hot weather. Some people also add ginger or other spices to the tea for added flavor. If you’re interested in trying lemon and pudina chai, you can find recipes online or at some Indian tea shops.

Coming back to the best lemon, mint tea in Udaipur

If you’re in the city of lakes udaipur and you haven’t tried this “Pandit Ji’s lemon tea” then you’ve left your udaipur trip unfinished.

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Magic of Pandit ji Lemon Tea from Udaipur

The Aroma of this lemon tea is just something else and magical

This tea stall is located at the road opposite to the Tourist destination “Saheliyon ki Badi” or the “princess Garden”.

His smile, dedication to serve his customers and his lemon tea will definitely stitch a place in your heart and mind forever.

Pandit ji from his small tea stall serves this lemon tea with a dash of magic! The heavenly lemon tea is perfectly balanced with mint, lemon and a dash of Pandit Ji’s secret masala! A perfect beverage for a hot day or a rainy evening or anything in between!

For me the best  and refreshing way to end our day’s exploration was by sipping in some cups of tea at this famous chai point. I say ‘some cups’ because I can bet that you just can’t have one cup. My friend who is a local insisted on having chai at Panditji’s chai point. As soon as I entered Panditji’s chai point I was greeted by a beautiful smile and my eyes fell on the collage of photos of mostly national and local level celebrities. I just wondered if Panditji must be selling something special in his cup.

I struck up a conversation with Panditji. He was so welcoming and when asked what is that unique thing you add to the tea that makes it so special. He said, “ lemon, mint, secret masala and above all my love”. It was so refreshing that I could not resist but had three cups. I must admit that it was the best lemon tea I had and it is highly recommended.


HPP4+GQR, Shastri Marg, Maya Misthan, Ashok Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001.Instagram handle- pandit Ji Ki Lemon Tea

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