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Is it legal to carry Alcohol on a domestic flight? Rules explained

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Is it legal to carry Alcohol on a domestic flight? Read through to know everything


Domestic flight helps you to move from one state to another in a country in a short time. However there are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow while traveling on a domestic flight.

For example – The baggage weight is limited , there are some items that are not permitted on a domestic flight , general advisories that should be kept in mind regarding the baggage etc.

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In the modern time people have started preferring flight for domestic travel over any other means . So , it is quite obvious that people will think “Can I carry alcohol while traveling from the domestic flight.” Here’s the answer:-

Is it legal to carry Alcohol on a domestic flight?

According to TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guidelines, a person may only carry liquor not exceeding 3.4 ounces or 100 ml in one clear quart-sized bag in carry-on luggage. In checked baggage, a person may carry five liters (1.3 gallons) per passenger under certain conditions based on the percentage of alcohol content.

How much alcohol can one carry in a checked luggage on a domestic flight?

“It means that alcohol which is a liquid is subject to the total liquid limits of 3.4 oz or 100 ml packed in a transparent, quart-sized zip lock bag together with any other liquids such as gels, shampoos, lotions, etc.”

Hence, if any person is carrying a mini-bottles of alcohol in the carry-on, make sure that the bottles must be fit in a quart-sized zip-lock bag. 

The rules will be more lenient if a person is carrying alcohol in a checked luggage. Which means the amount of liquor in check-in baggage will be totally dependent on the percentage of alcohol in the beverage.

What kind of alcohol should be carried?

  • Alcoholic beverages with less than 24% per cent of alcohol-

If the alcoholic beverage has less than 24% of alcohol in it then there is no limit of carrying it. Which means that any number of bottles can be carried , within the total luggage policy of the airline.

  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content between 24% and 70% – 

There is a limit issued by the TSA for carrying alcohol between 24% and 70% alcoholic content , only 5 litres or 1.3 gallons of alcohol can be carried out. The limit is provided to per passenger.

Here is a table with average alcohol content in popular types of liquor – 

Type of Alcohol Average percentage of alcohol content (%)

Breezer 4

Beer 5

Cider 5

Wine 11

Mead 12

Fortified Wine 15

Vermouth 16

Sherry 17

Gin 37

Rum 40

Vodka 40

Brandy 45

Whiskey 45

Tequila 50

Note that the alcohol content changes based on every brand. The above list only contains an approximate average of the alcohol content. 

Is it legal to carry Alcohol on a domestic flight?

How should you carry alcohol in checked luggage?

 Alcohol transported in checked baggage must only be in unopened (sealed) retail packaging.

Partially used, open bottles like this are strictly prohibited. 

When packing alcohol in your checked baggage, make sure the seal on the bottle does not appear broken or broken, as in such situations you risk confiscation of your bottles.

To ensure the safety of your alcohol, pack them in padded containers, or place them between layers of clothes.

Can you drink alcohol carried in your hand luggage on the flight?

Alcohol is rarely served on domestic flights, so you may be tempted to bring some with you to consume. However, remember that most airlines strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol that is not served by the airline. This means that you cannot drink alcohol that you carry with you in your hand luggage during the flight.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Some travelers say that airlines or airlines that do not serve alcohol on board sometimes allow passengers to drink their own alcohol provided they remain sober. However, these are unwritten practices followed by specific airlines, so do not bring alcohol on the trip without first checking with the airlines.

Can you carry alcohol bought at a duty-free shop on domestic flights?

In most cases, you will not have access to a duty-free shop on a domestic journey. However, if you have made purchases on one of the international legs of your journey, you can carry duty-free bottles of alcohol with you.

However, please note that alcohol purchased in a duty-free shop is not allowed on domestic flights in your carry-on baggage after immigration.

Any domestic flight you take after immigration where you have access to checked baggage requires you to pack alcohol in your checked baggage only. Also remember that the above rules regarding taking alcohol in checked baggage will apply.

Are the rules about taking liquor on domestic flights the same all across the world? 

The rules regarding bringing alcohol on domestic flights are not standard and depend entirely on airline policy as well as each nation’s laws.

Therefore, you must remember that alcohol is illegal in several countries around the world, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Therefore, the above rules will not apply when traveling within these countries. You can see the full list of countries where alcohol is illegal here.

Can you carry alcohol in Gujarat by flight? is liquor allowed on a domestic flight to Bihar?

You cannot carry alcohol to places such as Gujrat or Bihar where alcohol is banned. Carrying liquor to and from dry states such as Gujarat and Bihar is not allowed. 

Any person who is a minor, that is less than 18 years of age cannot carry alcohol, while the USA may insist on the person bringing alcohol on domestic flights being at least 21 years old. 

Final Points

There are a lot of passengers who have alcohol on the flight. However, to ensure that the alcohol you carry on domestic flights is not confiscated, please follow the procedures below –

  • Check the airline’s specific policies regarding the carriage of alcohol on domestic flights.
  • Check whether there are any national laws that prohibit or restrict the bringing of alcohol on domestic flights. In countries where alcohol is illegal, do not carry liquor, chocolates or other products.
  • If you carry alcohol in your carry-on, carry small bottles that fit in a quart-sized clear zip-top bag.
  •  If you are carrying alcohol in checked baggage, check the alcohol content of the drink you intend to take and determine the permissible amount you can take with you.
  • Make sure alcohol bottles are sealed, unopened and do not appear to have been tampered with. (Ideally, it is also advisable to have the bottle receipt with you for proof)
  • Transfer alcohol purchased at duty-free shops to your checked baggage before starting your domestic journey.
  • You should not consume your own alcohol on the flight.

Contributed by Ankit Raj Sharma

Edited by Imtiaz Ullah

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