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How To File A Complaint Against Travel Agencies

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How To File A Complaint Against Travel Agencies

Everyone wishes to break free from the mundane and travel to a new destination. Human beings are by nature travelers.

Planning for a trip beforehand is something a lot of travel mongers like to do. This digital age has enabled us to do so. Unfortunately, it has also opened doors for new scammers and frauds who lure customers by offering discounts on their travel budget.

Now, Imagine the number of traveling that is happening per day across the world?  It is really mind boggling, I wonder if it is possible to even quantify. Travel industry is the primary revenue earner for many countries.

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Let alone scammed, what if you encounter a deficiency on the part of travel agencies. Since travel complaints come with a sense of urgency, we need to know the quickest way to solve our issue.

NomadLawyer recommends a list of causes under which you can lodge a complaint

  • No refund after ticket cancellation
  • Hotel denying check-ins
  • Fake promises under-booked packages
  • Poor hotel condition
  • Fraudulent booking agencies
  • Charged for service under an -inclusive package
  • Misbehavior by staff
  • If you’ve faced any of the aforementioned deficiencies of service, then you should file a complaint against the fraud travel agency. 
How To File A Complaint Against Travel Agencies

What Is The Relevant Course Of Action

  • Contacting your travel agency is an option for you. You can let them know of your grievance and compensation. You may send a Legal Notice to them as well.
  • In case of not getting any positive and satisfying response, it is advisable to file a Complaint against the Travel Agency in the Consumer Court.
  • Many cases usually remain unresolved even after following the course of action. Either the agency refuses to cooperate or they shut out your refund demand.
  • Here, you are required to file a consumer complaint in the Consumer Court. Filing a case in the Court is not an easy task as this requires a lot of detailed paperwork to draft the official complaint along with the follow-ups.  

This is why it is recommendable to be in touch with the platform within the jurisdiction that provides specialised advocate service 24/7. The idea is to seek legal assistance to claim your Consumer Right at the quickest.

Some frequently asked questions

  • I booked a ticket for traveling from place X to place Y  from Z platform.. The agency booked my ticket along with an insurance policy for which I have not given any permission /consent. What is the recourse?
  • How an agency can forward / share my data like name address phone number, email etc to others without my permission.
  • I am a victim of travel agency fraud, should I contact the police?
  • How do I register a case in consumer court of India
  • How can I cancel a non refundable ticket purchased through a travel agency? I booked the ticket through this travel agency because they were offering a much lower price for the flight ticket compared to others.
  • How can I file a complaint for mental harassment by a service provider?

If you are seeking answers for such questions you can write to [email protected].

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What is travel law section by NomadLawyer 

Travel Laws By NomadLawyer- Ignore At Your Peril.

No one wants to be Banged Up Abroad. Research the local laws of your destination before traveling abroad.

An important and often overlooked part of travel preparation is to review the local laws of your destination. When you travel to a different country, you are subject to that country’s laws. Even if you unknowingly break those laws, you may be held responsible and pay the penalties.

NomadLawyer’s Travel Laws section covers the basics insight on local laws, consumer rules and rights pertaining to travel so that you can be prepared the next time you book a plane ticket or hotel room.

In this section, you can find articles on travel related laws of a place and unique or weird rules a traveler must follow.

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