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Your Guide to the Best Amusement Park in Orange Beach, AL

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Race to the finish line at Go-Karting or witness a 5-story volcano erupt spreading puffs of steam into the air at Adventure Island, an impressive amusement park in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

Best Amusement Park in Orange Beach: Orange Beach has been attracting tourists to enjoy its white sandy beaches and the balmy Gulf waters, this amusement park adds to the charm, making it a great place for a fun family outing. 

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Planning your vacation already?

Dive into our guide to the best amusement park in Orange Beach, AL:- 

What to do?

Take a swing at Adventure Golf #1

Ready for a friendly match of golf?

Head to Adventure Golf.

Adventure Golf

This park takes golfing to the next level with its 18-hole courses & a five-story volcano that erupts, an exciting sight to witness with the whole family.

Feel the speed with Go Karting #2

Love the idea of racing to win?

Go karting

Hop into karts and enjoy a thrilling ride as you glide through curves, bumps & spins. This is an excellent ride for adventure seekers.

Try your hand at multiple games at the Arcade #3

What’s better than some hours at the arcade with your family & friends?

Head to the Alligator Alley Arcade which offers more than 100 video & redemption games.

Alligator Alley Arcade

While you’re there, don’t forget to hop in the Max Flight Roller Coaster Simulator, for an exciting experience. It takes two people to ride so you can enjoy it with your partner in crime.

Have some water gun fun with Bumper Boats #4

Ready for a water-gun war?

water gun boat

Get into a Bumper Boat as you pick the target amongst your family & friends for a splash of water with your mighty water gun. This is sure to delight the little ones.

Watch the kids’ faces light up with joy at Kiddie Rides #5

The park offers adventure & amusement for kids of all ages.

Kiddie Rides

So, if you’re visiting with toddlers, take them on a fun Tea Cup Ride or let them race at the Grand Prix Go-Karts, perfect for their size for a thrilling experience.

Laze around on a Paddleboat #6

Want to enjoy some tranquillity after the adrenaline-pumping rides?


Hop into a paddleboat and gently float on the Lost Lagoon Lake for a relaxing time. If you’re visiting with your partner, this is the perfect ride to relax & enjoy some quality time together.

Work together at Lazer Tag #7

Plot together as a team as you enjoy this adventurous game of Lazer Tag. Use your strategic thinking & communication skills to win as you bring down your targets.

Lazer Tag

Celebrate your birthday #8

How about spending your birthday enjoying fun games & thrilling rides with your friends & family?

The Park offers numerous party packages, varying by budget & offerings. Pick the one that suits you the best & get ready for a memorable birthday celebration at this fantastic Orange Beach Amusement Park.

Where is it located?

It’s on 24559 Perdido Beach Boulevard in Orange Beach, Alabama.

source: YouTube

Where to eat?

While you can energise yourself with some snacks at the park, there are also some excellent restaurants nearby if you want to indulge in a scrumptious meal.

Ruby Slipper Café

You can head to Ruby Slipper Café, Wolf Bay, or Moe’s Original Barbeque for a delectable treat. Numerous other great restaurants on Perdido Beach Boulevard serve incredible food.

What’s the ticket price?

You’ll have to get an Adventure Island Treasure Card to activate access to attractions. You can select the rides you want to enjoy and get your treasure card recharged accordingly.

Each point costs $1 and there are free bonus points available beginning with $40 purchases.

What’s more?

These points don’t expire so you can visit again if you wish to utilize the ones left on your card.

With so much to offer, this amusement park offers fun family time. So, get your adventurous spirit on & head to this fascinating place for a memorable day out.

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Q. Where is the amusement park being built in Orange Beach?

Near Orange Beach, the Park at OWA is transforming its amusement park along with its waterpark extension into a tropical haven to be named Tropic Falls. It is located in Foley.

Q.  How far is Waterville Amusement Park, Gulf Shores from Orange Beach?

Waterville Amusement Park is approximately 7.1 miles away from Orange Beach.

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