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Experience The Tea Tourism Of Rural Assam

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Carefree Life – unimpaired by technology

About Tea Tourism

2020 has been a noteworthy year and it has impacted human lives across the globe significantly. With the advent of covid pandemic, the global economy including India is in the doldrums. It will take years to revive.

Community local market

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Many people have lost their jobs, many corporate organizations across the globe have started laying off employees. Human lives have mostly been confined to four walls of the house, travel and tourism sector has been severely impacted. 

The tourism sector would take a considerable time to revive. But just as – every dark cloud has a silver lining, this time shall also pass. Slowly but certainly, tourism would again see the light of the day. But what is more important and relevant is to realise “what is the step forward?”, “What is the answer to mass tourism?”, Last but not the least ” How do we wish to see the tourism sector going forward?”

Rural stay

I feel the answer to all these questions is developing and promoting Rural Tourism or Sustainable Tourism. As tourism professionals or travel writers, we should take every step to promote rural or local tourism. 

Do you know what is the theme shared by the World Tourism Organisation

“Year of Tourism and Rural Development”, is the theme shared this year in the world’s Tourism Day – September, 27, 2020.

What is the prospect of Rural or Local Tourism

Well, rural tourism is the way forward and it will have ample positive impact on the overall tourism sector. Such development will lead to fair distribution of tourism’s benefits, enhance job creation, empower local communities, protect natural resources and cultural heritage. Finally development of local tourism will make remote areas more accessible for both local and international visitors. It will culminate into cultural exchange and thus, providing better quality of life at all levels.

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Tea Tourism

Nature’s glory

In my quest to explore the unexplored, in my sojourn to some remote places in  Nagaon district of Assam, we unravel to you some breathtakingly beautiful villages.

Let me set the context first, do not visit these places expecting luxury stays or food from modern eating joints. Everything is very local and close to nature in these places.

Through this blog, we shall highlight rural tourism in some remote villages of Assam viz. Chapanala and Kondoli tea estates.

The journey starts

After a light breakfast, I started my drive from Guwahati to Nagaon. The distance is approximately 120 kilometres and it takes around two hours. The drive is very comfortable through national highway 37. In Nagaon, I decided to stay for the night. I was joined by some of my friends who are locals. Next day, early in the morning we started our drive towards the villages in the vicinity of Nagaon district.

Village road

Chapanala Village

Champawati Kunda is a famous fall situated in Chapanala in Nagaon. Chapanala waterfall is a lovely place for picnic. The waterfall, Tea Gardens and birds of different species are lovely to watch. This place is 1hour (approx) from Nagaon Town.

Champawati Waterfall: Picture- Siddartha Saikia

Check his Insta: https://www.instagram.com/sunny_mx6/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/motocrosser007

Chapanala Village is also near to the Laokhowa wildlife sanctuary and will attract wildlife lovers, wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts. 

Lotus bloom

Laokhowa sanctuary is situated 25 kilometres from Nagaon town. It has inhabitants like one horned Rhino, Tiger, Asiatic Buffalo, Wild Cat, Civet Cat and Hog Deer. It has various species of birds and reptiles.

A raft of Ducks

 Weekly market or haat(Bazaar) on Sunday is a traditional market with local products is a main attraction.

Variety of organic vegetables and meat

Fresh from the farms

There is something magical about weekly markets. The weekly  open-air markets are held in one specific area on a particular day of the week. Here, you get all kinds of products — from fresh vegetables and pickles in plastic packets to clothes and utensils. The prices of all the commodities are also cheap.

The Champawati village is located on the side of the highway that connects Tezpur, Nagaon and Dimapur. 

Best Time To Visit

The best season to visit the waterfall is from October to February. During this time, the waterfall will be fed by the monsoon rains and the waterfall is best viewed during this time.

 Kondoli Tea Estate: 

Kondoli Tea Estate Assam Company Limited is in Barhampur Nagaon District. Assam State in India.  Nearby railway Stations is Ngaoan. It is  20 Km distance from Nagaon town.

Tea tourism

Tea tourism has emerged as a niche in the world tourism sector. Assam is the largest producer of tea in the world.

Tea garden

Tea leaves

The view of a lush green tea garden with dominating sounds of birds, busy hands of workers plucking the tea leaves, and most importantly a cup of tea with relaxing and soothing aroma in a heritage bunglow is an experience to remember and cherish. 

What can be expected in Tea Tourism

  • Accommodation in Tea Bungalows
  • Walk amidst tea gardens
  • Interaction with tea garden workers
  • Tea processing observation during factory visit
  • Tea testing
  • Visit to tea auction centre
  • Experience ethenic cultural program by the tea tribes

Explore the tea gardens of Assam

Best time

Tea tourism is most favoured in the months from June to September. During this time the tea gardens present a beautiful green color drenched by the monsoon rains.

Stay in a Tree House or Chang Ghar.

Why stay at a concrete resort? When there is an option to stay at a tree house or Chang Ghar as per local dialect?

Tree- house with a view

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Chang ghar and bonfire

If you wish to have an experience that is totally different, then visit North East India and stay at a Tree- house.

You could really immerse yourself in the place, live and eat as the locals do, and come back with richer, everlasting memories.

Why to wait, make North East India your next holiday destination.

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