Sight of a Gamusa makes an Axomiya sentimental

If you ask me, ” What is Gamusa for you”, my reply is “it is my Identity”

For a person who is not from Assam, Gamusa means:

Something to wipe the body with (Ga=body, musa=to wipe). It is basically a body-wiping towel. It will be misleading to say only used as a body wiping towel will be . It’s relevance in Assamese culture is way beyond that.

One of the most recognisable cultural symbols of Assam.  Gamusa is a  white rectangular piece of cloth. It has beautiful red floral and geometrical designs embroidered on the sides.

The embroidered red patterns are sometimes inspired by nature and comprises of jungle scenes, peacock motifs and flowers. Also, sometimes they depict Bihu dancers or motifs like the ‘japi.’

Gamusa Binds Assam Together

Importance of Weaving 

Handloom weaving has a very large presence in the socio-economic life of Assam since time immemorial. The loom is a ubiquitous possession, used by women in almost every household as a way of life. It is one of the oldest and largest industries in the state.

The lack of commercial activity related to handloom can be attributed to several reasons including oversupply in the local area, seasonal demand and no market linkages with other markets in nearby towns and cities. 

So we at NomadLawyer, initiated this platform to promote such indegenous sellers at Shop Local.

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By this concept the people at the grassroots level will reap the benefits and there will be no middle man. The Shop Local initiative has come into existence to support local business and community.

It is  the gamosa weavers, who are on the verge of losing their livelihoods?  Let’s support them.

Buy Gamusa produced by the local indegenous weavers and support local business.

Last but not the least, Gamusa symbolizes  a reflection of who and what we are; a sense of pride at our belonging, our roots and our connection to the things we hold dear.

Let us help the humble gamusa to make a journey to the world. If you wish to buy the Gamusa, do write to us at 

[email protected]

Please do not forget to write your address and contact number, we will ensure that we deliver it within reasonable time.

Gamusa Binds Assam Together
Gamusa Binds Assam Together

Shop Local is the New Normal


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