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Common Driver Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents

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Common Driver Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents:- While motorcyclists make plenty of mistakes that lead to accidents, they aren’t to blame for every accident on the road. In fact, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reports that over half of motorcycle/car crashes are caused by drivers violating a motorcyclist’s right of way.

You may never be able to prevent being involved in a motorcycle accident when the cause is out of your control, but being aware of the most common driver mistakes might put you on high alert to potentially improve your avoidance chances. 

Distracted Driving

Many motorcyclists contact personal injury law firms in their hometowns, like a Nashville injury lawyer, after being injured in an accident involving a distracted driver.

Drivers who check their phones, play with the radio, eat, or converse with their passengers might not always notice a motorcyclist on the road until it’s too late. 

Unfortunately, such distractions can have devastating consequences for motorcyclists, such as head injuries, thoracic injuries, and death.

While you might not be able to prevent accidents involving distracted drivers, giving other motorists plenty of space on the road might improve your chances. 

Not Seeing the Motorcyclist

The small profile of a motorcyclist can sometimes be a problem. As motorcycles are a minority mode of transport, many car drivers only look for vehicles similar to their own before undertaking maneuvers like merging lanes and turning into other roads.

This can sometimes mean that car drivers don’t see motorcyclists before crashing into them, sometimes causing life-changing injuries. 

Fortunately, the average motorcyclist can do many things to make themselves more visible on the road, such as wearing high-visibility motorbike gear, riding with their lights on, and being mindful of all traffic around them to take evasive action if necessary. 

Tailgating (Common Driver Mistakes That Cause Motorcycle Accidents)

Tailgating describes following a vehicle too closely. Tailgating any vehicle can be dangerous, but tailgating a motorcyclist can sometimes be even more so.

The stopping power of a motorcycle can often be greater than that of a car, meaning a tailgating driver sometimes has less time to react when a motorcyclist comes to a stop. 

A motorcyclist can be thrown from their bike if a rear-end collision occurs, putting them at risk of severe or even fatal injuries.

If you find yourself being tailgated by a driver, let them pass if you’re in a position to do so. You can also increase your following distance and communicate your intentions early. 

Nashville, TN authorities are also doing their part to help with devices that measure the distance between two vehicles. If they spot vehicles with inadequate following distances, they can take action.

Opening Doors Without Looking

It’s not uncommon for parking spaces to line the sides of busy roads. With minimal space between the active road and the parking spaces, most drivers wait until cars have passed before opening their doors and exiting their vehicles. 

While a quick glance is enough to spot a small car or a large truck, it’s not always enough to spot a passing motorcyclist traveling at highway speed.

This can sometimes mean that vehicle drivers open their doors into passing motorcyclists, resulting in catastrophic injuries and even death.

Motorcyclists might be able to avoid ending up in such a situation by avoiding riding in active traffic lanes by parked cars and hugging the outer edges if they must. 

We can’t always avoid every accident on the road, whether it’s in Nashville or elsewhere. However, knowledge is power. By being aware of the most common accident causes, you might be in a better position to avoid them. 

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