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Binge on 10 Best Delicacies at California Fish Grill

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Are you craving some succulent seafood?

Head to California Fish Grill, a chain of restaurants founded in 1998 in California, selling scrumptious seafood.

It is now serving multiple locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas & more. From their sustainability initiatives to a lengthy menu, California Fish Grill is one of the best choices for some delectable fish & other seafood items. 

If you’re a healthy eater, fish is a high-protein food item with loads of Omera-3 and Vitamin B-12. It reduces the risk of heart disease, keeping you healthy & energetic.

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So, you can indulge in some mouth-watering delicacies at California Fish Grill guilt-free.

Read on to know more about the most delectable dishes on the California Fish Grill menu and their sustainability practices: – 

Whom does their menu cater to?

From adults to kids, there is something for everyone on their diverse menu. There are family meals, taco combos, sides, starters & salads for you to choose a preferred combination.

There’s also a kid-special menu which is sure to make the little ones delighted!

What’s on their menu? 

Their menu has 10 categories: –

Grilled Specialties #1

The California Grill Fish specialties include items such as Atlantic Salmon, Swai, Salmon & Swai Combo, Giant Shrimp, Rockfish, Sea Bass, Louisiana Delta Catfish, and many more.

Grilled Specialties

Ordering from their website? You can also see the nutritional info for each dish. 

 California Bowls #2

Want to have a filling meal? Choose from a variety of different bowls such as Dynamite Shrimp Bowl, Wild Salmon Paleo Bowl, Keto Shrimp Bowl & the like. 

California Bowls
Classics #3

If you want some good old classics, you can order Fish and Chips, Fried Catfish, Calamari & Shrimp, and so on. 

 Signature Salads #4

Looking for a super healthy meal? Order from their range of signature salads including Grilled Salmon with Cali mix and Shrimp Louie with House Mix.

Signature Salads

Particular about your choices? You can even build your own salad by choosing your favourite protein item with your preferred base. 

Taco Combos #5

Their Taco Combos are quite popular. You can choose from a range of different options including Cajun Shrimp Taco Combo, Battered Shrimp Taco Combo, Grilled Chicken Taco Combo & many more. 

Taco Combos
Sandwiches #6

Want to bite into a juicy sandwich?

They got you covered with varieties like Cajun Salmon Sandwich, Crispy Fish Sandwich, and Fried Chicken Sandwich amongst others. 

Plant-Based #7

If you’re a vegan, you can order from their range of plant-based items. They offer Plant-Based Grilled Shrimp Plate, Plant-Based Dynamite Shrimp Bowl & Plant-Based Battered Fish’ and Chips. 

Sides #8

How about some delectable slides to complete your meal?

They offer plenty of options ranging from types of Fries and fish to a variety of Green Salads, Rice & Beans. 

Kids #9

To ensure a delightful meal for kiddos, they have a special kids’ category on the menu. It serves the main dish with a side & a soft drink for kids under 12 years of age.

Kids’ Grilled Shrimp

You can choose from options such as Kids’ Grilled Shrimp, Chicken Strips, and Grilled Swai amongst others. This is sure to make their California Fish & Grill visit worth it. 

Beverages #10

A refreshing drink is a must-have with your delicious meal. You can choose from a variety of drinks from coconut water, and kombucha to soft drinks & juices. 

Where to order? 

You can order online through their website & other food delivery apps. You can pick up your order from the store or have it delivered to your location if you don’t wish to step out.

California Fish Grill
California Fish grill

Their delivery is smooth and hassle-free. 

Do they provide catering services?

They do! Their catering package serves a minimum of 20 people and can go up to 100 or more. Serving your guests with their scrumptious delicacies is sure to get everyone in a good mood.

What’s more?

They even provide chafing dishes, utensils & napkins so you just have to sit back & dig into your succulent seafood.

It’s Fish Grill, California on duty!

How do they source it?

To provide the best quality fish without harming the environment, California Fish Grill partnered with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, to promote sustainable fishing.

Their fish are either wild-caught or farm-raised. The wild-caught fish are harvested through the least invasive means possible, making sure that the ecosystem is not harmed.

They also take care to avoid catching unwanted species. The farm-raised fish are sourced from certified sustainable fisheries. 

So, head to California Fish Grill for some tempting delicacies, well assured that it comes from an environment-conscious source. Binge on!

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Q. Who owns California Fish Grill? 

Victor Topete is the Founder & CEO of California Fish Grill

2) What time does California Fish Grill close? 

It closes at 9 pm from Monday to Wednesday & at 9:30 pm from Thursday to Sunday. 

 3) What time does California Fish Grill open? 

It opens at 11 am. 

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