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06 Best Attractions to See in Kingston for a Memorable Vacation

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With its rich history, spectacular landscapes, and lively markets, hence there are lot of Attractions to See in Kingston to indulge in for an incredible vacation. Known as the ‘limestone city’ due to the material used for its 19th-century stately homes, Kingston evokes the grandeur of a bygone era.

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Be it a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, this historic city won’t disappoint.

Wondering what to see in Kingston?

Dive into our list of the best Attractions to See in Kingston that you must add to your itinerary for a memorable experience: –

Visit Fort Henry National Historic Site #1

Overlooking the azure waters of the St. Lawrence river, Fort Henry provides a peek into the rich history of the place. The majestic fortifications were built in the 1930s to protect Kingston’s Royal Naval Dockyard and the mouth of the Rideau Canal.

Fort Henry National Historic Site

It was built on the site of an earlier fort built during the war with America in 1812. Today, tourists flock to this UNESCO heritage site to get a glimpse of life in the 1800s. It gets even more interesting.

Their uniformed staff, called the Fort Henry Guard give demonstrations and guided tours, and even historical military re-enactments to recreate events from the past.

Visiting with kids? Enroll them in a Victorian classroom with costumes and period lessons. With something to do for everyone, this place is a must-visit on your Kingston vacation.

If you’re visiting in August, make sure to check its website for the famous sunset ceremony.

Take in the beauty of the Thousand Islands #2

Beautiful stretches of green land floating over the serene waters of the St. Lawrence river seems like a sight straight out of a postcard. No wonder the Thousand Islands are famous across the globe and one of the best places in Kingston.

Thousand Islands Source :facebook

There are around 1800 islands of varying sizes spread across this vast area. You can see some of them featuring beautiful cottages of the elites, adding to the charm of the place.

You can paddle-board, kayak, or canoe around this magnificent place. If you have some extra time on your hands, visit the Thousand Islands National Park, a tranquil area with granite islands and scenic bays where you can also spot some wild animals.

If you wish to spend the night, book one of the park’s cabins. You can also take a cruise to visit Wolfe Island, the largest island in the region.

Explore the famous Kingston Penitentiary #3

An experience that will leave you with an appreciation for freedom, this is a must-have in your list of places to visit. This impressive fortress was built in 1835 as a maximum-security prison.

Kingston Penitentiary Source: facebook

It closed in 2013 and now functions as a museum, offering interactive experiences to visitors, and making them aware of the life of prisoners and guards back in the 1800s.

Take a guided tour of the place to learn about the condition of the system, famous inmates’ experiences, escapees’ tactics, and even prison riots.

Want to know more?

Visit neighboring Canada’s Penitentiary Museum to witness some artifacts from Canada’s famous prisons.

Take a stroll in Historical Downtown Kingston #4

There are plenty of landmarks and an array of activities to enjoy in this area. You can stroll around the historic Market Square which features numerous events all year round.

Historical Downtown Kingston source:facebook

If you’re travelling in the winter, you can skate around here for some family fun, while in the summer, free movies are screened here.

You can witness the splendid architecture of Kingston City Hall and visit the waterside Confederation Park to relax at your leisure. Other notable landmarks include Fort Frontenac, St. George’s Anglican Cathedral, and St. Mary’s Cathedral.

You can buy some souvenirs and indulge in your favorite foods for a wonderful time here.

Be awed by the architecture of Bellevue House #5

Bellevue House is the former home of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. A shining example of Victorian-era architecture, this provides a glimpse into the grand lifestyle of the nation’s wealthiest citizens.

Bellevue House source: facebook

If you’re visiting in summer, don’t miss out on exploring the exquisite gardens outside.

These include a kitchen garden as well as a pleasant ornamental garden which is the perfect place for a rejuvenating walk amidst nature.

Come close to the wilderness in Frontenac Provincial Park #6

Seeking some adrenaline rush? Head to Frontenac Provincial Park, sprawling over a massive area of 13,000 acres.

The park’s forests and wetlands make the perfect setup for adventurous activities. You can kayak or canoe on the lakes, hike the trails or spend the night camping for a thrilling experience.  

source: facebook

If you’re lucky, you could also spot some wildlife around including black bears, wolves, foxes, and the like. There are plenty of guided adventure tours where you can learn how to survive in the wilderness. How exciting!

With so many stunning places offering varied experiences for all kinds of travelers, Kingston is a great destination for your next holiday. So, get your travel bags out and get ready for an unforgettable escapade.

Stay tuned for more tips for your next exciting getaway!


Q. What is Kingston known for?

It is famous for its famous markets and thriving music scene.

Q.  What can we do at Kingston?

From exploring historical landmarks to indulging in adventurous activities, there is an array of activities to do in Kingston.

Q.  Is Kingston affordable to live in?

Kingston is one of the most affordable cities in Canada.

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