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Best 7 Things to Do at Willow Beach near Las Vegas

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Things to Do at Willow Beach: A Las Vegas vacation usually brings images of glitzy nightclubs, incredible live entertainment shows, and bustling casinos. But Sin City has more to offer.

It allows easy access to many natural attractions and ample opportunities to soak in sublime natural beauty. One such place is the stunning Willow Beach. 

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Located just an hour away from the Strip, this beach is part of the Lake Mead Natural Recreation Area.

Willow Beach Marina and Campground sit between Lake Mohave and Lake Mead on the Arizona side of the Colorado river. 

With over 200 miles of beautiful coastline and fascinating rock structures, Willow Beach is a nature lover’s paradise.

From swimming to kayaking and fishing, there is something here for everyone.

Wondering where to begin?

We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 7 things to do at Willow Beach near Las Vegas.

Dive in!

Indulge in Kayaking #1

One of the most popular activities to enjoy here is kayaking. You can join a guided kayak tour or rent a kayak to explore the beautiful natural surroundings at a relaxed pace.

Explore the well-known Emerald Cove, a secluded cove on the river which is known for its emerald-hued waters.

The greenish colour is because the sunlight reflects off the white silt that is at bottom of the cove.

Things to Do at Willow Beach
Indulge in Kayaking

Other popular attractions to see on your kayak adventure are the Arizona Hot Springs and Liberty Bell Arch.

Get your national park pass before kayaking since the area is within Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Go Swimming #2

How about a refreshing swim to beat the heat?

With the average water temperature here being around 56 degrees Fahrenheit, it is perfect for a rejuvenating swim.

Things to Do at Willow Beach
However, swimming is not allowed in marinas and launch areas.

If you’re thinking of swimming across coves, keep in mind that many of them seem smaller than they are.

So, it is advised to find safe spots before going swimming and wear a life jacket.

Try Fishing #3

If your idea of a relaxing excursion involves fishing, you’re in luck. Willow Beach is one of the most picturesque locations in the country for fishing.

Things to Do at Willow Beach
Trout fishing is popular during the fall and spring seasons.

Other than that, you can catch a variety of fish species including striped bass, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

The fishing pier at Willow Beach makes it convenient to enjoy fishing without the need for a boat.

Make sure you get your license to fish in the Colorado River before going. 

Camp Overnight #4

Want to spend some more time in this beautiful place?

Willow Beach Marina and Campground offer camping facilities with both RVs and tents. You won’t find hordes of crowds here since the campground is a secluded area away from Boulder Beach and Lake Mead.

Things to Do at Willow Beach
Camp Overnight

You’ll find fire rings, picnic tables, restrooms, Wi-Fi as well as shower and laundry facilities.

Wish to stay longer?

They have separate weekly and monthly booking rates too.

Go for Nature Walks #5

If you want a break from water sports, go for a walk to explore the rich flora and fauna of the place. You can even get your dog along.

Craving some adventure rush?

You can also hike to Hot Springs and relax while soaking in the breath-taking scenery.

Things to Do at Willow Beach
Go for nature walk

The enclosing plateaus, fascinating rock formations, towering mountains, and abundant wildlife make it the perfect place for an exploration adventure. 

Enjoy Photography #6

Willow Beach is a haven for photography enthusiasts. The serene water, impressive rock formations, and the surrounding mountains make for a picturesque setting.

What’s more?

You can also find beautiful colourful flowers in the area.

Things to Do at Willow Beach

When the golden hour hits, the place looks even more surreal and is perfect to get some instagrammable shots. 

Go for a Motorboat Ride #7

Don’t feel like kayaking or canoeing?

Things to Do at Willow Beach
Rent a motorboat to explore the place.

It’s perfect for sightseeing with the whole family and you can even get your pet along for a memorable ride.

Feel like fishing?

Throw a line from the boat. If you wish to enjoy an intimate family experience, a motorboat ride is a great idea.

So, get your travel bags out and head to this stunning place for an unforgettable outing. 

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Q. Can you swim in Willow Beach AZ?

Yes, apart from some restricted areas, you can swim at Willow Beach AZ.

Q. Is Willow Beach water cold?

The water here is around 56 degrees Fahrenheit. This is cold by desert standards and makes for a refreshing swim to beat the heat. 

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