Things to Do at Willow Beach near  Las Vegas 



Indulge in Kayaking 

You can join a guided kayak tour or rent a kayak to explore the beautiful natural surroundings at a relaxed pace.  

Go Swimming 

With the average water temperature here being around 56 degrees Fahrenheit, it is perfect for a rejuvenating swim.  


Tip One:

Try Fishing      

Other than that, you can catch a variety of fish species including striped bass, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.  

Camp Overnight 

You won’t find hordes of crowds here since the campground is a secluded area away from Boulder Beach and Lake Mead.  

If you want a break from water sports, go for a walk to explore the rich flora and fauna of the place. You can even get your dog along.  

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Go for Nature Walks     


So, get your travel bags out and head to this stunning place for an unforgettable outing.  




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